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Super Mario 3D Utopia is a 3D platformer action game for the MegaToon WaveSystem.


The game's world map has three continents, each of them consisting of 6 worlds. Like Super Mario 3D World, the map here can be freely roamed with full control of the characters, except with a limited jump.

Continent 1: The Mushroom Kingdom

  1. World 1: Shroom Plains
  2. World 2: Fruit Forest
  3. World 3: Koopa Beach
  4. World 4: Cactus Sands
  5. World 5: Jungle Hijinx
  6. World 6: Hilltop Mountain

Continent 2: Creation Island

  1. World 7: Flower Temple
  2. World 8: Sherbet Land
  3. World 9: Cloudy Island
  4. World 10: Metallic Maze
  5. World 11: NES Retro Days
  6. World 12: The Starry UFO Surface

Continent 3: The Doomed Koopa Kingdom

  1. World 13: Onyx Caverns
  2. World 14: Turtle City
  3. World 15: Haunted Trails
  4. World 16: Hotfoot Road
  5. World 17: Apocalyptic Kingdom
  6. World 18: Unnamed main bad guy's airship world



Transformations (W.I.P.)



Enemies (W.I.P.)

Bosses (W.I.P.)

Fortress Bosses/Mid-Bosses 1

Castle Bosses/Mid-Bosses 2

Main Bosses


Power-Ups (W.I.P.)





Support Items


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