This is a full list of enemies in Super Mario 64 : Bunnies' Revenge.


Bunnies are more common than other ententities . They appear in different colors :

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White
  • Gray
  • Cyan
  • Indigo
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Gold Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Blinding White
  • Dark Ententities

In order to defeat bunnies, the player must capture them . This goes in different steps :

  1. If it's a normal Bunnytrooper, just grab(If playing as Mario, Luigi, Waluigi)/swallow(if playing as Yoshi) it. If asleep, sneak past, then capture.
  2. If a bunnytrooper is armored or has weapons, the player must find a way to remove it, then capture the bunny.
  3. Wath out, don't chase it too long, or it will hop on your head.
  4. Diffrent bunnies will need other strategies to capture.


The most common enemy in the game. It just runs away from the player, but if chased for too long without capture it will hop on your head, so watchout !

Bunnytrooper Soldiers

Is a bit rarer than the orginal bunnytroopers. He's weaponed with a harness and a saber (or a lee board) in his one hand and a glaive in his other one to attack. Remove the armor to make him act like a normal bunnytrooper and capture him.

United Flying UFO Bunnies

Cyan Bunnies on a Shroob UFO trying to beam the player up, then self-destruct the UFO to cause harm. To capture him, sacrifice yourself up and have the bunny destroy the UFO. Then, he's not airborne anymore and will fight by launching sound waves from his ears. Go to his back and capture him.

Ninja Harestorms

A Ninja-like creature wich throws knives and blades at you. Remove the clothing to reveal a blinding white bunny holding fake arms and legs. Just capture him.


Bunnies sticking to the ceiling with glue trying to drop nets on the player upon contact. It can't be captured either, as it's impossible to reject him to the floor, making him more an obstacle than a foe.

Missle Bunnytroopers

Half-roboticized bunnies holding blasters wich shoot rockets at the character. Wait until he runs out of ammo and capture him.


Undead Ghost bunnies wich try to posses the character's body and make him kill himself. Like Netstormers, it can't be captured, most likely because it's a ghost.

Toilet Bunnytroopers

Crazy, insane bunnies holding plungers and toilet paper to tie the player, while the plunger can stick the character to a wall. Just capturing it is enough.

NOTE : This a parody of Raving Rabbids



Round, ball like ghosts found in the basement and the courtyard. They try to sneak the player up from behind and transform in a coin when the character faces it to trick him/her into running in it, receiving damage.


Flying Shy Guy Ghosts with machinegun masks wich shoot bullets at the player.


Fly into the player upon contact. Can't be defeated even.


Roboticized goomba's shooting exploding bob-ombs at the player. Punch or Kick to defeat it.


Admiral Rabbit

Controls a submarine while flooding the entire room while shooting Torpedo Teds and Unagis , and summonnig other bunnies to the player. Destroy his submarine to defeat him.

Wally Chief 

The final boss. Uses every attacks the other enemies can do. Punch or Kick him 42x and he's toast.

More to come !