Super Mario 64: The Rise of Tiaramisu is a game that is a sequel to Super Mario 64: Bowser's Revenge, in this game, Mario and Luigi, and Wario and Waluigi are invited to peach's castle for a party, when suddenly, They never came back, toad tells yoshi that Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi never came back before the party ended, it's up to yoshi to bring Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi back, this game is for 3DS or Wii U


Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi are invited to peach's castle for a birthday party, the camera scrolls to the roof, with yoshi sleeping, In a few hours, the party ended and the heroes along with peach went missing and toad went to tell him that Mario and Luigi, Wario and Waluigi are missing from the party before it ended at a blackout, soon yoshi finds out bowser is behind all of this, Yoshi goes and find several Power stars and defeat the Red Baron, and frees mario, after getting more several power stars, he sets off to rescue luigi from King Boo, and After collecting several Power stars, he rescues wario from Magma Wiggler, after collecting more power stars, he sets off to rescue Waluigi and collects more and mario goes to Tiaramisu's Lair and defeats her, after defeating her, he collects the Giant Power Star, and restores peach from the wall, Peach thanks the heroes, and thanks them as she says about baking a cake, Peach enters the castle as Mario And Luigi, Wario and waluigi enters, Yoshi stares at the sky, Yoshi then soon comes in the castle as the credits rolls

Power Star Legends

There are several types of power stars that are listed here, pictures are borrowed

Power Star Types
Images Description Found on
Normal Power Star It is found on Normal Missions Normal Missions
175px It is found on Boss Missions Boss Missions
140px-Greenstar It is found on Hidden Missions Hidden Missions
120px-Purplestar It is found on Special Missions Special Missions

Beta Element

Originally, it was called Super Mario 64 : Bowser's Revenge 2, this idea was cut for developers to not copy a game's name, Super Mario 64: The Rise of Tiaramisu/Beta Element


  • This is Tiaramisu's first appearance in a 3D Game

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