Super Mario 3D World 3
Super Mario 3D World 3 Box-Art by Nova
The box art for the game
Developer(s) Drax&PupilProductions
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Everywhere: Oct 2014
1-6 players (Co-Star Luma included so make that 7)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
 Super Mario 3D World 3 is a game for the Wii U. It is the third game in the Super Mario 3D World series, but it is one of the newest 3D games from the Mario series. There are many charcters to play as and many power-ups to use. The rest of the game description is down below so as I always say, read and whizz!


It was a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy were walking on the path up toward Peach's Castle they saw a note, and Mario read it. It said,

I am coming for you in 5 minutes, you better run, otherwise I, the turtle, will catch all the stuff you ever hope for that you always needed. From Bowser

But shockingly, Bowser came so quick that he took not Peach, but he took all the Power-Ups! The only thing to do was to chase him but he got away and travelled to world one, which was the Mushroom Kingdom, but the otherside which began at Toad Town. So this only the beginning, so to carry on, the game must be played!




Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Mario is a default character and will be your main character for the hole game. His special ability is being and all-rounder which means he has medium for all the attributes.

Luigi may not be the famous one, but Luigi has something amazing, his jumping! He has the jump in the gang (default only). The effect on his jump is that he shakes his legs like a little flutter in the air. The jump may not be as good as yoshi's because yoshi has a rainbow flutter.

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Peach is probably one of the easiest characters to use. With a powerful glide, peach can float with a matter of at least 6-8 seconds. So there is no love lost without a tanooki suit, because you an use Peach! If you're one of those rookies, use Peach so that you can practice and then eventually you're ready to play as someone else!

Daisy is a character with a lot of speed. Not one of the very fastest, but a character with quite a bit of pace. If you're on a speed run level or you want to speed run, Daisy would do the trick. You may want faster players, but Daisy is your starter. If you wanted better, you'd have to go onto completing World 2 and getting Toad. She also offers a bit of float, but her float only lasts for a time of 2-4 seconds.


Wario SSB3M
Wario has strength to move the stronger objects that some characters may not be able to move. The strong things may reveal stars or stamps.
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez
Waluigi is a character with a range of strength and speed but is quite average but is more around a heavy character. 
Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad has an ability very similar to Blue Toad. Those two have very fast abilitys and might have the fastest in the game so you can get away from enemies easily.
Blue Toad
(No description avalible because the description is very similar to Yellow Toad).
Captain Toad
Captain Toad
Captain Toad is very fast and speedy. The only thing that compares him to blue/yellow toad is that he has quite a small jump.
Rosalina SSB3M
Rosalina has a very unusual ability compared to everyone else. She is able to do a cosmic spin which alows her to attack enemies without jumping or using an object.
Tumble MK3DS

Tumble can long jump better than everyone else. This is because after his long jump, he tumbles to make that extra jump.

Sprixie Princess
Sprixie princesses can float and spin so they can easily jump to the highest heights without a problem at all.
Nabbit eeria's Partner
Nabbit's ability is probably one of the best. If he's mini he allows himself to grab a power up from his bag and grab one. The rarity is decided by how good the power up is. Example: Paint Flower: Ultra rare
Baby Mario
All babies are fast. But Baby Mario is that tiny bit better than Mario. That's because Baby Mario is all-rounder AND speedy so he's got that little extra. 
Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi has bacically the same stats as Baby Mario. But of course, as Luigi does, Baby Luigi has a very trained jump.
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has a lot of power to defeat the enemies. He is very recommended to use against the bosses at the end of each world. But of course he has to be unlocked first.

Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong is a speedy character. Coming after his relative Donkey Kong, he has a bit of power too. But the speed is not to the max because of this.
MP7 Toadette
Toadette is just like Toad. She can use a spin attack, using the mushrooms on her hair to spin. The attack is very useful, that is if the enemy is immune to some harmful attacks.
Mona is a character with a powerful jump ability. Just like Luigi, she can reach higher heights than most of everyone else. She can also long jump better, which is so she can climb over the widest gaps.
Classical. That's all I can say! He is just like Mario, but retro looks better. That's why jumpman is an unlockable. But of course there has to be a twist? There is. Jumpman has a classical disguse that effects enemies that have been around after the 90s.
Maria is basically Mario's powers, but she has a mix of Peach as well. The floating ability works around nearly all the girl characters, which is great! So she can do a lot of things.
Luise evolves around Luigi. She is just like Luigi, but she has the floating ability. Which of course, as I said, is very useful.
250px-Goombario NSMBDIY
Goombario, as a fan of Mario, has the powers of him and has a lot more power than Mario usually does. His power is full while also having the same stats as Mario.
Pauline full

Pauline is quite an average character. She is quite similar to Mario but has the ability to do whats called a Quad-attack. The Quad-attack is an attack that allows Pauline to do four attacks in one!

Blue Toad Complete world 1 (Mushroom Kingdom)
Yellow Toad Complete world 2 (Desert)
Tumble Complete world 3 (Ice)
Captain Toad Complete world 4 (Water)
Donkey Kong Complete world 5 (Banana Kingdom)
Diddy Kong Complete world 6 (Jungle)
Mona Complete world 7 (Cloud)
Wario Complete world 8 (Rock)
Baby Mario Complete world 9 (Gogo Land)
Rosalina Complete world 10 (Galaxy)
Baby Luigi Complete world 11 (Baba Land)
Waluigi Complete world 12 (Mountain)
Jumpman Complete world 13 (Classic)
Toadette Complete world 14 (Mushroom: Normal)
Maria Complete world 15 (Lava)
Luise Complete world 16 (Space)
Nabbit Complete world 17 (Lost)
Goombario Complete world 18 (Mario Land)
Pauline Complete world 19 (Castle)
Sprixie Princess Complete world 20 (Bowser)


Helps across the Mushroom Kingdom world, Toasworth will be mostly around Peach's castle, as this time, it has not been that the owner has been captured.
Yoshi egg yoshi render
Yoshi is a character who helps across the whole game. Yoshi also has power-ups such as the Dash Pepper. So if you see an egg, grab it and release Yoshi.
Toadbert SMN
Toadbert helps everywhere.  He'll help with any tasks that needs doing or he'll give messages out. Toadbert is there if you need a hand so use him for any messages he's got.
640px-Toad Species - Super Mario Sunshine
Toads, just like Toadbert, help around the worlds showing you tasks and more.
Sprixie (No Picture Shown) Sprixie's give you bonoculers so you can see far away Star Coins or Green Stars. They may give you free stamps.
Goombella helps with some of the worlds around. She mostly appears in the jungle or in the mushroom kingdom. Wherever you see her she'll help you with maybe a tag up so you can play as her but it costs a few stars.
Pianta's help in the water world. They cheer you on or give you information about anything you could help them with.
(Noki's have bacically the same information as pianta)
Noki Director
Noki directors are in the water world as well. They give you tips or tell you to do. One of the Noki Directors asks you to fight a boss in one of the levels.

Penguins appear in the water world and ice world. They may be swimming in the oceans or they may ask you to do tasks. One of the penguins asks you to find they're special sailor hat, so you have to find that as well.

The coach appears in the ice and water worlds. In the ice world, the coach asks you to do a training programe. In the water world he asks you to do surf training in the ocean.
Penguru SMG
The Penguru may ask to give you tasks and other important notifications for your important notice. He may even tell you a few secrets of the past that may help you in the levels.
Captain Toad
Captain Toad
Captain Toad is handy before you unlock him. He may ask you to help him redecorate his Mushroom House. But most the time he gets a bit scared of the enemies that approach him. He is also playable to the Captain Toad Levels.
250px-Goombario NSMBDIY
Goombario appears as a helper before you unlock him. He helps in the Mushroom Kingdom world mostly, but will work around many more.
Lubba is a helper in the ice world, in the Space World and  in the Galaxy World. He approaches you in the Starship Mario which is a surprise return because it hasn't been seen for ages. But Lubba will help by bringing the Starship Mario in for takeoff!
Giant Luma Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Luma's are great handy teamates on the game. They appear in the same worlds as every other Luma (including Lubba and Polari). They will help you with tasks or give you notifications about the level and how you should complete it.
Co-Star Luma
Orange luma
Co-star luma as you know is a helper that is actually playable. It's basically a 7th player but obviously the 7th player doesn't do much. Co-star Luma is only available on 3 worlds (Ice, Space and Galaxy), and all it does is help you get coins and freeze enemies to let the player get past.
Baby Luma
200px-SMG Luma
Baby Luma (Master Luma) helps by giving you the power of no gravity by helping you stop floating! It's the main reason why you can complete the game! Thanks Baby Luma!
220px-SMG Polari
Polari gives you the tasks to help you reach Bowser in space and Galaxy World. He doesn't appear in Ice World unfortunately but the coach is your main helper there. So Polari will tell you where to go next every time and show you what comes next.
Proffesor E. Gadd
E. Gadd helps mainly in the special worlds. Especially Ghost World. In Ghost World he will give you a poltagheist and let you travel the World.
Monkeys help you across the jungle and Banana Kingdom worlds. They will ask for tasks and maybe praise you on and help you across the 2 Worlds. A lot of animals appear in these worlds.
Cranky Kong
230px-Cranky Kong Acjrtwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Cranky kong appears in the Jungle and Banana kingdom world. He will give you tasks and give you free items inside house across the jungle.


Got to: Super Mario 3D World 3/Enemies for the eneimes, it's not been started editing yet but you can help me.