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Power - 2

Speed - 2

Jump - 2

Special - Can Use The Wing Cap

Unlocked at 0 Stars


Power - 1

Speed - 2

Jump - 3

Special - Can Use The Vanish Cap

Unlocked at 20 Stars


Power - 3

Speed - 1

Jump - 2

Special - Can Use The Metal Cap

Unlocked at 40 Stars


Power - 2

Speed - 3

Jump - 1

Special - Can Use The Fire Cap

Unlocked at 60 Stars


Power - 1

Speed - 3

Jump - 2

Special - Can Use The Quick Cap

Unlocked at 80 Stars


Power - 2

Speed - 2

Jump - 2

Special - Can Flutter Jump and Use The Driller Cap

Unlocked at 100 Stars

Donkey Kong

Power - 3

Speed - 2

Jump - 1

Special - Can Make Small Earthquakes and Climb Vines

Unlocked at 120 Stars


Power - 2

Speed - 1

Jump - 3

Special - Can Spin Attack and Shoot Star Bits

Unlocked at 140 Stars

Shy Guy

Power - 3

Speed - 3

Jump - 3

Special - Has Perfect Stats And Can Use All Caps

Unlocked at 199 Stars

Stat Key

Power - The Types Of Blocks The Character Can Break

1 Power = Takes 1 Punch To Break Bronze, 2 To Break Silver, And 3 To Break Gold

2 Power = Takes 1 Punch To Break Bronze, 1 To Break Silver, And 2 To Break Gold

3 Power = Takes 1 Punch To Break Bronze, 1 To Break Silver, And 1 To Break Gold

Speed - How Fast The Character Is

1 Speed = Runs 0.25x Slower Than Mario Does In The Original Game

2 Speed = Runs The Same Speed As Mario Does In The Original Game

3 Speed = Runs 0.25x Faster Than Mario Does In The Original Game

Jump - How High The Character Jumps

1 Jump = Jumps 0.25x Lower Than Mario Does In The Original Game

2 Jump = Jumps The Same Height As Mario Does In The Original Game

3 Jump = Jumps 0.25x Higher Than Mario Does In The Original Game


Course 1 - Goomba Plains

Dethroning The Goomba King
Racing Across The Plains
Climbing The Goomba Hills
Red Coins On The Plains
The Silver Stars Of Goomba Plains
The Secret Inside Goomba Cave

Course 2 - Rock Block Tower

The Return Of The Whomp King
The Tippy Top Of The Tower
The Inside Of Rock Block Tower
Red Coins On The Tower
Scaling The Bomp Blockade
The Challenging Cannon Trick

Course 3 - Sandshine Beach

The Sandy Sinkworm
The Sandshine Silver Stars
Diving Down To The Secret Cave
Red Coins On The Beach
Blasting To The Center Of The Sun
The Switch At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Course 4 - Icicle Isles

Inside The Icy Caverns
The Chill Bully Challenge
Inside The Icy Maze
Red Coins In The Snow
Shoot To The Icy Island
The Golden Iceblock

Course 5 - Boo's Mansion

The Mission Of The Mansion
King Boo In The Graveyard
The Underwater Ghost Ship
Red Coins In The Mansion
The Secret Star In The Library
The Secret Gravestone Pattern

Course 6 - Crystal Caverns

Entering The Crystal Caverns
Crushing The Crystonian
The Silver Stars Of Crystal Caves
Red Coins In The Crystal Caves
The Crystal Slide
The Cracked Crystal

Course 7 - Shy Guy's Toybox

General Guy's Final War
Silver Stars In The Toy Box Chests
The Puzzle Of The Toy Box Train
Red Coins In The Toy Box
Behind The Treadmill Gates
The Shining Bulb In The Dark Room

Course 8 - Koopa Seas

Diving Deep To The Coral Reef
The Race Across The Sea
The Giant Eel's Revenge
Diving Deep For Red Coins
The Switch Star At The Far End Of The Sea
The Underwater Golden Iceblock

Course 9 - Mt. Slide

The Slide On The Mountaintop
The Slide In The Hollow Tree
The Secret Under Lake Slide
Sliding For Red Coins
The Volcanic Slide
The Mountain Slide Speed Run

Course 10 - Sunbaked Desert

The Path With The Angry Sun
Deep Inside The Sunbaked Pyramid
Gliding With The Desert Winds
Red Coins In The Pyramid
The Five Unlit Torches
Sand Geysers Galore

Course 11 - Sweet Candy Castle

The Dastardly Donut King
Bouncing Up Donut Tower
The Gingerbread Village
The Gingerbread Red Coins
Chocolate Bar Parkour
Within The Hardened Pudding

Course 12 - Pixelated Palace

Reznor's Pixelated Wheel Room
The Pixelated Hammer Barrage
To The Top Of Pixelated Palace
Pixelated Red Coins
The 8-Bit Cap Adventure
The Lost Level Inside Pixelated Palace

Course 13 - Chill Burn Peak

Scaling Chill Burn Peak
The Chill Burn Bully Combo
The Shell Surfing Star Inside The Volcano
Red Coins On Chill Burn Peak
Flying To The Secret Compartment
The Golden Iceblock Inside The Volcano

Course 14 - Snifit Ruins

Entering King Snifit's Palace
The Riddle Of The Ruins
The Silver Stars Of Snifit Swamp
Red Coins In The Ruins
The Secret Star In The Vents
The Secret In Snifit Swamp

Course 15 - Wacky Web World

A Super Sticky Situation
Tying Up The Webrantula
Bouncing Up To The Web Tower
Bouncing About For Red Coins
The Treacherous Tree Climb
Climbing To Fiery Webrantula's Cave

Course 16 - Monty Mole Mountain

To The Top Of Mount Mole
The Tricky Train Tracks
Facing The Ancient Chomp
Red Coins In The Cave
The Secret In The Clouds
Blasting Into The Cave

Course 17 - Drip Drop Cave

To The Drip Drop Tip Top
Swoopula's Stalactite Adventure
Digging To The Flooded Pathway
Scavenging For Red Coins
The Drip Drop Lake Switch
A Quick Dip Through Drip Drop Cave

Course 18 - Four Season Forest

Springing Into Action
The Angry Sun's Hot Return
Winter's Snowy Wonderland
Red Coins Through The Seasons
The Golden Iceblock On The Snowy Hills
Taking A Trip To The Colorful Fall Tree

Course 19 - Big Big House

The Top Of The Shining Lamp
The Fridges Ice Maze
The Hot Stoves Puzzle
Red Coins In The Kitchen
Deep Within The Couch
The Goomba Infestation

Course 20 - Mysterious Toxic Lake

Crossing The Toxic Lake
The Mysterious Underground Cave
Traversing The Toxic Maze
Red Coins Of The Toxic Lake
The Speedy Dash Across The Toxic Maze
The Toxic Gate In The Toxic Maze

Course 21 - Night Light Land

From Day To Night
A Bright And Gloomy Day
The Sun And Moon Collide
Red Coins At The Time Of Day
The Shining Sun's Silver Stars
Platforming To The Night Time Stars

Course 22 - Bewildering Woods

The Piranha Plants Meal
The Endless Forest Maze
Inside The Big Tree
Red Coins Atop Trees
Taking The Vines To Victory
The Wise Owls Riddle

Course 23 - Melody Park

Climbing The Electronic Piano
The Floating Guitar Picks
The Tedious Tambourine Trip
Red Coins Across The Instruments
The Top Of Microphone Mountain
Side Scrolling Sheet Music

Course 24 - Crazy Chaos Carnival

Atop The Ferris Wheel
The Risky Rollercoaster Ride
The Tricky Spike Game
Big Top Red Coins
The Mysterious Yoshi Egg
Whacking Some Moles

Course 25 - Moonlight City

King Boo's Big City Return
Deep Under The Moonlight Waters
The Top Of The Tallest Skyscraper
Red Coins In The City
The Top Of Moonlight Hills
Blast To The Center Of The Moon

Course 26 - Mount Molten

The Top Of Mount Molten
The Burn Bully Barrage
Deep Inside The Volcano
Red Coins On The Mount
King Goomba's Fiery Return
The Molten Lava Ocean

Course 27 - Airship Cruise

Infiltrating The Enemy Airship
The Flying Carpet Ride
The Trip To The Top Of The Mast
The Red Coin Carpet Ride
The Secret Star Below Deck
Shooting To The Cloud Palace

Course 28 - Dark Dark Dungeon

The Bottom Of The Dungeon
Silver Stars In The Dungeon
Escaping The Dungeon
Red Coins In The Dungeon
King Boo In The Dungeon Attic
The Glowing Dungeon Gate

Course 29 - Clockwork Factory

Scaling Clockwork Factory
The Pit And The Pendulum
Tick Tock Clockwork
Red Coins In The Factory
Flying To The Factory Roof
The Incinerated Star

Course 30 - Stardust Summit

Scaling Stardust Summit
Follow The Glittering Trail
Dodging The Starstorm
Red Coins In Star City
The Speedy Dash Up Star Road
Gliding To The Lonely House

Bowser Stages

Bowser's Deadly Swamp

Red Coins In The Deadly Swamp

Bowser's Fiery Volcano

Red Coins In The Fiery Volcano

Bowser's Electric Tower

Red Coins In The Electric Tower

Bowser's Perplexing Puzzle

Red Coins In The Perplexing Puzzle

Bowser's Rainbow Castle

Red Coins In The Rainbow Castle

Secret Areas

Mario's Red Coins

Luigi's Red Coins

Wario's Red Coins

Toad's Red Coins

Waluigi's Red Coins

Yoshi's Red Coins

DK's Red Coins

Rosalina's Red Coins

Shy Guy's Red Coins

The Toad At The Entrance

The Toad In The Basement

The Toad In The Greenhouse

The Toad On The Stairs

The Toad On Top Of The Castle

The Star Spirit's Final Challenge


King Goomba X2

King Whomp

Sandy Sinkworm

Chill Bully

King Boo X3


General Guy

Giant Eel

Angry Sun X2


Bully Duo

King Snifit

Burn Bully

Webrantula X2

Sun And Moon Duo


Name Wing Cap Vanish Cap Metal Cap Fire Cap Quick Cap Driller Cap
Unlock Method Collect 10 Stars, and then complete Mario's Red Coins Collect 30 Stars, and then complete Luigi's Red Coins Collect 50 Stars, and then complete Wario's Red Coins Collect 70 Stars, and then complete Toad's Red Coins Collect 90 Stars, and then complete Waluigi's Red Coins Collect 110 Stars, and then complete Yoshi's Red Coins
Usable By Mario, Shy Guy Luigi, Shy Guy Wario, Shy Guy Toad, Shy Guy Waluigi, Shy Guy Yoshi, Shy Guy
Abilities Lets you fly through the air with a triple jump. Turns you intangible, which lets you run through things such as gates. Turns you metal, which lets you press underwater switches Lets you shoot fire so you can melt ice blocks. Turns you very quick, which can help you get switch stars. Gives you drill hands so you can dig through soft spots in the ground.

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