Super Mario 4D Land is the sequel to Super Mario 3D Land. It appears on the Nintendo 4DS as one of the system's launch titles.


Mario has been invited to Princess Peach's castle for some cake on the castle's tenth anniversary, when all of the sudden a shadow is castes on the castle, and it looks like Bowser's shadow. When Mario goes outside to check, he finds no one casting the shadow. The shadow then picks up the castle and runs away with it. Mario was in shock! Mario ran after the mysterious Bowser shadow for an adventure he'll never soon forget.

Gameplay in 4D Land is fairly similar to the gameplay of 3D Land/World. It's a mix of 2D and 3D Mario games, and you can save many items for later use on the 4DS's bottom screen. However, since it is on the 4DS, the gameplay will be more frantic than ever, making use of the improved 3D screen, air fans, water shooters and heat pads (see Nintendo 4DS article). Stomping on Goombas and Koopas will never be more satisfying.

New items and enemies make their way into 4D Land. The Bob-Omb Flower is the only new item in the game, allowing you to put on a similar looking suit to the Boomerang Suit, just black instead of blue, and throw Bob-Ombs. New enemies include the Goomtoad, Kooptoad, and Tanooki Question Block.

Much like the Tanooki Suit's return was celebrated in 3D Land, the return of the Frog Suit is celebrated in 4D Land. The Frog Suit is now more useful than ever, allowing you to jump greater heights and swim much faster, as well as have unique attacks in the water. Not only that, but this game marks the first time in a 3D (or 4D) Mario game that the Flying Squirrel Suit is and item. The Frog Suit and Flying Squirrel Suit are now being used more. They are even available as items in Mario Kart 4DS.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Super Mario 4D Land has local multiplayer support with ghost Mii characters to beat in levels as well. However, there is still no online support. You can play with up to four people on multiple 4DS's, as Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad.

The ghost Mii gameplay works out as it did in 3D World, except now every Mii character is outlined in one color and will leave that color trail behind them the whole level, so that if you can't keep up with the Miis you can follow their trail, which also leads down to shortcuts, but not off cliffs or into enemies.


Super Mario 4D World is an optional collectathon. You can collect keychains of sprites found throughout Mario history, and view them in the keychain department. You can also collect all forty Miiverse stamps to use in your posts and some alternate costumes for the characters, although they earn no special abilities from the costumes except for boosted attack power.

Once you have collected everything there is to be collected, a special world will be unlocked.

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