Sm642 bsb 64 2

This is Super Mario 64 2: Bowser Strikes Back,the sequel of Super Mario 64.It will be realesed to the Wii U.


After defeating Bowser,Mario go back to his house.

But Bowser,with the power of the Dark Star,back to Princess Peach Castle and kidnaps her and make all his minions more strong.

A Toad go to Mario's House and say to him help Peach.

Would Mario will save Peach and defeat the Evil Duo? 


The game has 15 leves (18 with the Bowser Levels),they are:

1.Big Bob-Omb Battlefield=The same battlefield of the original game,but now Big Bob-Omb is under control,why Bowser give him much power to defeat the Red Bob-Ombs.

2.Bob-Ombs Sky City=The City of the Bob-Ombs,the Whomp King is controling it with the power of the Dark Star.

3.Gloomy Swamp=A dark swamp with a lake that has a giant Eel called Unagi.

4.Chuckyas City=A City with a lot of Chuckyas,it is controlled by the Mr. Snowman.

5.Haunted Harbor=The old harbor it is a peaceful place,but this harbor is with a lot of ghost,controlled by the Big Boo.

B1.Bowser's Toxic Jungle=The first Bowser level in the game,it is a jungle with a toxic river.

6.Aquatic Cave=A cave in the sea with a water monster called Dorrie.

7.KTQ Sandy Peak=It is a sand peak that has a Big Bully in the top,it has the famous Koopa the Quick.

8.Wiggler's Forest=A forest with a big Wiggler that like eat bunnies.

9.Music Land=A resort with a lot of giant instruments,it has an sky submarine too.

B2.Bowser's Lava Castle=The second Bowser level in the game,it is a mix of all the SMW castles.

10.Snow Mountain=A snow mountain with a Chill Bully in the top of the Icy Tower.

11.Toy World=A land with giant toys (like Toy Time Galaxy).

12.GoldCloud Station=A station in the sky with the Fluffy Monkey.

13.Magma Volcano=This is the ruins of the old Bowser's Castle,it is all destroyed.

14.Big Bob-Omb's Space Factory=The factory of Big Bob-Omb,you can press a switch that make Big Bob-Omb fall in the battle.

15.Lunar Base=The base in the moon,it has the Moon Eyerok.

Bowser's Great Palace=The final Bowser level in the game,it is very hard.


Big Bob-Omb (2x)

Whomp King

Big Boo

Big Bully


Chill Bully

Moon Eyerok

Bowser (3X) 



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