Super Mario 3D World is on the 3DS


Mario, Luigi,Yoshi, and Peach were having a tea party!! (yay!) But then, out of nowhere Bowser (for the millionth time) stole Peach. Mario and Luigi were getting tired of saving her, but they realized they had to! Let's a go!!

DK's Jungle Ruins Painting

DK's Jungle Ruins Painting

Level 1 - DK's Jungle Ruins

Star 1 - The Top of The Ruins

Star 2 - Climbing The Treetops

Star 3 - Up the Gilded Wii Remote

Star 4 - Save Baby Mario!!!

not as creepy Peach's Haunted Birthday Cake Painting

Level 2- Peach's Haunted Birthday Cake

Star 1 - Blow Out the Candles

Star 2 - Hope your Hungry!

Star 3 - Peach's Present
Magma Mine Painting

Magma Mine Painting

Level 3 - Magma Mine

Star 1 - Climb the Crystals

Star 2 - Find Wario!!

Star 3 - Under the Lava
TOADS road painting

Toad's Road Painting

Level 4 - Toad's Road

Star 1 - Run over 50 Mindcontrolled Toads

Star 2 - Race Luigi!

Star 3 - Hot Roderick's Road Rage

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