Super Mario 3D Galaxy is a game for the Wii U.

Playable Characters

Picture Name Character Specific Ability
Mario SSB4 Mario Nothing
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but is very slippery.
WarioOverallsSSB4 Wario Wario is slower than both slower and jumps lower than Mario and Luigi, but can destroy black blocks.
20130913123103!Waluigi Waluigi Can jump higher than Luigi, but loses two power ups instead of one when hit.
NabbitNSMBU Nabbit Nabbit cannot be damaged by enemies, but cannot use power-ups either.
ToadRun Blue Toad Can run faster than everyone else, but jumps the lowest.
Rosalina.SSB4 Rosalina Can fire star bits at enemies and spin, but is very slow and cannot jump very high.
Yoshi SSB4 Yoshi Can eat enemies and fire eggs at them along with flutter jumping, but is slow and cannot crouch.
PeachSmashNoBackGround Peach Can Glide, but is not fast.
CaptainToad250 Captain Toad Can hit enemies and dig with his pickaxe, but can not run.

Power Ups

Picture Power Up Name Power Up Ability
BeeMushroom Bee Mushroom Turns Mario into a bee, allowing him to fly around for a short period of time.
200px-BluebabyyoshiNSMBU Blue Baby Yoshi Gives Mario the ability to trap enemies in bubbles while holding it.
BoomerangFlowerMK8 Boomerang Flower Allows Mario to throw boomerangs that come back to him.
SMG2 Cloudflower Cloud Flower Allows Mario to reach higher areas with cloud platforms and walk on clouds
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flower Allows Mario to shoot fireballs from his palms and light up torches.
Superboots Goomba's Shoe Allows Mario to constantly hop and be invincible to spiky enemies.
IceFlower LTL Ice Flower Allows Mario to shoot ice from his palms, freezing enemies.
Lifemushroom Life Mushroom Turns Mario's life meter to six instead of three.
Luigi mushroom Luigi Mushroom Turns Mario big and skinny with the added features of Luigi. If Luigi collects it, all it does is add points.
MegaMushroomSM3DW Mega Mushroom Turns Mario huge, allowing him to kill enemies in one hit along with destroying blocks and pipes.
MiniMushroom LTL Mini Mushroom Turns Mario miniature, allowing him to fit in small spaces and jump twice as high, the downside being that it does no damage when jumping on enemies normally and you die in one hit.
Papermushroom Paper Mushroom Turns Mario into paper, allowing him to slip behind enemies and go through cracks in walls.
MagentababyyoshiNSMBU Pink Baby Yoshi Allows Mario to fly in the air as a balloon if mario is holding onto it.
528px-Propeller Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Allows mario to propell into the air.
RockMushroomSME Rock Mushroom Turns Mario into a rock to spin around and crush enemies.
Acorn Mushroom Super Acorn Allows Mario to glide and cling onto walls.
CatBell Super Bell Allows Mario to climb walls and swipe at enemies.
SuperLeafSM3DW Super Leaf Allows Mario to glide and attack with his tail.
SuperMushroomSM3DW Super Mushroom Turns Mario Big, with the added effect of giving Mario the ability to break brick blocks.


Picture Character Name Description
Peewee piranha Peewee Piranha Peewee Piranha is the First Sub-boss of Mushroom Universe and the boss of Piranha Plains Galaxy. The way you defeat him is by hitting him in the behind six times.
DinoPiranha-0 Dino Piranha Dino Piranha is the replacement for Peewee Piranha and the Boss of Piranha Plains Galaxy on prankster comets. The way to defeating him is by hitting the coconut on his tail.
MPWii U Goomboss Goomboss Goomboss is the first boss of Mushroom Universe. The way you defeat him is by punching his own goombas into him.
ReznoR Reznor Reznor is the 5th sub-boss and the boss of Golden Courtyard Galaxy. Reznor can only be defeated by hitting the blocks under them.
RoyKoopaSSB4 Roy Koopa Roy is the second boss of Mushroom Universe. He attacks by shooting Bullet Bills out of his machine. He also attacks by throwing a ball and chain around the area.

Shop Runners and NPCs

Picture Character Name Description
Luma Young Master Luma Luma is the Luma sitting in Mario's hat. He gives mario the ability to spin attack and follows Mario on both the Starship Mario and the Comet Observatory.
Captain Toadette Toadette Toadette is the navigator of Starship Mario. She gives hints about future levels to you if you talk to her, and sometimes even gives you one ups.
Lumacomete Lumacomète Lumacomète is the single luma on the Comet Observatory that offers Prankster Comets. To make Prankster Comets, one must feed Lumacomète enough star bits.
129px-Whittle NSM64W Whittle Whittle is the character who runs the shops of all galaxies in Mushroom Universe. He can not speak english very well, so he has a translating machine made of wood speak for him. He also appears on Starship Mario after you get every single star in Mushroom Universe.