Super Mario 3D Me is a game for the Wii Me. The game is $59.99                                                                                                 

Super Mario 3D Me
Developer(s) Zeg


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii Me
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Rated E10+
Genre(s) Platforming
Media Included Game


Bowser has his minon's mine for him in the Glittering Caves, when they hit the Legendary Star, a star that has the strongest power in the universe. Bowser has Magikoopa destroy it to release the power inside, and The King Of Darkness emerges. He goes and invades the Mushroom Kingdom. The king takes Peach's Castle and puts it in his Dark Planet, and Mario and Luigi have to save Peach from The King Of Darkness.


The game controls like most basic Mario Platformers, enless the backround moves, The game has a overall timer, it is a week. If you don't finsh the game in time, you save Peach but not her castle. If you finsh it time you save Peach with her castle.


Super Mushroom

The basic Super Mushroom

Fire Flower

The flower flower can now charge and send a giant fireball

Tanooki Suit

It acts and looks how it did in Super Mario 3D Land

Cat Suit

It is the Cat Suit from Super Mario 3D World. It now can have you do a fast dash.

Fish Suit

It is found underwater and lets the Player swim at high speeds. Also, Cheep Cheep can't hurt the player when its on and it automaticly when the player goes on land.

Jumping Shoes

This makes the player jump 2 times higher.


The game has 7 Players within the game. The scores are on a scale of 1 to 5.


Speed - 3

Jumping - 3


Speed - 3

Jumping - 5


Speed - 5

Jumping - 2


Speed - 1

Jumping - 3

Note - Bowser can shoot flames and can not use the Fire Flower, He will walk though them.


Speed - 3

Jumping - 3


Speed - 1

Jumping - 5


Speed - 5

Jumping - 3


Grassy Glow

The world is showen with Glowing ores in the dirt. 

Glittering Caves

It is a underground world with many ores in the stone. Many drills are seen in the backround

Funny Park

The world is Theme Park themed. Each level has some attraction built into it.

Cheeping Beach

The worlds levels are on a beach or underwater, in the last level there is a giant Blooper.

High Sky

The world is in the sky and brings back the Sumo Brothers.

Forest Maze

The world is in a forest and uses the mazes found in the castles in SMB1

Lava Falls

It is the Lava World, being the 2nd to last

Dark Planet

The Dark Planet is made up off 2 levels, one is a hard Final Level and one is the Final boss, The King Of Darkness.

Super Mario 3D Me +

Super Mario 3D Me + is a upgraded version of the game for Zeg SuperPlayer. It is $79.99

Power Ups

There is the Zeg Mushroom, that lets the player fly.

World 9: Super World

This is a new world that has all the things from the other worlds, plus more. It also is where the Zeg Mushroom is found. Its unlocked from the begning of the game.

Game Specs

The game runs a 60 frames per second comparded to 30 frames per second. It also has new upgraded graphics.