Super Mario 3D Warp-in-Time is a third fanon installment of the Super Mario 3D (something) series for the Wii U.


Somewhere in 1985, Bowser is plotting to kidnap Princess Peach, but an evil time wizard shows up and hypnotizes Bowser to not kidnap Peach, be friends with the Mario bros., and not be a bad guy. After this, the evil time wizard says that the Super Mario franchise will no longer exist.

Years later, the whole franchise is starting to vanish, and Mario, Luigi, Peach, and even Toad must go back in time, stop the evil time wizard, and make Bowser evil again before it's too late!


World 1: Present Day (The Vanishing Kingdom)

  • World 1-1: Everything's Gonna Start Vanishing!
  • World 1-2: Where's the Castle?
  • World 1-3: The Koopa-Troop Gone Good
  • World 1-4: Bowser, Why Are You So Friendly Now?
  • World 1-5: Found the Culprit!
  • World 1-BOSS: An Time Wizard Showdown

World 2: 2013 (Back to the Sprixie Kingdom)

  • World 2-1: Super Bell Chaos
  • World 2-2: Sprixie Trap
  • World 2-3: Double of Us, and Triple of Us Too?
  • World 2-4: Shadow Acts: Act 1
  • World 2-5: Amusement Park Abuse
  • World 2-BOSS: Motley Bossblob's Rampage

World 3: 2011 (3D Land Scam)


World 4: 2007 (Galaxy Blast)


World 5: 1996 (Back in 64 Bits)


World 6: 1991 (The Dinosaur Land)


World 7: 1990 (7 Worlds, 7 Kings, 7 Reptile Problems)


World 8: 1989 (Portable Power)


World 9: 1988 (Lost in Subcon)


World 10: 1985 (Time to Set Things Right!)



  • In Japan, the order of some of the worlds are switched (Ex.: World 6 has the year 1991 changed to 1990 and was the seventh world in Japan).

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