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Super Mario 64x5 Logo
Developer(s) Nin10
Publisher(s) Nin10
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
3+ (PEGI)
Genre(s) Adventure & Plataform


Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi are invited to Yoshi's Birthday, a party organised in Peach's Castle. They are eating and suddenly Bowser Jr appears from a painting and kidnaps Peach. Then the Heroes run to the first painting to start their journey but King Bob-Omb kidnaps Mario, King Boo kidnaps Luigi, Chief Chilly kidnaps Wario and Petey Piranha kidnaps Waluigi. After that, Goomboss jumps with Yoshi at the first painting and takes Yoshi with him but Yoshi manages to throw eggs to Goomboss. Then you start playing in the first level Green Goomba Fields Escape. You must run to escape from Goomboss, who is slow because this is the first level. At the end of the level, you earn your first Power Star when Goomboss falls off a cliff and frees the Star, swearing revenge.



Yoshi Yoshi angry

Strenght - 1/3

Speed - 3/3

Jump- 3/3

Yoshi is the first character to be played. He frees himself from Goomboss. Yoshi wants to rescue Peach and revenge on Bowser because of ruining his birthday.
Mario 544px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS

Strength - 2/3

Speed - 2/3

Jump - 3/3

Mario is kidnapped by the King Bob-Omb. Yoshi rescues him. He wants to rescue Princess Peach from the King Bowser and stop his reign of terror once more.
Luigi Luigi3ds

Strenght - 2/3

Speed - 3/3

Jump - 2/3

Luigi is kidnapped by King Boo. Mario rescues him. He wants to help Mario and friends and be recognised as brave as his big brother.
Wario WarioGoodQual

Strenght - 3/3

Speed - 1/3

Jump -1/3

Wario has been decreasing his rivalry with Mario since Super Mario 64 DS. Now, they are friends and he came to Yoshi's party. He is kidnapped by Chief Chilly and is saved by Luigi.
Waluigi Waluigi-BoardWin-MP9

Streght - 0/3

Speed - 3/3

Jump - 4/3! Special!

Waluigi is now friends with Mario and Luigi so he came to the party. He is kidnapped by Big Bully and saved by his brother, Wario.

Non-Playable (NPCs)

Donkey and Diddy

DKandDiddy DKCR

Beat Wiggler in the World 4 mission Two kongs and a Star.      

Once rescued talk them in the Castle and they'll give you a 1-Up Mushroom once a week.

Peach PeachNSMBU She's captured AGAIN by the Evil King Bowser. It's up to the five heroes to rescue her.
Toads Toad Drink They are in the Castle like the other games of SM64 sub-saga. Four of them have a Power Star.
In the World 3 mission Rescue the Yoshis, you have to defeat Kamek and two Koopatrools in order to rescue a Power Star and 4 yoshis.Then they will appear in castle's main hall. If you give them 50 coins they will show you that they have 5 silver stars but they lost one in the garden. Only Yoshi can find it because he has to smell it. If you find it the yoshis will give you the other four silver stars and you will have one more Power Star.
Bombell New
The character made by DohIMissed is in this adventure. You must rescue him in World 7 together with TaBooki in the mission Evil duo defeating Shadem and GheeroB. He'll give you a Power Star if you talk with him 3 times a week.
The character made by Tom.V.12 is in this adventure. You must rescue him in World 7 together with TaBooki in the mission Evil duo defeating Shadem and GheeroB. He'll give you a Power Star if you talk with him 3 times a week.

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