Super Mario 3D Universe is the 3rd addition to the Super Mario 3D trilogy,following the theme (land,world,universe) of the last two games. Though this time it has 12 regular worlds. It was announced awhile after Blizzard's new console came out and is set to come out Febuary,2016 .It also came in the Super Mario 3D Universe Bundle and the Super Mario 3D Universe Ultimate Bundle.


'Bowser is at it again,but he didn't steal Peach,or the Sprixies!He stole the ancient Crystal Mushroom!Who knows what he could do with it,so Mario and his friends must go on yet another crazy goomba stomping,pipe travelling,shell throwing adventure,in Super Mario 3D Universe!'


SM3DU can come individually,but it also comes in Bundles that include the Blizzard X.

Super Mario 3D Universe Deluxe Bundle

This bundle came with the Blizzard X,all the essentials for it,and a SM3DU game,it also came with a special controller with a SM3DU design.

Super Mario 3D Universe Ultimate Bundle

This bundle came with the Blizzard X,all the essentials,three amiibos,2 limited edition Golden Mario controllers,and a SM3DU game.The three amiibos that came with it were Crystal Mushroom amiibo,Mario amiibo.and Cat Suit Bowser Amiibo.The Blizzard X also had a special design.The design had Mario in a cat suit,Peach in a Tanooki suit,Luigi riding Yoshi,and Peach in her fire flower outfit,on the other side it had Bowser holding the Crystal Mushroom, Kamek, and Bowser Jr.

Playable Characters


Mario is the most balanced character,and is playable from the start.


Luigi jumps higher then most characters but takes longer to sprint and has low traction.


Peach runs slower then most characters,but Sprints sooner and hovers briefly after jumping.

Blue Toad

Toad runs quickly,but jumps the lowest and takes longer to sprint.

Rosalina (Unlockable)

Can use her signature spin attack that gives her an effective double jump. Also lets her defeat enemies and break blocks.Though this attack is disabled when other powerups are used.She has a high jump and sprints soonert,but is the slowest.She is unlocked by beating World Star.

Koopa the Quick (Unlockable)

Koopa the Quick is the newest character in the game,he sprints the soonest but jumps as low as Toad,instead of going small after being hit Koopa the Quick loses his shell,which makes him go even faster but adds even more traction.Koopa the Quick can be unlocked by beating all the Koopa levels,including the bonus ones.

Captain Toad (Occasionally)

Captain Toad sprints sooner,but cannot jump,though Captain Toad is only used in Toad levels.

Returning Powerups

  • Mini Mushroom
  • Lucky Bell
  • Double Cherry
  • Super Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Starman
  • Boomerang Flower
  • Mega Mushroom
  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • Super Leaf

New Powerups

Koopa Klown Car*

Koopa Clown Car is introduced as a power up,this is very bulky and takes 3 hits to take down,though gets slow and is harder to control after 2 hits.It only appears in certain levels and if equipped with the Tanooki suit can spin around and hit things with a metal tail.The Koopa Clown Car is introduced in World 2 after finding Bowser Jr.'s discarded Koopa Clown Car.

Molten Mushroom

Molten Mushroom allows the player to travel through Lava Pipes,Melt Iron Doors,and lunge hot magma at things,though the player will die instantly from water and you are slower.

Lightning Flower

Lightning Flower allows the player to shoot lightning that goes in a straight line until colliding with something,it also gives the player a light speed and jump boost.

Wheel Flower*

Wheel Flower turns the player into a kart,allowing them to zoom around and slam into enemies,though the Kart only lasts 2 hits,exploding after the 2nd hit.

  • means not transportable through levels


You can find Worlds here