WORLD 1 - Mushroom Hills

Super Leaf Hills 

The Level Is Made Out Of Up and Down Grass Hills, With ? Blocks Scattered Around.

Near The End Of The Level, You Find Star Coin 1 at the Back Of A Hill, Right After If You Fall Off The Front Of The Main Big Hill, You Will Land In A Area With A Pipe, go through it to find Star Coin 2, behind the goal pole, if you fall off the back of the hill the goal pole is, you find Star Coin 3, then go and get the goal.

ITEMS: Mushroom, Leaf Flower And Rainbow Star                                                                                                                   ENEMIES: Goomba's, Koppa Troppa's, Mega Goomba's, Evil Pipe's, Bowser Minion 01

Cavern Of The Frogs


Mountainside Treetops

Riverside Cave

The Tower Of Chains

BOSS: Boom Boom

Underwater Seaside

Big Bertha Rises Again

Mushroom Mountains

Lemmy's Terrifying Tower!

BOSS: Lemmy

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