Super Mario 3D Wacky Worlds
Developer(s) Dreams Inc., Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros.
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Successor  ?
Super Mario 3D Wacky Worlds is a 3D Mario game similar to Super Mario 3D World released for the Wii U on August 11th, 2018, and it has been known to be quite wacky and takes a lot of inspiration from New Super Mario Bros: The Underground.


The game starts off with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad sitting in a concert listening to a band of Toads playing a rendition of the Super Mario 3D World theme song, after a bit of that it cuts to a realm known as the "Realm of Noise" where all of the sound is managed by "Wart", a giant frog known as the "King of Sound" who protects the noise and sends it to the real world via "Musical Pipes", however, one day Wart suddenly decides to rebel and materialize himself in the real world, draining it of all sound by containing music notes in soundproof bubbles called "Silence Bubbles".

Mario tries to fight him and finds out that he can contain music in Silence Bubbles because of his scepter, known as the "Noiscepter", which manages all of the noise in the world, so he breaks the scepter in half, releasing the "Grand Note" which splits into many smaller notes which are spread across the Realm of Noise. Mario and his gang must find all of the pieces of the Grand Note and fill the Realm of Noise with sound to bring back noise on the real world before Wart finds the pieces himself and rebuilds his Noiscepter.

After beating World 4, the gang faces off against Wart, but after beating him and making him burp a bubble containing a fly, he seems to forget everything bad he's done, and around that time the fly bursts the bubble he was trapped in and suddenly grows really big before revealing himself as "Watinga", a giant fly who hates sound and fought with Wart to get rid of it, but Wart sealed him inside a bubble and then contained him in his stomach, but Watinga eventually learned how to control Wart from the inside and used him to get rid of sound. Now Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad must chase down Watinga before he gets the last pieces needed to rebuild the Noiscepter.

After beating half of World 7, you fight against Watinga and finally destroys him, revealing that he was a robot all along made by Professor E. Gadd, who turns out to be evil and wants to contain all of the noise in the world so he can power up a special device to control ghosts and make an army, and in World 8 you must go through the mechanical fortress he built in Wart's Castle.

After beating World 8 and getting to the center of E. Gadd's Mechanical Fortress, you face off against him as he uses a giant machine, but after a long fight his machine is destroyed and E. Gadd is knocked out, when he wakes up he has no clue of what is going on, revealing that he was just a puppet being controlled by King Boo! But not the King Boo from Luigi's Mansion, but rather the King Boo from Super Mario Sunshine! who wants to become famous again after being overshadowed by his much more famous half cousin, who's King Boo from Luigi's Mansion, he steals the last piece of the Noiscepter and the other pieces the player collected and becomes "Atomic King Boo" who's much bigger and more powerful, but he's defeated and he reveals in shame that he's not actually a king (a reference to the fact that his King Boo name is actually a localization error) as he drops the Noiscepter, Wart picks it up and vanquishes "Boss Boo" into the "Land of Shame" before the whole Mario gang and Wart have a party at Wart's Castle with the whole Mushroom Kingdom to make up for his mistakes.

If you beat the secret World 9 you find out that Boss Boo was in fact just another puppet controlled by the real mastermind: Culex from Super Mario RPG, who you fight as the secret superboss of the game.


The game plays similarly to Super Mario 3D World but every stage is a little more open, as instead of getting to the goal right away, you must find all 3 Grand Note pieces scattered in each level.

Each character has their own special abilities which other characters can't perform, and these abilities can be used to access new areas or just make completing the mission easier. 

You start with 4 characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, but as the game goes on you can unlock special hidden characters which have their own unique abilities, such as Bowser who can breathe fire to burn enemies.

The game also has RPG elements, each character has their own HP, Jump, Speed and Attack Power, but they can be upgraded by defeating a lot of enemies and getting Frog Coins (which return from Super Mario RPG) which act as experience and can be traded in with Frogfucius to raise specific stats, but as you upgrade your stats more and more the amount of Frog Coins required to upgrade rises as well.

Every character has a "Power Squat Jump", which return from Super Mario Bros. 2 USA and work exactly like in there, if you crouch for a certain amount of time your character will start charging up a very high jump, some Power Squat Jumps like Toad's charge faster than others', like Luigi for example who's Power Squat Jump takes more time to charge.

Each World has a special "Super Shops", unlike Toad Houses in which you play minigames to get Power-Ups and can only be used once before having to wait for it to open again, Super Shops can be visited at any time and have you buying Power-Ups using Coins.

The game has a total of 10 Worlds in its main Story Mode, the first 8 are the standard Worlds, the ninth "World" is "Star Road", which has 5 different stages, each one being unlocked by finding the 4 hidden "Warp Flutes", which are found in World 3, World 5, World 6 and World 8, each one unlocking a separate stage and the fifth one being unlocked once the other 4 are completed.

In order to unlock the tenth World, "World 9", you must have collected every single Dragon Coin in the game up to that point, including the ones found in Star Road.

Dragon Coins

Dragon Coins, bigger oval-shaped coins with Yoshi's face on them, return from Super Mario World and are found in Story Mode, where they act like Star Coins, Star Medals and Green Stars from Super Mario 3D World in that there's 3 hidden in each level and act as extra collectibles the player can get, all of the Star Coins in the game before World 9 are needed in order to unlock World 9.

In World 9, Dragon Coins are replaced by "Crown Coins", which have white crowns instead of Yoshi's face on them, however, these still count towards your Dragon Coin collection.

Obtaining all Dragon Coins in Story Mode awards you a Star in your savefile.


Yoshi return once again! Each color has their own special technique which can be used to the player's advantage, one can either find Yoshis in a stage or pay Farmer Helbrown Deviling for a Yoshi. Baby Yoshi also return and act like they did in Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U, they have their own special abilities but they aren't as powerful as their grown-up abilities, and if they're fed enough they become grown-up Yoshi.


Every Power-Up in the game has "Zeus Form", which is way more powerful than the standard form but are much more rare and the Zeus ability wears off after beating a stage with it (unless it's saved on the Extra Item Slot), there are 3 ways to get a Zeus-Up: First there's the 1/850 chance that a Power-Up spawned by a block may be a Zeus-Up instead, second it may be seld at Ninjeep's Shop but rarely, and when it does it's usually at a really high price and goes away if it's not bought for some time, the third way of getting a Zeus-Up is by paying "Zee the Electro-Koopa" in World 6.

Assist Mode

Assist Mode is a mode which requires the use of the Gamepad, in this mode the player must get to the goal of a stage, however, to do so he needs the assistance of the Gamepad, a player can either play as a character and control the Gamepad or a separate player can control the Gamepad, meaning this mode can be played by 5 people.

In this mode there are 3 Worlds different from the Story Mode Worlds and stages are slightly more linear yet puzzle-based and contain obstacles which require the use of the Gamepad, like helicopter blocks that require the player blowing into the mic for them to float, gates that require the player to touch switches with the stylus, etc.

In this mode Dragon Coins are replaced with "Ace Coins", there's one hidden in each stage which can be obtained by finding a "Magic Door" hidden in the stage and entering it, which takes you to a short and small challenge, if you complete it you get the Ace Coin.

Obtaining all of the Ace Coins awards you a Star in your savefile.

Coin Challenge

Coin Challenge is a mode playable only in Multiplayer, in this mode players pick one of 6 Worlds and go inside, then they roll a dice and whoever gets the higest number goes first, and basically players take turns picking linear stages where they must get to the goal, their objective is to win the stage with the highest amount of Coins, with points awarded by beating enemies, winning faster, etc. If players don't make it to the end because they die or they run out of time, they will not be able to cash in the coins they obtained and the next time it's their turn they will restart from the last checkpoint they hit with half of the coins they obtained.

If someone wins a stage and you go through it and you lose, half of the amount of Coins you obtained before losing will go to him, however, if you win you get double the Coins you obtained and you claim the stage as your's.

Once a certain amount of Turns have passed, all players will be sent to the previously locked Castle of that stage at once where they'll race to get Coins in the same stage, whoever finishes first gets a special bonus. Once the castle is beaten or all of the players lose all of their lives, the game ends and the player with the most Coins wins.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description Special Ability How to Unlock
NSM Mario Mario Oh come on, we all know Mario! Our hero is back and he's ready to roll! In terms of abilities and stats he's the most balanced character in the game.
  • Spin Jump: Mario performs a jump while spinning, deflecting attacks, can be used in mid-air to get more air time.
LuigiSSBVFull Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother who lives under his shadow, Luigi is nervous and can be scared easily but he can muster up the courage to save the world when he really wants to! Luigi is way faster than Mario but he has less traction, which means he slides a lot more.
  • Flutter Jump: Luigi can shake his feet once he's mid-air to rise up slightly and get to higher grounds.
Peach (Super Mario 3D World) Princess Peach Peach is usually the damsel-in-distress, but since Bowser is nowhere to be seen, she finally can get a chance to help out Mario! Peach is the slowest starting character but she can use her dress to float mid-air and get more air time.
  • Chargebrella: Peach uses her umbrella to charge forwards, stunning enemies and breaking blocks.
BlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad returns! He once helped the Mario Bros. on their quest through the Sprixie Kingdom and Subcon, and now he's back to help them out on saving the Realm of Noise! Toad is the fastest starting character but his jump is the lowest.
  • Wall-Running: If Toad runs fast enough he can run up walls for a bit, allowing you to get to higher ground easily.
BowserSmoosh Bowser Oh boy! Where were you all this time? Well that doesn't matter because Bowser's now here to smash all of those baddies! He's the only one who's gonna conquer the Mushroom Kingdom! Bowser jumps high but is extremely slow.
  • Fire Breath: Bowser breathes fire forwards, scorching enemies and blocks, only works if you're standing still. 
Beat the first 8 Worlds.
364px-Kamek-212x283 Kamek King Bowser's trusty right-hand man is here! Kamek can use his magic wand to hit enemies and make them help him, but this only works with weaker enemies such as Goombas and Koopas, etc., and on his own, Kamek is one of the weakest characters in the game.
  • Broom: Apart from her Magic Wand ability Kamek also has a broom which he can use to glide and get more air time.
Beat World 6's Castle stage with Bowser without losing a life.
DonkeyKongTF Donkey Kong DK! Donkey Kong! DK's finally back into the mainstream Mario series to kick some tail! He can roll around to take out enemies as well as do a handslap move to take out enemies near him!
  • Barrels: DK can trap weaker enemies like Goombas and Koopas into barrels, which he can then throw to hurt other enemies or jump on-top of them to reach higher ground, sometimes the game spawns barrels automatically in certain spots where they're needed to proceed.
In World 8-1, grab one of the barrels thrown by the Bink enemies and drag it to the end of the stage to unlock DK.
MKXL Birdo Birdo Birdo! We haven't seen you in a main Mario game for a looooong time! About time, eh? Birdo is average in terms of speed and jump but probably has the lowest HP status.
  • Egg Shot: Birdo can fire an egg that travels directly forwards for a bit before falling down on the ground, where she can pick it up again and throw it like a normal object, this move can be used to damage enemies but it's a bit slow.
Beat World 4-3 as any of the 4 starting characters with a Yoshi without losing a life.


Image Name Description Function
100px-Whacka PMTTYD Whacka This little Whacka is the leader of a Whacka gang who likes to challenge anyone who steps into his territory! But in truth he's a noble guy and he rewards those who defeat him. Ocasionally appears in the Overworld and challenges you to "Wack-a-Whacka", a minigame in which you must hit the Whackas as they pop up from the ground and must reach a certain score before time runs out, if you win you get a free Power-Up.
Zario 3D World Zario Welcome to the new age, my friend, because this man is radioactive! Mario from an alternate dimension with radioactive powers, he's now stuck on Realm of Noise! Whenever you defeat enemies, there's a rare chance they'll drop Uranium Coins, if you pay him 15 coins (for each Uranium Coin), he can absorb the radioactiveness of the coin and turn it into a Great Frog Coin, which is worth 10 Frog Coins, found in World 2.
PMSQNinji Ninjeep the Ninji Ninjeep is a shy Ninji who was fired from Bowser's army for being too cowardly so he decided to open his own shop, which was accidentally sucked in by a portal into the Realm of Noise! Shopkeeper found in all Worlds who sells Items.
GreenToad Benjamin the Green Toad  Benjamin is a special shopkeeper who's willing to sell 1-Up Shrooms and even 3-Up Moons! However, if you really want those lives, you better have a lot of money, because Benjamin won't give you them unless you pay up! Shopkeper found in Star Road, he's different from Ninjeep in the fact that he only sells 1-Up Mushrooms and even 3-Up Moons (you can only buy 3 before they run out of stock however), however his prices are way higher than Ninjeep's prices and the more you buy the bigger the price gets.
Farmer HelBrown Farmer Helbrown Deviling This weird-looking farmer demon is actually the son of Devili D. Koopa, Bowser's brother from another dimension, Farmer decided to give up on evil and started his own Yoshi farm until it was accidentally sucked in by a portal into the Realm of Noise. "Shopkeeper" found in World 2, you can pay him to get Yoshis which you can bring into any level you like, if you don't have the time to play a stage, grab a Yoshi from there and beat it with that Yoshi, however you can only buy types of Yoshi you've encountered so far (Ex. you can't buy Purple Yoshis until you find them in World 4).
BetterFrogfucius Frogfucius Frogfucius is a wise and sagacious frog who lives in Tadpole Pond, but now he's in the Realm of Noise for mysterious reasons, where he can use the power of Frog Coins to power up Mario and his gang.  Found in World 1, you can trade in Frog Coins you obtain from beating enemies to increase your stats, but the more powerful you get the more Frog Coins you need.
MIPSSME MIPS the Rabbit A mischeavous rabbit who used to live in the basement of Peach's Castle until one day he wanted to follow Mario and see his adventures but accidentally got sucked in into the Realm fo Noise, however the Power Star he was holding reacted strangely to the Realm of Noise and now allows him to teleport other people from the Mushroom Kingdom and other universes, but since he has a grudge against Mario for taking his Power Star in a rude manner in Super Mario 64, you'll have to meet certain requirements if you're looking for help. "Shopkeeper" found in World 3, once you meet certain requirements to unlock a secret character, you'll obtain a "MIPS Coupon", then you have to go to MIPS' Store and claim your character, however there are a few characters, 3 specifically, that you have to buy from him.
Electro-Koopa Zee the Electro-Koopa Zee is an Electro-Koopa who was kidnapped by Wart's army due to his special power to enchant Power-Ups, but he managed to escape and now he lives peacefully in World 6, willing to enchant Power-Ups for the heroes who get to that point, but not everything is free, is it? And this little dude just wants Uranium Coins. "Shopkeeper" found in World 6, if you bring a Power-Up to him (be it one that you already have or on in your Extra Item Slot), you can pay him Uranium Coins for him to enchant your Power-Up and turn it into a Zeus-Up.


Image Name Arena Pattern How to Defeat Found In
619px-WigglerDS Wiggler A grassy field with a few rocks scattered throughout Wiggler will start the battle by stretching itself while his legs are still while tracking you, jumping over any obstacle in the way until it stretches far enough, where it will go back to its starting position where it will jump up and down, creating shockwaves before rolling itself up into a ball and jumping in the air to body slam Mario, after which they will bounce back to their starting position and repeat the pattern. Once Wiggler starts stretching itself, you must make it jump over itself 2 times so he gets tangled up and falls on himself, then you must Ground Pound the bottom part of his head, repeat this 3 times and you win! World 1-4 (Sub-Boss)
RobirdoBirdo Robirdo & Birdo A large gray platform on-top of a plain grassy field. The battle starts with Birdo running around the arena and firing eggs from her mouth, but after jumping on her head once, she seemingly falls unconscious and drops the key to unlock the next World, however suddenly Robirdo falls from the sky, controlled by Birdo using a controller, and takes the key before Birdo jumps on-top of Robirdo's head to keep controlling her, Robirdo can fire egg missiles that track you: Ice eggs explode into an ice crystal that can trap you, fire eggs that explode into a pillar of fire, she can ram you, fire homing rings that can trap you in place if they hit you, fire a barrage of normal smaller eggs in a specific direction and when she enters "Pinch Mode" she gets the ability to fire electric egg missiles that explode into blasts of electricity as well as try to grab you by stretching her claws. Birdo is defeated in one hit at the start by jumping on her head, but once she gets on-top of Robirdo, what you must do is make her fire an ice egg missile to create an ice crystal, then you must make the fire egg explode near the ice crystal to make it melt into a water pond and then you have to make it go through the water pond so that Robirdo can slip and fall, leaving Birdo on the ground, she'll try to fire eggs until Robirdo gets back up again but she's much easier in this form, allowing you to jump on her head, repeat this two times and the boss will enter "Pinch Mode", a mode that boss go into if they're on their last life where they're much tougher, and will detach from the wheels and start flying, you must try to make the electric egg missile follow you around and explode close to Robirdo, disabling it and making it fall to the ground, then as a last resort Birdo will start spinning around like a tornado and fire eggs like crazy, just wait until she stops and stomp on her head one last time to win. World 1-8 (Boss)
Fryguy A plain underground arena (below a pyramid) with pipes going all around the walls with 4 valves, two on each of the side walls. Fryguy will spawn a small army of Podoboos that will follow him around and he will dash around the stage trying to run into the players, ocasionally stopping and shooting a spreadshot of fire balls and letting his army of Podoboos run around the arena for a while before returning to follow him, once he enters Pinch Mode by taking his health down to half he'll gain a bigger army of Podoboos and dash across the arena faster, ocasionally stopping in the center of the arena and lining up his Podoboos and spinning around to make the lines of Podoboos hit players, he'll also get the ability to breathe fire into the ceiling to make it fall into the arena in the form of fireballs. In order to defeat Fryguy you must align yourself correctly so the fireball spreadshot hits one of the valves, then once the valve is burned, you must lure Fryguy closer to it and jump on-top of the valve to make it break and shoot out a stream of water at him, making him become a much smaller fireball, once he's in this form he'll try to run away until he becomes big again, but you must chase after him and Ground Pound him to put him out for a bit before the ashes turn back into Fryguy, repeat this process with every valve, meaning 4 times, in order to defeat him, however note that while Fryguy is running around, his army of Podoboos will go mad and run around the arena trying to hit you, which is why it's recommended to Ground Pound them to put them out before trying to lure Fryguy into the valves. World 2-4 (SubBoss)


World 1 - Plain Plains

A generic first world, filled with green grasses and simple stages containing weaker enemies such as Goombas and Koopas, however later on the stages become slightly harder as the World shifts to a slightly more mountainous area, which require riding on magic carpets and bouncing on-top of Beezos to collect some of the Grand Note pieces.

The Fort Stage (halfway point) retains the mountainous feel and gives us a more grassy fort where you must find all of the Grand Note pieces in order to fight the Sub-Boss of World 1: Wiggler. Once you knock out Wiggler, he'll spit out a strange purplish berry with a dark aura around it, and when he wakes up he seems to forget his battle with the player completely, the gang decides to take the weird-looking berry with them just in case and send him with Frogfucius so he can be healed up.

The Tower Stage (final stage) introduces the concept of using Keys to unlock doors and Phanto Masks following you around when you pick said Keys up, however once you collect all of the Grand Note pieces you get to fight the boss of the World: Robirdo & Birdo.

Once you defeat Robirdo & Birdo, Birdo is knocked to the ground and coughs up a berry that looks exactly like the one Wiggler spat out, and Birdo says that "it looks like the berry she ate before she passed out", she then eats the berry again and goes mad, laughing evilly and trying to hit the player with an egg, but the player character moves out of the way just in time and the egg hits Robirdo, deflecting itself and hitting Birdo back, making her spit out the berry, after which she forgets what she just did. The gang then deduces that the berries must've been cursed by Wart so he could brainwash whoever ate them, the gang decides to continue and sends Birdo with Frogfucius along with Wiggler so she can rest up from the battle.

World 2 - Blazing Desert

A wide burning desert filled with flames and sand dunes as far as the eye can see, with small monuments and pyramids throughout the way, the stages usually feature fire enemies such as Podoboos and in pyramid stages, "Mumees", which are mummy copies of your character that copy your every move.

The Fort Stage is a pyramid maze where you're objective is to collect all Grand Note pieces hidden in the maze while avoiding a group of Mumees chasing you around until you fight the Sub-Boss of the World: Fryguy, who returns from Super Mario Bros. 2, after defeating him, he vanquishes and the pyramid maze falls down as the player sees King Tut run away, prompting the gang to chase after him.

The Tower Stage involves you going into some underground ruins filled to the brim with fire traps such as totems that spit out fire, red tiles in the floor that shoot out fire, trapdoors that release Podoboos, and pistons that try to push you into lava, but if you collect all of the Grand Note pieces, you'll get to fight the boss of World 2: King Tut. After defeating King Tut, he'll be sucked into the wall and be transformed into a mural painting, after that the gang continue on their quest to stop Wart.


  • The name comes from the cancelled sequel to Super Mario World that was originally going to be released for the CD-I, "Super Mario Wacky Worlds".