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These are the Bosses that appear in Super Mario 64: Bowser's Revenge.

Image Boss Course Description
King Chomp Reign Chomp Koopa Plains Reign Chomp will always try to chomp the player. To defeat him, the player must break Reign Chomp's Crystal to free a Hammer Flower inside it, although, breaking the crystal will make Reign Chomp walk freely and the boss will chase the player freely. Launch 7 hammers to damage him. Do this process 3 times to destroy the boss and get the Power Star. After being damaged once, the boss will start to launch fireballs from his mouth.
MP9 Big Bob-omb Big Bob-omb Bob-omb's Gorge Big Bob-Omb throws Bob-Ombs at the player. The player should pick up a bomb and throw it back to Big Bob-Omb 3 times.
MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss Arena Goomboss will walk arround, tring to damage the player. He, sometimes, will jump into the poisoned water pool, creating poisoned water waves that can hurt the player. Yoshi has to defeat him by eating Goombas, creating an Egg and spitting it back at him in order to win back Toad's key to use him in the game. When returning back to fight him once again as Toad, Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi, they can punch him in his face and obtain a Mega Mushroom. Using it and attacking him while under its influence is not required to defeat him; the player can simply punch the Goombas into him to damage him. Damage the boss 3 times and he will be defeated. After being damaged 2 times, the boss will chase the player and will sometimes jump in the floor, creating a shock wave that can stun the player.
Cataking Cataking Oldtime Lagoon Cataking attacks like any normal Cataquack,  hurling the player into the air, but he can hurls the player too hight with an electic pulse, hurting the player. The boss also can launch electric balls and it runs very fast. If Mario ground pound near him, it will be knocked out for a few seconds. Wen he is knocked out, do a ground-pound at him to damage the boss.  and do this in a total of 4 times to defeat him. Damage the boss 3 times and he will be defeated. After being damaged 2 times, the boss will chase the player and will sometimes jump in the floor, creating a shock wave that can stun the player.
Cosmic Mario Cosmic Mario Cosmic Mario Arena Cosmic Mario can warp from one section of the arena to another any time and he runs really fast. He also can do a spin attack, punch, kick and create cosmic orbs to attack the player. The player has to kick him 5 times to defeat him and get the Mario key.
Bowser HUGE Bowser #1 Bowser in the Bullet Stronghold Coming Soon...
Royal Draglet Royal Draglet Magma Swamps Royal Draglet is the leader of all Draglets. He will fly, throwing giant fireballs and he have all the body in flames, chasing the player in order to defeat him. To defeat him, the player should throw 6 iceballs (using the Ice Flower) on his body to put out the fire on his body and then ground pound him. Repeat this method 3 times to earn the star.
Pengoon Pengoon Winter Snow Land Pengoon is the leader of all Cooligans. He will slide, throwing giant iceballs and he have all the body freezed, chasing the player in order to defeat him. To defeat him, the player should throw 6 fireballs (using the Fire Flower) on his body to melt the ice on his body and then ground pound him. Repeat this method 3 times to earn the star.
King Mr. I King Mr. I Big Boo's Haunt King Mr. I acts like his species: He rotate around so they can still watch their target. He is able to shoot a straight red laser beam at the player from its pupil. The laser beam is very fast and very hard to avoid. He can also shoot some red bubble-like laser beams from its pupil that chases the player. The player needs to run in a circle around it, no matter which side, and repeat it a few times. The boss will become dizzy and at that time the player must punch his pupil two times. The player must repeat this process more 3 times to defeat the boss. After being damaged, the boss will teleport, making the player runs to find him.
King Boo MMWii King Boo King Boo Arena  King Boo attacks by summoning Boos and Peepas and spliting blue fireballs. The player in order to defeat him need break some windows that exists on the arena to free a ray of light. Then, the player must leave him to that ray of light that appears, making him confused and make the player ground pound at him to damage the boss. The player needs do this 3 times to defeat the boss. After being damaged once, the boss will launch some lightning into the ground, trying to damage the player.
Bowser HUGE Bowser #2 Bowser in the Gravity Land Coming Soon...
Lady Bug Queen Queen Lady Bug Tall Trunk Garden She is a giant Biddybug that attacks by fire bombs at the player. She fly arround the top of the giant tree. To defeat her, the player should go very high and do a ground-pound at her 4 times. Before do the final attack, she have the help of the para-biddybugs.
Glam Fuzzy Glam Fuzzy Toxic Maze Cave The queen of the Fuzzies is just a giant fuzzy, but she have an own power: she can slip oil from her mouth (that acts just like poisoned water, but it's black) that can hurt the player. She can also summon some Fuzzies to help her. The heroe just need find a Fire Flower, defeat the Fuzzies and then, launch 6 fireballs to hurt her. Do this 3 times to destory her. After being damaged once, she starts to slip toxic gas from her body to attack the player. It indicates that the player must defeat her fast, because if the toxic gas fill all the arena, the player can not breath and it will lose life slowly.
Chief Chilly Chief Chilly Chief Chilly Arena The boss, who shows that will knock out anyone who challenge the superiority of his mustach, wants to knock the player of his iceberg. The boss also can blow cold wind that can freeze the player. The player must push Chief Chilly off of his iceberg four times to defeat the boss. During his battle, it gets tricky, as every time he is pushed in the water, he knocks off portions of the iceberg upon returning, making it smaller. Before taking the final hit, he rocks the iceberg and, when pushed to the edge, maintains his balance for a little before going back to the middle.
Giga Lakitu1 Giga Lakitu Cloud Sky Station Giga Lakitu uses the same strategy as in SMG2: he throws Spiny Eggs at the player, floats around in his cloud and release lightning from underneath his cloud. The player, when uses Yoshi, has to defeat him by eating Spinies, creating an Egg and spitting it back at him in order to win. Doing it 5 times will defest the boss. The player, when uses Toad, Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi, has to defeat him by finding a Hammer Flower and throwing 6 hammers on him to defeat the boss.
Bowser HUGE Bowser #3 Bowser in the Elemental Lair Coming Soon...
Super Bramball Super Bramball Poison Jungle He is a very big Bramball that, instead of only 2 legs, he have 4 legs. That helps him in his locomovation, so, instead do the movement left-right (like a normal Brmaball), he can also do the movement front-back. He tries to smash the player with his metalic legs. Touch on the feet, on the arms or on the underside of his head will hurt the player. To defeat him, you should to a ground-pound on his head 4 times, watching out of his spiky crown.
Gooper blooper Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper Arena Gooper Blooper will spit out ink at the player and will cover parts of the screen in ink. The player must Ground Pound each one of his tentacles and pull them off. Then he must pull his mouth to hurt him. The player must do this four times. He will also slam his tentacles down at the player to hurt him and will summon Ink Bloopers (SMS Bloopers) to aid him after being damaged once. And he will destroy the plataform after beign damaged twice, making the battle occur underwater with the help of some Bloopers. It's not possible to ground pound the tentacles underwater, so the player have to pull his mouth avoiding his tentacles.
Kamella SMG Kamella Airship Base Kamek's sister appears to help his brother to command the Airship Base. Kamella acts much like in SMG: tossing fireballs (sometimes multiple fireballs), now tossing iceballs (sometimes multiple iceballs), teleporting, summoning Magikoopas and tossing spiny shells. She also can launch magic balls that when hit a block can turn it into a Coin, at some enemie or at a Life Mushroom or at a Poison Mushroom. To defeat her, the player should ground pound near the spinny shell  that she throws to turn it upside-down, so the player can grab it to throw back at her. Doind this 4 times, she will be defeated and the orb will be shattered, freeing the Star.
Rabbit King Crystalic Caves 1st part: You should catch him alongside the course, but he is very fast and jumps very high.

2nd part: You have to defeat him in a battle (he turns giant). He launchs cristals and shards from his mouth and do electrical earthquakes. To defeat him, you have to knock him down and then, do a ground-pound on his stomach 3 times.

Mecha Bowser1 Mecha Bowser Mecha-Koopa Factory Coming Soon...
LemmySSB4 Lemmy Koopa Lemmy's Room Coming Soon...
RoyKoopaSSB4 Roy Koopa Roy's Room Coming Soon...
LarrySSB4 Larry Koopa Larry's Room Coming Soon...
WendySSB4 Wendy O. Koopa Wendy's Room Coming Soon...
IggySSB4 Iggy Koopa  Iggy's Room Coming Soon...
MortonSSB4 Morton Koopa Jr. Morton's Room Coming Soon...
LudwigSSB4 Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig's Room Coming Soon...
BowserJrSSB4Render Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.'s Room He attack by using the boxing gloves from his Clown Car to attack the players, lauch bob-ombs, mechakoopas and spiked balls. The player must get the Mechakoopas and lauch them back at Bowser Jr. After the first attack, the boss will create electric fences arround the arena and use an spin attack to bump the player into the electric fences. Lauch more 4 mechakoopas to destroy the Clown Car. After that, the boss will still be alive, but using other methods of attack: use his magic paintbrush to lauch graffiti at the arena to disturb the players (sometimes lava or ice graffiti that can hurt the players) and spliting fireballs. In that case, the player must jump on his head 3 times. Remeber that he also retreives into his shell when attacked.
BowserMPIT Bowser #4 Bowser in the Galaxy Coming Soon...
King Whomp Whomp King Whomp's Fortress Whomp King, like most Whomps, his first attack is to fall face-first in an attempt to crush his opponent. Along with that he much larger than before, he also has a few other abilities. When he attempts to crush the player, the attack will create a shockwave when he hits the ground, which will paralyze Mario for a brief moment if he doesn't jump at the correct time. This can prevent Mario from ground pounding his back in time. He can also stomp his foot to produce several miniature Whomps called Whimps that chase after Mario. If the player ground-pound on the smaller area on his back 5 times, the boss will be destroyed.
Eyerock Eyerok Shifting Sand Land It slams down its fists and tries to push the player off of the platform. When hit, the player will lose three bars in the power meter. The player must punch Eyerok's eyes (located in its palms) four times to destroy each hand, at which point the stone monstrosity is defeated.
Reznor Reznor Power Tower Reznor can attack trowing fireballs, iceballs and electricballs and can attack with his horn, so, he will suddenly charge into the player. The player need to bait Reznor into ramming into a wall to stun him. This in return will leave the boss vulnerable to being jumped on his head, but avoid his spiky horns and do a ground-pound there. Doing it 4 times will defeat the boss.
Ledge Bro. Ledge Bro. Bro's Stadium In this game, Ledge Bro. is considerer the "Leader of the Hammer Bros." and the comander of Bro's Stadium. He uses Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros. and Sledge Bros. as shield, and with his hammer, he can cause little earthquakes. The trick is to break through the Bros., knock him down and ground-pound Sledge Bro.'s stomach 5 times. After being damaged twice, he summon some giant sledge hammers to try to smash the player.
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser Dry Bowser in the Hideout

Coming Soon...

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