"They're Back!"



Super Mario 3D World II Is a Nintendo XTREME Game Which Will Release On January 24, 2017

It Has 6 Playable Characters, 3 Are Unlockable

It Has 8 Worlds, and 4 Secret Worlds, so there's 12 worlds in total


The Game Starts Off With MailToad Walking Along the path to the mushroom castle, when he see's Mario, Luigi And Toad Running down the path suddenly Bowser Appears and throws them away, but then, Bowser trapped the hole Mushroom kingdom is DARKNESS!! Mario, Luigi And Toad Have to Travel through 7 different worlds to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom, and save it!!


You Can Use Amiibo 2.0 in this game, It will give you more lives and unlock secret levels!!









HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat World 3-4 - Tower Of Doom - CAN FLOAT


HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat 8-12 - Bowser's Castle - CAN USE HER DRESS TO ATTACK


HOW TO UNLOCK: Only Can Play Why Playing One Of The 16 Captain Toad Levels - Can't Jump


  • Cat Bell
  • Super Mushroom
  • 1-up Mushroom
  • Super Ice - Turns the Player into Ice Mario/Ice Luigi/ect..
  • Flower Of Darkness - Turns the player Into Dark Mario/Dark Luigi/ect...
  • Flower Of Light - Turns the player into Light Mario/Light Luigi/ect...
  • Fire Flower
  • Leaf Flower - Turns the player into Leaf Mario/Leaf Luigi/ect...
  • Rainbow Star - Makes the player Invincible/More Powerful than ever!!
  • Star Coins - Gives you a free mushroom (if small mario) or a fire flower (If Big Mario)
  • Propeller Mario
  • Captain Ball - Makes Captain Toad Able to jump for 3 minutes
  • Penguin Suit
  • Acorn Suit
  • Racoon Mario
  • Frog Suit


WORLD 1 - Mushroom Hills -☀

1-1: Super Leaf Hills!

1-2: Cavern Of The Frogs

1-ENEMIE FIGHT: Goomba Rampage!

1-3: Mountainside Treetops

1-4: Riverside Cave

1-5: The Tower Of Chains!

1-6: Underwater Seaside

1-7: Big Bertha Rises Again!

1-8: Mushroom Mountains

1-9: Lemmy's Terrifying Castle!

WORLD 2 - The Island

2-1: Welcome to the Island!

2-2: Big Bertha Rises Once More

2-3: King Boo's Haunted Ghost Mansion!

2-4: Airship Climb!!

2-5: Pom Pom's Tower!!

2-6: Sand Valley

2-ENEMIE FIGHT: Hammer Bros Corner!!

2-7: Hills Of Joy!

2-8: QuickSand Hills

2-9: Roy's Mountain Base!!

2-10: Airship Trouble!


3-1: Cave Of Lava!!

3-2: Operation: Explore The Caves!

3-3: Operation: Save Toadette!

3-4: Operation: Beat Boom Boom

3-5: Operation: Mountain Cave!

3-6: Rising Airships

3-7: Bowsers Big Bad Castle!!

3-8: Attack From Iggy Koppa!

3-9: Rising OUR Airships!

3-10: Operation: Take Down Bowsers Airships!

3-11: Darkness Caves

3-12: Iggy's Castle!!

WORLD 4 - Airship Attack!!

4-1: Airships Down!

4-2: Chocolate Mountain

4-3: Airships - On The Go!!!

4-4 Boom Boom's Back!!

4-ENEMIE ATTACK: Airship Troopa's!

4-5: Castle Of WART!!

4-6: Airships Back Up Rising...

4-7: Bowser Jr Battle!!

4-8: Wendy's Ring Castle

WORLD 5 - Lava Valley..!!

5-1: Lava Notes

5-2: Cave Of The Unknown

5-3: King Boo's Lava Ghost Mansion!!

5-4: Lava Caverns

5-5: King Boo's Great Battle!!

5-6 Pom Pom's Back!!

5-7: Circus LA-VA

5-8: Lava Mountain's

5-9: Lava Valley

5-10: Larry's Electric Mansion!

5-11: King Boo's Revenge!!

WORLD 6 - High Above The Kingdom

6-1: Airship Rising, Rising Up!

6-2: Cloud Plains

6-3: Falling Down, Rising Back Up!!

6-4: Pom Pom, To The Battlefield!!

6-5: Bowser Jr's Revenge

6-6: Cloud Mountains

6-7: Cloud Through Pipes, Pipe Through Clouds!

6-8: Weird Cloud Shapes

6-9: Morton's Cloud Base!!

WORLD 7 - Path To Darkness

7-1: King Boo's Final Battle!

7-2: Crossover Crisis!

7-3: Mountain Till Night

7-4: Darkness Rises

7-5: Galaxy Leaving

7-6: Dimension Journey!

7-7: Returning to the Kingdom

7-8: Bowser Jr's Final Battle!!

7-9: Darkness Path

7-10: Journey To Dreamland?

7-11: Is This...Hyrule?

7-12: Finding the FINAL AIRSHIP!!

7-13: Darkness Is Near!!

7-14: Darkness Is Here!!

7-15: Darkness Galaxy

7-16: Ludwig's Magic Castle OF DARKNESS!!!!!

WORLD 8 - The Evil Mushroom Kingdom

8-1: The Great Revenge Of King Boo!!

8-2: The Final Ghost Mansion!

8-3: Lava Airship!

8-4: Darkness Hall!

8-5: Bowser Jr's Final Revenge!

8-6: Bowsers Back, Baby!

8-7: Kamek's Evil Spell!

8-8: Going Paper!

8-9: Lava Castle

8-10: The True Final Battle!!!!!

Evil Toad Chase!!

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