Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Singleplayer, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s)  action-adventure, Plataform
Series Super Mario
Predecessor Super Mario 64 (1996)

Super Mario 64 2 (known in Japan as Supa Mario 64 2) was, before a game, a series of Nintendo hardware testing Gamecube and Nintendo Wii, which soon after was canceled and its elements assay were utilized in Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 128. it is almost the original game, but with graphics superior to the Nintendo 64, the long-awaited multiplayer mode, which already existed in Super Mario 64 DS and great sound advances, supporting Dolby Digital. You can also play with several different characters during the game, as the legendary Luigi in Super Mario 64, Wario and Waluigi even, and when finished the game Princess Peach can also be playable.

Development Edit

it all started when the Nintendo 64DD, a peripheral of massive failure of the Nintendo 64 was released. Nintendo was developing a unique game for the "console", called Super Mario 64 2. The game would support multiplayer, and "Luigi mode". Due to the 64DD failure, the game was canceled, but all that existed it was used in another game that Nintendo was supposedly developing for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii, called Super Mario 128, which was nothing more than a tech-demo 128 "Marios" on the screen, which was also canceled and its elements were used in Super Mario Galaxy. Some time after the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo back developing the game in secret, calling back to Super Mario 64 2, and there is already Super Mario 64 DS, Nintendo DS for, but this game to superheat it, being developed for the Nintendo NX.

History Edit

Mario is seen eating cake with Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom, commemorating the salvation of 120 stars Bowser stole the castle and placed on tables scattered there. A few days later a new kingdom decides to declare war against the Mushroom Kingdom, and all Toads are called for war against the unknown realm. Mario observes the war without even having been warned before and calls Luigi when he was in service channeling pipes from a client to fight too. Wario and Waluigi decide to also go to see what was happening. While fighting for his kingdom, Mario realizes an old map that had fallen from the pocket of a commander of the enemy army and open. It was a means world map with multiple locations and different kingdoms across the globe drawn on a white sheet lightly yellow tone pulled the red. Suddenly falls another sheet, probably a letter, but decided to keep it in your pocket and keep fighting. Some time later, another realm gives up and shows and worked for Captain C. Larry Koopa Fordson Ned IV, but who was this guy? Mario is confused by the situation, which is the first time in 20 years plumber career a person invades and steals something from the castle without being Bowser or one of his henchmen (yes, Fordson Ned does not work for Bowser, despite the surname of "Koopa" it is only the family of the Koopas, but separated them when he was 15 years old). After retention, and prosecution of crimes within the castle, a Toad guard warns the princess of the castle was stolen not only stars, but rather, jewelry, heirlooms and even some people were abducted from the castle to the country of origin Fordson Ned IV. Mario is further confused by the situation: -

"It's the first time in twenty years I see my dear princess still here after an attack (the first time was not a person hired by Bowser!) Mamma mia! Looks like things are starting to change brutally here. " - Mario said.

"Well Mario, I am amazed at this. Now we do not know anything or anyone, what will we do ?!" - Question Princess.

Mario thinks, "that old map must have the information of how to get to such a Fordson".

Mario opens the map; looking for a kingdom, that same country to stay nearby. He found the kingdom Hamilet, which was a kingdom that Mario knew and could go there without any problem, since it was a kingdom friend of the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Look .. Princess ... Huh .. you should go too, do not know a lot of Toads, and you yes, is not it?" - Asked Mario.

"How can I go with you, dear Mario ... more guarantee you'll get all dirty there" - warned Peach.


"Why we do not have car even carriage (which was also stolen by this man Fordson), then we have to walk, and walking all dirty my dress."

"Calm down, calm a lot princess. I have an old car in my garage at my house, in my life, that fits everyone. You can go in front of the bank, huh." - Responds Mario.

"What kind love, say, dear Mario !! I will prepare my bags while his brother and their partners prepare their! Aah .. do not forget to say that we all travel around the world for the first time in 20 years !! " - Responds to Princess happily.

So Mario and Princess Peach leave the castle together toward the house of the Italian plumber. Once there Luigi, Mario, Wario and Waluigi prepare their bags for travel; Once in the garage, they put your bags in the car trunk; Upon entering the car, Peach and Mario are in the front seat while Wario, Waluigi and Luigi in the back seat of the car.

From there follows a short cutscene of the game's heroes traveling to the kingdom Hamilet, and then the princess read the map and is startled saying: "It will be a long journey ...", passing camera to angle out the car being parked at a restaurant, and then to find stars, tips, jewelry and Toads, the player must use each of the characters and the map in certain situations of the game.

Gameplay and Worlds Edit

NX controls are very easy to learn and memorize, as well as in the original game of Nintendo 64: Z button makes a character attack or pick up objects; X button jumps; Button C Crouch character; L button switches the camera to the left with the Lakitu (which came to be used in Mario games) R button turns right. There is also a cycle of day and night, allowing the player to play the night or day, according to the stage, but also at certain levels have the option of camping wait until certain times of day, at certain stages.

Worlds Edit

0.1: Mushroom Kingdom:It is the main realm of the game. In this realm is a war, they are rendered many enemies and new crew members, and also some prisoners there say they work for Fordson Ned, which is found in the final stage of the game, through the map that Mario found; It is located south of Italy, and western France.

1: Kingdom of Hamlet:It is the Second Kingdom of the game. It is very close to the Mushroom Kingdom, just 15 kilometers away from there. It has the appearance of Zelda villages, but without the characters of the franchise. The mission of the characters is to recover the 6 stars present in this and other realms, as in the previous game, as well as the stolen heirlooms and jewelry, making missions to recover what was stolen as mountain climbing to alcaçar stars.

2: United Petrolina:It is the third reign of the game. It looks a little better and more modern than the previous kingdom, but followed by excavations, holes and much, much oil. Topping empty holes and getting more oil to the king is already the beginning of the stage. It is far more distant from the Mushroom Kingdom, approximately 90 kilometers are there; It is close to the UK in England

3: United Kingdom: There is not much to be said of this kingdom. It is practically a city, has paving, road vehicles, etc. The first mission to retrieve the stars is to reach the top of the central clock of London, Big Bentley.

4: Kingdom of Pugsbert:It is another realm of England, but outside London. It has tall buildings, but has more homes than buildings, becoming a city a little smaller than the others.

5: United Star: This kingdom requires much more trip: leaving England and going by ferry to South America, more precisely in the "peak" of Argentina. It is an icy kingdom, to be in the geographical area Antarctica. So they are found the aurora borealis, and the player can follow this path to get stars on map hidden places.

6: United French:  Before coming to France, Mario will have to cross South America and the United States, why is there a star there, following the map. Soon after, Mario reaches the United French, and his first mission is to reach the top of Einffel Tower.

7: Kingdom of Hope: Kingdom that is a little far from Paris, more which is also in France. As the name implies, it is a realm of hope, as well as his subjects. Mario will have to talk to some residents there to piece together clues and thus regain stars and jewels that kingdom.

8: United Bedford: Coming out of France, Mario's car breaks down on the way, more by luck, the car breaks down near a night stand where the characters can be eating, arguing tracks and even looking at the map while Luigi repair the car outside the station . After they arrive in another kingdom, called "Bedford", where his king is a slacker who loves to sleep. What else is there in this realm are beds and more beds where the characters can sleep, since they are exhausted from the trip.

9: Kingdom of Bellis: After a good night's sleep, the heroes come to "Bellis," which is nothing more than the kingdom of bells. Putting music and different combinations of bells, the stars appear.

10: Kingdom of Bethel: United said to have, according to the subjects of there, a curse. While Mario and Peach are distracted watching the city, Luigi decides to see if really true (and it was). He lost in a family mansion that he had in the game "Luigi's Mansion" and find out who sent the fake note saying that "he had earned a high luxury and technology mansion."

11: Lunar Kingdom: Coming to the kingdoms that are nearer the cideral space, reach the Lunar Kingdom. there is no gravity there any facilitating that can grab stars and jewels in the air.

12: United Miyamoto (Easter Egg): This is supposed to reign in Japan, more precisely in Tokyo. Mario then to get to the kingdom, to cross China and Phlipo to get to Japan. So then we see a number of important figures for the formation of Nintendo, including Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario and other famous franchises.

13: United Redneck: It is the realm responsible for fruit and general agriculture to other realms, located in a rual part of Japan. Helping subjects harvesting planting crops is the first mission.

14: United Family: It is a kingdom that looks a lot like other realms. It becomes confused by new visitors, but with time, the player gets the hang.

15: Kingdom of Catastrophe: It is a terrible kingdom: they say that there have been wars and floods every day of an unbelievable way, and still has to this day. So take care of the wars that happen there! 

16: Kingdom of Chaos: United led by "Chaos III". It is known to have recent confusion since the entry of the kingdom, which looks more like a zone.

17: Kingdom of Factory: modern and polluting kingdom of the air. Only Wario and Waluigi can enter the factory. Manufacturing parts (you already know the end).

18: United Industrial: It is the the kingdom of industries. Unlike last kingdom, this does not pollute the air, adopting ecological measures to pollute less.

19: Federal Democratic Republic of Delphino: Traveling back of barca, they come to a republic (the only game) already known in Super Mario Sunshine. So Mario is acclaimed for having cleaned the city and receives disculpas for being guilty unlike his other enemy, Shadow Mario. In the midst of such recognition, the Italian asks for help to friends and city residents to find stars.

20: United Fordson (Final): Before arriving at the final kingdom, which is a desert island, Mario remembers the letter that you saved and takes the opportunity to read while driving. The letter read:

"First of all, I wanted to say I had a great heritage, and I will have to pass it on to my brother, because I must leave. There were so many adventures, achievements, discoveries! But as my brother is too arrogant I had to do everything . alone I remember that time I went to the Bermuda Triangle to know were true legends who told me, went to the bottom of the sea and found so many treasures ... also I remember once I went to Black Africa to search for prehistoric animals and even found a dinosaur .. were so many adventures ... pity that life is short. "

The Italian comes to a conclusion: Fordson Ned had a brave and fearless brother, who died recently; and to learn more about this sad story, you decide to go in search of this mystery, talking to the subjects of there, and arrived at Ned fortress.   

Rating Edit

This game has been rated as "Everyone" according to the ESRB, and was marked and a comparison between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 3D World with an average 8.5 points.