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These power-ups will appear in various levels and can be used by anyone.

OBS: Mario is the only character that can do a Spin in the game, like in SMW, as well as the wall jump.

Image Item Power-Up Image Form Effect
Wing Mario Wing Cap Winged Cap SM3DW Wing Mario Mario can fly and collect special objects for a short period of time (70 sec.)
Double Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Double Cherry DoubleCherry Double Mario It creates a duplicate of the current character. The duplicate will copy the exact same movements as the original character
Ice Mario. Ice Flower Ice Flower SM3DW Ice Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot iceballs.
Fire Mario. Fire Flower FireFlowerSM3DL Fire Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot fireballs
Hammer Mario Final SM3DW Hammer Flower Hammer Flower SMEv Hammer Mario Mario can throw hammers and he can dash with his shell.
MegaMario Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Mega Mario Mario turns giant and invencible!

Power Box

The Power Box makes a appearance into the series. It gives a diferent item for each character. However, all effects are only for a short amount of time (30 sec.).

Character Power Name Powered Character Image Power Item Description
Toad Mushroom Toad Mushroom Toad SMW3D Super Mushroom Toad is able to create Mushroom Trampolines that allow him to jump very high.
Yoshi Blimp Yoshi Blimp Yoshi Blimp Fruit Yoshi can float upwards for a period of time.
Mario Rock Mario RockMario Rock Mushroom Mario transforms in a giant rock boulder. In this way, he rolls at incredible speed, crushing any enemy in his way, and cannot stop until hitting a thick wall.
Luigi Vanish Luigi Vanish luigi Vanish Flower Luigi becomes invisible and is able to pass through solid matter for a period of time. It is also impossible for enemies to harm him in this state.
Wario Metal Wario Wario Metal SMDR Metal Mushroom Wario becomes very heavy so he can sink to the bottom of lakes and seas. He's also invincible, able to defeat almost all enemies. He can also move heavy blocks.
Waluigi Dash Waluigi Dash waluigi Dash Pepper Waluigi becomes very fast, so he can run up steep slopes and even run on water. This also works while he is swimming, making him swim very fast. He can also move heavy blocks.
  • I would like to thank all the original developers that created images and ideas used in this page.

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