Super Mario 64 2
Super Mario 64 2 - The Comet Within
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Super Mario 64 2 - The Comet Within is an upcoming 3D Mario Platformer for Nintendo's Wii U. It serves as a sequel to the original Super Mario 64 and was shown off first at SNSR 2012 (Supreme Nintendo Showcase Room) which ran from August 23rd, 2012 to August 25th, 2012. A Remake of Super Mario 64 2 for the 3DS was announced at NVGS1 (Nintendo Video Game Showcase) which started November 30th, 2013 and will end December 26th, 2013.


Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Daisy and all the Toad Citizens were busy dining in a Toadsgiving meal. A dozen Toads bought a Mega Mushroom Cake to the table, as everyone digged in! Aftewards, everyone started playing different party games such as Pin the Mustache on Mario and an automated Robot Yoshi that is operated by 1 Coin. All of a sudden, the lights went out. After a few seconds, the lights were flickered back on, and Peach was gone! Mario and everyone else dashed out of the castle as they saw Bowser and Bowser Jr. were on an Airship, holding Peach captive! The Toad Citizens were told to go inside the castle for safety, but then they were zapped into the Castle Paintings and Walls, so were the Power Stars! Luigi, Yoshi and Daisy were also smashed into the Paintings, as Mario decided to go on another quest to save his friends, the citizens and Peach. Then, a Comet smashed down into Mario's heart as he gained a brand new power!


Characters Unlocked by


Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
 You start with Super Mario.

Special Abilities: Can shoot Fire balls at any time, and has a new ability: Dimension Change. Which allows him to change different Dimensions. In total, there are 10 Dimensions for Mario to access. (5 started with, 5 is DLC.) The bad thing is; He cannot access the Fire Powerup.


Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Unlock this Green Greatness by completing Bomb Omb Havoc (Floor 1, Location 1, No Power Stars Required.) Mission 3 - Retro Ransom!

Special Ability: Jumping the (Second) Highest.


Unlock the OTHER Green Greatness by playing as Luigi, going to Beware Bay, (Floor 1, Location 4, need 6 Power Stars) Unlock Mission ? by completing all the missions, and finding the secret Reverse Portal. You will be lead to a Negative Version of the stage, and you will have to defeat the boss McFurry Michael.

Special Abilities: Can Flutter Jump for 3 seconds, can use tongue, and can throw eggs and aim.


You unlock Daisy by Playing as either Yoshi or Luigi, going to Secret Stage Birabuto Isle, (Floor 2, Location S1, need 8 Power Star) and Unlock Mission 3 by getting 25 Stars. The 3rd Mission has an Ending Flagpole instead of a star. Getting all the way to the top will resort into unlocking Daisy as playable.

Special Ability: Going on a Bike and ramming down Enemies for 5 seconds.


WAAHAA! WADIO'S DA BEST! Unlock Wario is unlockable by defeating Wario in Boss Stage 3 "Wario Weirdness". (Unlock stage by getting 40 Power Stars.)

Special Abilities: Can smash blocks that the others can't, can do a Dash Attack, and can shake enemies to collect coins.


What's Wario without Waluigi? Unlock Waluigi by playing as Wario in the Boss Stage "Wario Weirdnses". WAIT, The stage's name is Waluigi Weirdness when you play as Wario in the Stage! Now, stuff is Waluigi-Themed and you defeat Waluigi! After defeating Waluigi, you get to play as him.

Special Ability: Spin Jump.


Unlock Toad by Completing the Game.

Special Ability: Jumps the Highest. Sorry Luigi!


Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
You also Unlock Peach by Completing the game.

Special Ability: Floating after Jumping for 5 seconds.


Seriously? You get to play as an Enemy? Unlock by beating Special Floor 2.

Special Ability: Flying for 20 Seconds.


Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
They even added Rosalina! Unlock Rosalina by completing the game 100%. (Get ALL Stars, Unlock ALL Characters, Complete both Normal Floors and Special Floors, and completeing ALL Stages with ALL Characters.)

Special Abilities: Can do a Spin Attack, and can stun enemies by shooting Star Bits.

! Blocks

When you unlock all ! Blocks, you might see a few a lot of ! Block places still has no ! Block placed in it and it's just clear. Why is this? Because there are 6 DLC ! Blocks you can download. The Extra ! Blocks Pack is 5.94.

Name Transforms you into...
Red ! Block
Winged Mario (Lasts 4 Minutes)
Winged Mario
Blue ! Block
Vanish Mario (Lasts 24 Seconds)
Vanish Mario 2
Metal ! Block
Steel Mario (Lasts 21 Seconds)
Metal Mario!
Raccoon ! Block
Tanooki Mario (Lasts 28 Seconds)
Feline ! Block
Cat Mario (Lasts 55 Seconds)
Rainbow ! Block
Invincible Mario (Lasts 22 Seconds)
8-Bit ? Block
Retro Mario (Lasts 14 Seconds)
Retro mario
Mega ? Block
Mega Mario (Last for 23 Seconds)
Mini ? Block
Mini Mario (Lasts for 34 Seconds)


Different Downloadable Content for the game, such as New Characters, Items and Stages!


Character Induvidual Story