Super Mario 3D Planet is a game for the Nintendo Bubble. In this game, the player uses Sprixies to power up.


Bowser, after many defeats, smashes a ? Block in anger. He is still giant from his last battle. A Double Cherry comes out of the block, and it duplicates Bowser. Both Bowsers smash all the ? Blocks, as they notice that they are the only way Mario gets more power. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Blue Toad go outside while this is happening, and Bowser grabs the Mushroom Kingdom from the ground. He throws it far away. Blue Toad tells them all to follow it. They eventually reach the Sprixie continent. Elder Spruxis, the eldest in the continent, gives the group a map of the 8 continents (Sprixite, Thiminore, Grabsi, Gravitai, Spotland, Puzzul, South Tremblus and North Tremblus). He also gives them the Green Star of Sprixite.


The Star of Sprixite allows the player to use Sprixie Princes/Princesses as power ups, as Bowser destroyed all the ? Blocks. The gameplay is similar to Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D Land. You can move around on the map like in Super Mario 3D World. Except on boss battles, you need at least one Green Star on each level to advance. There are 13-20 levels in each world, each with 1 boss battle, 1 mini boss, 2 Puzzle/Shadow levels and 0-2 hidden levels.


  • Sprixite, a small village where Sprixies live
  • Thiminore, a continent where technology is advanced
  • Grabsi, a place where nearly everything is a giant glove
  • Gravitai, a land with gravity switches
  • Spotland, a large city with spots on the ground that do different things
  • Puzzul, a town where all platforms move and you have to solve puzzles
  • South Tremblus, the Mushroom Kingdom
  • North Tremblus, Bowser's land where his castle is



Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario Mario is a plumber who's always saving Princess Peach from danger... Except for when she isn't in danger, of course.
Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Luigi is the brother of Mario that's always being left out... This is his time to shine! Well, when Mario needs help...
200px Princess Peach Peach, the usual damsel-in-distress, is ready for anything... Unless it's being captured by Bowser. She's never ready for that.
BlueToadd Blue Toad Blue Toad is a toad that is blue. What else can you say about him?


First Encountered
Elder Spruxis 1-1
200 Bowser/Bowser Clone 1-Castle

Power Ups

Mario Picture
GreenSprixiePrincess Green Sprixie Mario Mario can spawn smaller Sprixies that help him.
BlueSprixie Blue Sprixie Mario Mario can shoot sound waves in different directions that stun enemies.
PurpleSprixie Purple Sprixie Mario Mario can turn invisible, which makes enemies not attack him, but they can still bump into him.
YellowSprixie Golden Sprixie Mario Mario can heat enemies and everything he destroys will turn into a gold coin.
Orange Sprixie Orange Sprixie Mario Mario can create an orange to throw at enemies, but after throwing one, he will have to pick it up.
CyanSprixie Cyan Sprixie Mario Mario can create ice paths that make him faster.
RedSprixie Red Sprixie Mario Mario can become a ruby that attracts enemies, but he cannot move while he is a ruby.

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