Super Mario 64 DS 2 is a game for the 3DS.

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The game takes place directly after the events of Super Mario 64 DS. Mario is eating cake with Peach in her bedroom/Mario's Painting room. Yoshi and Luigi are off exploring the castle, Wario is thinking of ways to get more money without doing any work, and Toad is sitting on the castle roof. At the end the end of the day, Mario and Luigi went home. When Mario woke up, Luigi was gone! When Mario got to the caste, it was locked up! Suddenly, out of the sky flew a... Power Star? It was Luigi! Bowser had turned him into a Star with the power of the Stars. He had also relocked the doors so Mario can no longer enter them without unlocking them again. Now Mario must find the Green Stars.


Image Name Description How to Unlock
NSMBDIY Mario Jump Mario Mario is a kind and loving older brother of Luigi and is one of the main characters, he will do anything to save him. Starter
Aapeach Peach Princess Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. As she is constently being kidnapped by Bowser, she is more than ready for her chance to shine, she is one of the main characters. Get the Peach Key from the Peach Painting in Peach's Bedroom behind the door with 8 Stars.
Toad Toad The super shroomy hero Toad is here and he plans to do everything it takes to save his pal Luigi. He can run faster then all of his teammates and is the youngest playable character. Save him from Big Guy in the course Super Shroom Land behind the 15 Star door.
Okyoshi Yoshi Our dear friend Yoshi is in on the adventure! However, unlike in it's predeseccor, Yoshi is the last one unlocked. Save him from Petey Piranha in the course behind the 30 Star door.