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Super Mario 3D Universe
Developer(s) Omega Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Omega X
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA March 29, 2015

25px-Flag of Japan April 1, 2015
25px-Flag of Europe April 1, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia April 4, 2015

Single Player

Level Maker

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platformer/Remake
Media Included Omega X Card

Super Mario 3D Universe (スーパーマリオ:サンドボックスの世界(Super Mario: Sandbox World) in Japan) is a sequel to both Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Bros. 3 II. It is a remake of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and it is in a 3D perspective, allowing the player to move in all 8 directions.


One day, Mario received a letter from Princess Peach to invite him to a picnic. After Mario arrived, however, she didn't even show up. Then, a Toad was calling him and said that Peach has been kidnapped. After that, Mario went to save Peach.

After Peach is saved, that same Toad from before said that Daisy has been kidnapped. With the help of Peach and Luigi, Mario went to save Daisy.

After Daisy has been saved, Mario, Peach, and Luigi received a threatening message from Bowser saying that Rosalina is in his dungeon. Mario, Luigi, and Peach then went to save Rosalina.

After Mario, Luigi, and Peach saved Rosalina, they received no message that anyone has been kidnapped. Afterward, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina all had their picnic.

Worlds and Their Levels

World 1

This is the very first world. This is also the easiest world.


  • World 1-1: Goomba Path
  • World 1-2: Mushroom Cave
  • World 1-3: Shallow Cliff
  • World 1-4: Firebar Castle

World 2

This world features the first underwater level in the game.


  • World 2-1: Oak Wood
  • World 2-2: Cheep Cheep Lake
  • World 2-3: Mushroom Bridge Run
  • World 2-4: Poodoboo Castle

World 3

This world takes place at night. It's snowing, too.


  • World 3-1: Stargazing Plains
  • World 3-2: Night Wood
  • World 3-3: Sunset Cliff
  • World 3-4: Dusk Castle

World 4

This world is almost the same as World 1.


  • World 4-1: Lakitu Plains
  • World 4-2: Dark Cave
  • World 4-3: Mushroom Cliff
  • World 4-4: Twisted Castle

World 5

Like World 3, this world is a snowy world.


  • World 5-1: Snowy Path
  • World 5-2: Icy Road
  • World 5-3: Ice Cliff
  • World 5-4: Tricky Castle

World 6

Like World 3, this world takes place at night.


  • World 6-1: Night Brick Road
  • World 6-2: Pipe Path
  • World 6-3: Bullet Bill Cliff
  • World 6-4: Fireball Castle

World 7

Like World 3, this world has snow. Unlike World 3, only one level has it.


  • World 7-1: Bullet Bill Path
  • World 7-2: Coral Reef
  • World 7-3: Long Bridge Run
  • World 7-4: Confusing Castle

World 8

This is the final normal world.


  • World 8-1: Candy Land
  • World 8-2: Chocolate Mountains
  • World 8-3: Bowser's Castle Gate
  • World 8-4: Bowser's Castle

Special 1

This is the first special world.


  • Special 1-1: Brown Brick Road
  • Special 1-2: Large Pit Cave
  • Special 1-3: Mirage Cliff
  • Special 1-4: Fireworks Castle

Special 2

This is the first special night world.


  • Special 2-1: Star Lake
  • Special 2-2: Koopa Path
  • Special 2-3: Broken Bridge Run
  • Special 2-4: Curvy Castle

Special 3

This is the first snowy special world.


  • Special 3-1: Winter Wonderland
  • Special 3-2: Frozen Lake
  • Special 3-3: Frozen Cliff
  • Special 3-4: Tiny Castle

Special 4


  • Special 4-1: Lakitu Escape
  • Special 4-2: Bullet Bill Boulevard
  • Special 4-3: Careful Cliff
  • Special 4-4: Timing Castle

Special 5

Like Special 3, this is a snowy world.


  • Special 5-1: Large Wall Way
  • Special 5-2: Piranha Plant Cave
  • Special 5-3: Endless Cliff
  • Special 5-4: Platforming Castle

Special 6


  • Special 6-1: Pipe Pandemonium
  • Special 6-2: Blue Sea
  • Special 6-3: Demolished Bridge Run
  • Special 6-4: Lava Maze Castle

Special 7

Like Special 2, this world takes place at night.


  • Special 7-1: Two-Way Path
  • Special 7-2: Endless Lake
  • Special 7-3: Trampoline Cliff
  • Special 7-4: Lava Pit Castle

Special 8

This world has one of the only levels in the clouds in the game.


  • Special 8-1: Hard Way 1
  • Special 8-2: Hard Way 2
  • Special 8-3: Bowser's Sky Castle Gate
  • Special 8-4: Bowser's Sky Castle

Special 9

This world is given to the player as a bonus world. The player is given only one life. If he/she loses a life, they have to start again from the beginning of the world.


  • Special 9-1: Victory Lake 1
  • Special 9-2: Victory Lake 2
  • Special 9-3: Final Battle
  • Special 9-4: Final Level

Special Mushroom

This world is given after the player has completed World 9.


  • Special Mushroom-1: Bonus Path
  • Special Mushroom-2: Pipe Cave
  • Special Mushroom-3: In the Clouds
  • Special Mushroom-4: Bonus Castle 1

Special Flower


  • Special Flower-1: Flower Hills
  • Special Flower-2: Firecracker Lake
  • Special Flower-3: Platforming Cliff
  • Special Flower-4: Bonus Castle 2

Special Star

Like World 7, this world has snow, but it's only in one level. This world also takes place at night.


  • Special Star-1: Pipe Down
  • Special Star-2: Hopping Cliff
  • Special Star-3: Spring Time!
  • Special Star-4: Bonus Castle 3

Special Crown

This is the final world in the game.


  • Special Crown-1: Harder Way
  • Special Crown-2: Hardest Way
  • Special Crown-3: Final Castle Gate
  • Special Crown-4: Final Castle

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