Super Mario 64 Adventures is a sequel of Super Mario 64 released to the 3DS.


After Bowser is defeated,his son,Bowser Jr.,create a machine called D.T.M. (Death and Torture Machine) 3000 and kidnaps Princess Daisy.

Mario and Luigi,hear about the notice and go to save her!


1.Bob-Omb Battlefield Ruins=The Ruins of the old Battlefield,it is comanded by the Grand Bob-Omb,son of Big Bob-Omb.

2.Whomp's Tower=A Tower with a lot of Whomps and it has a aquatic cave with a mysterious Old Man Whomp...

3.Unagi Lake=A big lake with Unagi Jr.,the son of Unagi the Eel.

4.Icy Cliff=A snow cliff with a Ice Snowman in the top.

5.Lethal Boo's Haunted Mansion=A Haunted Mansion with it owner in the top...THE LETHAL BOO!

B1.Bowser Jr.'s Emerald Cave=The first Bowser level in the game,it is a green sparky cave with a lot of traps.

6.Underground City=A city hidden in a cave,it has Dorrie in the river.

7.Lava Waterfall=A lava lake with bullies,a Mino-Bully (Minotaur and Bully) and a tremendous RETARDAD PUZZLE!

8.Eyerokkü Desert=A very hot desert with a piramyd and in the piramyd has the Eyerokküs,twin brothers of the Eyeroks.

9.Bowser Jr.'s Aquatic Base=A base in the sea commanded by Bowser Jr. with his submarine and the D.T.M.!

B2.Bowser Jr.'s Fire Stream=The lava stream is very hot (a part is cold) and here is the second battle with the little imp.

10.Blizzard Peak=Prepare the cold outifts because you will need them in this snow mountain!

11.Underwater Village=One time,this village are a peaceful place,but the Pac-Chomp appears and start to eat everything!Later,the village fall on the river.

12.Akiki Mountain=A BIG mountain with a pink monkey called Akiki,sister of Ukiki.

13.Little-Big Cliff=Now,you can turn on micro-size and giant-size the time you want!But careful,inside the mountain has a big Angry Wiggler!

14.Clock Dimension=Other dimension inside a clock with a green thwomp and a invisible star!

15.Sky Land=This land,one time,is conquered by Roy Koopa,but now,is conquered by os famous...oh yeah,you're right...Koopa the Quick



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