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SM643DS Logo
SM643DS Boxart
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USAJanuary 12, 2013
1 player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Adventure(?)
Media Included 3DS cartridge

Super Mario 64 3DS is pretty much a sequel to Super Mario 64 DS, developed by Electric Enterprises. It is obviously for the 3DS, and an American release date is set for January 12, 2013. SM643DS brings back the use of Power Flowers, and the fact that the players, other than Toad, need special keys to be unlocked. The game focuses on Toad and the others leaping into paintings to rescue the other characters.

Nintendo eShop Description

Mario's returning to the classics in this 3DS sequel for the original game, Super Mario 64. Of course, it's similar to the DS remake, and Yoshi goes on an adventure in the DS version. Go as Toad this time, and rescue heroes such as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and even Donkey Kong! On January 12, 2013, join Mario on a 3D platforming quest to rescue Princess Peach...and her castle? Join Mario on possibly one of his greatest adventures yet!


Princess Peach invited Mario and Luigi to come to her castle for some cake. They gladly accept and begin to head off to her castle. Wario finds the same invitation, and gets excited and runs to the castle. When Wario finds the Bros. in front of the castle, he gets confused and goes inside. Suddenly, everything goes quiet. Mario and Luigi went in, expecting Wario's face full of cake. But then it was pitch black.

They found Toad, who had Bulb Caps for the three of them. When the caps lit up, they spotted Bowser in front of them. Boom Boom and Pom Pom grabbed Mario and Luigi. Bowser reached for Toad, but he found a Power Flower. Toad grabbed it and transormed into Spring Shroom Toad! He bounced out of the castle and saw Bowser's airship above the castle. It hooked onto the castle and flew away, with Peach in it! Toad went into Toad Town, where he found Lakitu Bro., who told him that Bowser placed paintings in every Mushroom House. Then he found Bombell next to a Mushroom House.

Bombell told him that its painting led to Birdo Grasslands. Toad thanked him and went inside, then went into the painting. Toad collected enough Power Stars in the painting, then Bombell made them into a key. He handed Toad the key and said to find Yvan, and that's where the next painting is. Toad went over to the Tanooki-powered Boo, and Yvan unlocked the Mushroom House. Toad once again hopped into a painting, and continued collecting Power Stars.

Once Toad had gotten to the last level of Cosmic SpaceWorld, he looked around the Comet Observatory. A Cosmic Spirit, looking like Rosalina, led Toad towards a painting. Toad was confused, but the Cosmic Spirit shoved him in. Toad passed out.

When he awoke, he was sitting in front of a giant Cosmic Mario. Toad gasped, but then he realized that he had to fight him. When Cosmic Mario was defeated, Toad found Mario's Cap fall off the cosmic double. Toad picked it up, and he realized that the Cosmic Spirit had possessed Mario! Toad put the cap on the unconscious Mario, then suddenly Mario awoke. He thanked Toad, then they both grabbed onto the Grand Star and flew back into Toad Town.

Bombell and Yvan thanked Toad for gaining the Grand Star. It powered up the station near Toad Town, making another few Mushroom Houses available. One house, with Mario's symbol on it, had a key next to it. Bombell inserted the key, and the door opened. Mario thanked the two boos, then went inside his Mushroom House. Then Toad went into the next painting. (Or, Toad went into his house, and Mario entered the painting.)

Whith Mario's help, Toad collected more Power Stars. When they reached the last level of King Boo's Ghostly Mansion, there was a Power Star laying in front of them. They tried to get it, but King Boo flew in out of nowhere and stole the star. Toad freaked out and stayed behind. But Mario entered the Mansion. He found a painting with Luigi's face on it, and he leaped inside. Mario found King Boo in front of him with a group of Boohemoths and Boos. Mario eventually defeated King Boo, and he found a key that the boo king dropped. Mario placed it into a cage that Luigi was in, and the green plumber ran out. They had to chase down King Boo to get the Grand Star. Luigi sucked King Boo into his Poltergust 5000 and fired him out of sight. The Bros. met back up with Toad, and the trio flew away on the Grand Star.

When they got back to Toad Town, they found Lakitu Bro. waiting for them. Lakitu Bro. told them that Yvan and Bombell got captured by Bowser. He then handed them a painting with a tower and an image of Yvan and Bombell. Luigi leaped inside.

When Luigi found the tower, a Power Star lay in front of him. Suddely, Bowser swooped in and grabbed it! Luigi pulled out the Poltergust 5000 and sucked Bowser into it. Suddenly he realized that it was a false Bowser! Luigi fired the false Bowser, which enraged him. Luigi eventually defeated him and found Yvan and Bombell inside the tower, along with a power star. They flew back to Toad Town.


Gameplay somewhat differs from the game's proceeders. Toad goes around Toad Town, entering Mushroom Houses and saving Mario and co. from Bowser and his minions. Each time a final boss is defeated, a Grand Star will be given. Only some bosses are final, and only some houses have bosses at all. Sometimes, by completing a level, you will unlock a specific character, such as Mario or Princess Peach.



Image Name Description How to Unlock
NSMBWiiUToad Toad Toad is a mushroom-man that is now on a quest of his own! He's pretty shy and doesn't exactly jump to adventure, but when he must, he must. Toad can jump very high and runs at a decent speed; in fact, he's the fastest!
MarioPunch Mario Mario is the plumber in red that always saves Princess Peach. But now, it's Toad who saves him! After that, Mario saves Luigi...and everyone else. Mario is a balanced character, with basic jumps and speed. Unlockable
LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi Mario's coward brother, Luigi, is once again joining the adventure! Of course, first he'll need to escape from King Boo's clutches...He's a pretty quick character with the highest jumps. Unlockable
Wario5 Wario Wario is Mario's rival and fatter double. He is very fat, so he cannot jump very high, but his magnet can either pull him up to a magnet block or pull it down. Anyways, Wario does not jump high at all, and he really doesn't run that far either. However, he's the strongest of the group. Unlockable
SM3DL Peach Peach Princess Peach, in all her glory, has once again gotten kidnapped. She is also going on an adventure with Mario, but it's not really her first time. Peach is a light character, who can fall slower, and she is also pretty quick. Unlockable
Waluigi SMW Waluigi Waluigi is one of the best characters to choose. He can run very fast, and he can also jump the highest, even higher than Toad! Waluigi has the second highest speed, in fact. Unlockable
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong DK is the ape that now comes into the Mario 64 series as a playable. He is the second strongest, just below Wario. Donkey Kong can also find special Bananas and Banana Coins that nobody else could find. Unlockable


Image Name Description
TaBooki and Bombell Bombell & Yvan This Boo-duo appears inside of Toad Houses, and occasionally around or in the castle. When found, they can sometimes give you challenges to earn items. They also appear in some levels.
Yoshi Group Art YBA Yoshi This dinosaur appears in some areas as a rideable character. Each player has a different color (Toad blue, Mario red, Luigi green, etc). If you find a Wing Cap and you're on Yoshi, he will get wings on his head.
Toad Group Toad Brigade The Toads appear in some levels and help you out. Sometimes they give you 1-Ups or other items. They also appear around Toad Town, inside some Mushroom Houses and out.




Power Flower

The Power Flower returns in this game and has similar uses to before. The Power Flower only lasts for a limited time.

Image Flower Power Image Ability
Power Flower Blue Blue Flower TBA Spring 'Shroom Toad gives Toad spring shoes. Toad can bounce anywhere for the time limit. The spring 'shrooms are upgraded versions of Spring Mario, as you can bounce higher than before.
Power Flower Red Red Flower TBA Vanish Mario can slip through walls and can pass enemies without being attacked. He can even go through certain flooring.
Power Flower Green Green Flower Luigi Mansion 2 Luigi's Poltergust 5000 can suck enemies and some items or objects into the vacuum. Then, he can shoot them out again to destroy them.
Power Flower Gold Yellow Flower MagnetWario Magnet Wario allows Wario to grab coins and certain blocks with a magnet symbol. After completing a level and finding a Power Star, Wario can also pull those to him as well. There is a hidden magnetized flower also, and if Wario gets it, it transforms into a random item.
Power Flower Pink Pink Flower Princess Peach Peach's Parasol can let the princess float higher than ever! She can especially fly well over windy areas shooting out wind. The parasol can also be used as a defense against enemies.
Power Flower Purple Purple Flower Coin Snake Waluigi Waluigi's Coin Snake can fly at full speed towards wherever you want. Enemies that touch the sides of it turn gold, and when defeated give you coins. The front of the snake is an instant kill to most enemies. (Waluigi might even be as fast as a certain blue hedgehog...)
Brown Flower TBA Rambi the Rhino is a rhino that Donkey Kong rides when gaining a Power Flower. Rambi does not go as fast as the coin snake, but is more powerful and can destroy blocks and some weak walls or enemies.


See here for the list of missions.