Super Mario 64 Wii u Is the Second remake, and 3rd overall of Super Mario 64. it is the first Super Mario 64 game to


have 1080p HD Graphics.


Princess peach is having a Birthday ceremony, Until Bowser comes to ruin the Party with his "Sidekick, Bowser junior". Mario, Yoshi, Wario, and luigi are ready to Grab some Stars and Collect Coins in this Full hd Adventure! Will Mario Stop bowser, or will Bowser lock all the stars in his Castle?

​The Characters


Mario is the main protagonist of this Game. Like in the 64 DS version, He gets locked up by the Goomba king again. He is the only character to fight Bowser in every Bowser level, While Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario cannot. He has the ability to Wall jump, and Fly.


Luigi is Mario's brother. Despite being young, He is taller then him. Luigi is the only character to acess the Chief Chilly level. However, The other playable characters (Except Yoshi) can break the mirror that They and Yoshi can all explore it. He is trapped in a abandoned mansion and kidnapped by King Boo. Luigi's cap can be found next to his painting (Only the first time you explore as Mario). He has an ability to scuttle.


Wario is Mario's rival. He is the only character to be strong, While Yoshi, Mario and Luigi are weak. He's trapped in a cold place with Chief Chilly. He's got the ability to break Black boxes,Pick heavy objects up, and Attack enemies in one hit. His cap is seen lying next to the Boss hole (Only the first time you unlock him).


Yoshi is Mario's pet dinosaur. He is the only character to not be Unlockable, While the plumbers are. He's got the ability to flutter, and Eat enemies. He also cannot acess Big Boo's mansion as His ground pound is weak. Yoshi also has a an exclusive figure released with the game from EB Games.


Waluigi is unlockable after you beat the game for the first time. After the scene which says "The End" The screen crossfades to Waluigi saying "Waaah!" in a Purple background with a Waluigi's pinball theme playing. The bottom screen also reveals that you've unlocked Waluigi. (If you don't want to beat the game to unlock him, You can unlock him early in a secret black box that Wario only enters, fall into a secret hole, Revealing a Waluigi painting next to the clockworks level)


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