Super Mario 64 Color
Super Mario 64 Color Box art
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D2
Publisher(s) Nintendo and Classic Fantendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color and 3DS Virtual Console
Release Date(s)
Game Boy Color:

USA: 1999 Japan: 1998 Europe: 2000 3DS Virtual Console: USA: 2012 Europe: 2014 Japan: 2015

Single-player, Multi-player (Also unlike Super Mario Bros Deluxe, You can connect all Game Boy Colors to play Super Mario 64 Color in Multi-player. Removed by 3DS Virtual Console), Battle
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Super Mario (SM64 Color had to be in Super Mario Series)
Predecessor Original Super Mario 64
Successor Super Mario 64 DS (2004 DS Port)

Super Mario Sunshine Advance (2003 GBA Port)

Media Included Game Boy Color Game Card

3DS Digital Download

Available Input Game Boy Color Control Pad

3DS Control Pad

Super Mario 64 Color is a Game Boy Color 2D Remake of Original Super Mario 64. Released for 1999 in Game Boy Color.


This gameplay is similar to Original Super Mario 64. Is now with 2D Platformer and 2D Graphics. Luigi is added as New Character in Super Mario 64 Color. Needed to beat the Game to unlock Luigi.


Unlike the Original Super Mario 64. In a Peach's Castle. Peach inviting Mario to come Castle to her Cake. When Mario jump out of Pipe. And when Mario enter the Castle. Bowser's Letter appears. Mario will explore the Courses!


Super Mario 64 Color Sound have a 8-bit Sound. Had 8-bitized of Super Mario 64 Soundtrack.


This courses have a Original Super Mario 64 Courses. You can get star here in courses.

  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Whomp's Fortress
  • Jolly Roger Bay
  • Cool, Cool Mountain
  • Big Boo's Haunt
  • Hazy Maze Cave
  • Lethal Lava Land
  • Shifting Sand Land
  • Dire, Dire Docks
  • Snowman's Land
  • Wet-Dry World
  • Tall, Tall Mountain
  • Tiny-Huge Island
  • Tick Tock Clock
  • Rainbow Ride

Secret Stars

Secret Stars have as Original Super Mario 64 Secret Stars Courses.


Mario and Luigi can do a Original Super Mario 64 Abilities and also similar to Original Super Mario 64 Abilities.


  • Mario
  • Luigi (Unlocked by Beating the Game. There a panel to allow you to change into Luigi.)


Enemies is a similar to Original Super Mario 64 Enemies.


IGN: 8.1/10

GameSpot: 10/10

Nintendo Power: 9.0/10