An animal-themed Mario game with elements from Super Mario 3D World & New Super Mario Bros. U.


Mario is enjoying some peace in his house. When suddenly, a tan flower with a mane landed in front of him. Luigi comes across a gray mushroom with a horn on it. Toad finds a green mushroom with fangs. Wario with a gray mushroom with sharp teeth. Waluigi has found a green mushroom with a wider stem with lots of a sharp teeth. When the 5 try on their new items, they become a lion, rhinoceros, cobra, wolf, and crocodile respectively. Meanwhile Kamek gives Bowser a brown flower with claws instead of leaves and a stinger on the end of the stem. Bowser puts on the flower. The "Scorpion Bowser" then proceeds to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Now the 5 heroes must stop him!