Super Mario 5D Land is a 5DS game


It was a dark and stormy night and Bowser's airship appers out of nowhere and Bowser's evil snicker comes out of nowhere too.

When Mario and his friends woke up the next morning he saw a letter it says

Dear Mario

I've kidnapped Peach


P. S evil laugh

Mario got very furious so he ran to World 1


File:200px-Mario - New Super Mario Bros U.png

Our favorite plumber is back! He can do amazing jumps and his speed is fast.

Mario's coward brother is back too. He's sluggigh but he his very high jumps.
Blue Toad
Blue Toad holdinng a baby yoshi

Blue Toad

This Baby Yoshi lover returns!!! He speedy but has horrible jumps



Super Mushroom
SuperMushroom M&SPD
Fire Flower
FireFlower M&SPD
Ice Flower
Ice Flower
Tanooki Suit
File:Leaf cups.jpg
Propeller Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom

Cat Bell
CatBell - SuperMario3DWorld

Cat Bell (new power-up)

Mega Mushroom
File:Mega Mushroom 2.jpg
Phoenix Suit Image not aviaibile

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