Super Mario 3D U-niverse is the sequel to Super Mario 3D World. (the actual game coming in November,not this one) It is for the Wii U and was released in 2014.


Tatanga has recently joined Bowser. He has decided to kidnap Princess Daisy again. His plan works, and the Mario Bros. and company are off to save her. Meanwhile, the Koopalings are working on something called the Negaizer. What it does is it turns people into Negative versions of themselves, which are more powerful. Then, they test it out on a Purple Yoshi that they find. The Koopalings turn him negative, and then he gets hypnotised. The negative Yoshi joins Bowser and they call him Negoshi.  When the Mario Bros. get to Bowser's castle they battle Tatanga and then Bowser and Bowser Jr. After Bowser and his son get defeated, Kamek turns them negative. After that Mario and friends rescue Daisy.

Playable Characters

Mario-He is the only character with balanced stats. His jumps,speed,and power are all the same.

Luigi-He has higher jumps than Mario and he falls slower.

Wario-Wario is slow and jumps low but he has high power.

Waluigi-Waluigi is the opposite of Wario.

Blue Toad-Blue Toad has the highest jumps of any character in the game. He doesnt run very fast or is strong.

Yellow Toad-Yellow Toad is the fastest character in the game.He doesnt jump high and he isnt strong,though.

Princess Peach-Peach apparantly didn't get kidnapped this time. She can float using her parasol.

Flame Spike-He has high speed and is the only character who can use fire powers without a power up.

Spy Guy-Being a spy,Spy Guy has pretty good detective skills. He runs fast,and jumps high.

Geno-Geno can only be played as after every Star Coin has been collected. He jumps high and can use Geno Beam to defeat enemies.

Mallow-Mallow can only be played as by beating the game once. He has high jumps,can float,and is quite fast.


Goomba  Ground Pirahna Lakitu Fire Bro Blooper Mechakoopa Angry Sun

Paragoomba Pirahna Plant Buzzy Beetle Ice Bro Bob-Omb Paramecha Phanto

Spike Goomba Venus Fire Trap Buster Beetle Sledge Bro Parabomb Pokey Mr.I

Tanoomba Bullet Bill Spiny Curve Bro Podoboo Shy Guy Bully Sumo Bro

Koopa Troopa Banzai Bill Bony Beetle Boo Dry Bones Snifit Splunkin

Paratroopa Missle Bill Hammer Bro Pink Boo Wiggler Thwomp

Koopatrol Torpedo Ted Boomerang Bro Cheep Cheep Monty Mole Whomp


1-Enemy Course:Goomba

1-Tower: Boom Boom


2-Tower:Pom Pom

2-Enemy Course:Bob-Omb

2-Castle:King Bob-Omb

2-Airship:Bowser Jr.

3-Enemy Course:Boo

3-Tower:Boom Boom

3-Castle:King Boo

4-Enemy Course:Blooper

4-Tower:Pom Pom



5-Enemy Course:Wiggler

5-Tower:Boom Boom and Pom Pom

5-Castle:Petey Piranha

6-Enemy Course:Buzzy Beet;e

6-Tower:Boom Boom

6-Castle:King Kaliente

6-Airship:Bowser Jr.

7-Enemy Course:Hammer Bro.

7-Tower:Pom Pom


8-Enemy Course:Whomp

8-Tower:Boom Boom and Pom Pom


8-Castle-Bowser and Bowser Jr./Negabowser and Negajr

9-Enemy Course:Banzai Bill

9-Castle:Dry Bowser and Dry Bowser Jr.

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