Tutorials, known as Lakitutorials in-game, are pre-made levels in Super Mario 3D Maker to help guide players and to teach them about new features that have been possibly changed since the first game. The main instructors are the Lakitu Bros. from Super Mario 64. Unlike the first game, where the player had to play through five minutes per day to unlock new features and come back the next day, completing these levels allows you to earn features. A new tutorial level is unlocked each day after beating the past one.

Tutorial Levels

The 2D platformer levels almost always take place in Super Mario Bros. style although this is sometimes changed to show off Mario's physics in other styles.

Basic Objects & Enemies
Hello, welcome to Super Mario 3D Maker! I am one of the Lakitu Bros. I will be your guide to learn about new features. We're going to start with the basics today. Let's start with blocks. Brick Blocks are blocks that you can only break as Super Mario or if you have with another power. ? Blocks are special types of blocks. You can place anything in these. They start out with a coin inside of them. There are also certain blocks that you cannot break in most forms. Let's move on to the enemies. Here, as you can see, we have a Goomba, the most basic type of enemy. You have to jump on their heads to defeat them. Try it out! (short play sequence) Great! Next up, we have the Koopa Troopa. You can jump on it to make it hide in its shell. You can kick the shell to break blocks, too. Want to give it a try? (short play sequence) Wow! You can also shake things up a bit, quite literally. Grab this Goomba with your stylus and shake it. Hey, look, now it's a Galoomba! These enemies are different than regular Goombas. Why not try shaking the Koopa Troopa, too? Oh, it's red now! That means it won't fall off of the platforms that you place it on. Let's see, next up, we have the Super Mushroom. Super Mushrooms turn Mario into Super Mario. Super Mario can take more than one hit, and he can also get other power-ups, like the Fire Flower! Fire Flowers give Mario the ability to shoot fire. You can try using it to defeat this Piranha Plant! (short play sequence) Good job! You can shake Piranha Plants, too, to make them spit fire. Now that you know the basics, let's try it out! (short play sequence directly pulled from 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.) Hey, you're great! Now you can create your own levels! Oh, one more thing. You see that icon over there? That allows you to change the game style! You can switch between five different games in the 2D platformer section. Be sure to check out the other sections so you can unlock items there, too! You can also change your level style to things like Beach, Castle, or Ghost House! Well, that's all for today! See you soon!
Completing this tutorial unlocks the first bar of objects.
Lakitu Bro.

Hey, Mario! I'm one of the Lakitu Bros. You met my brother yesterday. Anyways, today, I'm going to teach you about Power-Ups! You've already learned about the Super Mushroom and the Fire Flower. This is the Mystery Mushroom. It makes Mario wear a costume, like a Goomba! Next up, we have the 1-Up Mushroom. It gives Mario an extra life, so these can be helpful in the 100-Mario challenge! We also have the Starman. It makes Mario invincible for a short amount of time. We also have a power-up that you may not have seen in the original games: The Mega Mushroom! It makes Mario gigantic for a while. In contrast to that, we also have the Mini Mushroom. It lets you go into smaller pipes, but you can only take one hit. Here's a Propellor Mushroom. You can fly up with it, and if you shake it, it turns into a Super Acorn! There's also the Cape Feather. You can fly or glide with this one. What's next? Oh, yes, the Super Leaf. It turns Mario into Tanooki Mario, letting him hit enemies with his tail, and he can glide, too. We're almost done! This is the Carrot. You may not have seen this form before. It turns Mario into Bunny Mario, letting him jump higher! He can also hover and hop repeatedly. Let's try a sample course with these power-ups! (play session) Great! There might even be some special power-ups if you shake them in the editor! Maybe there are even a few new power-ups that you can get with amiibo! You should experiment for yourself, though. That's all for now! See you soon!
Lakitu Bro.

Completing this tutorial unlocks the Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Propellor Mushroom, Cape Feather, Super Leaf, and Carrot.
Bowser and the Koopalings
We're both here this time! Well, we're here to talk about some more advanced enemies... Specifically, the bosses! We have Bowser here. He can shoot fire, even from off-screen! We also have the Koopalings! Drag down Larry's block from the screen. Now, you can tap Larry! (waits for player to tap Larry) As you can see, here is a list of all 7 of the Koopalings! Select one to put them in the level in place of Larry! You can even put all of them in a level together! Remember, each Koopaling acts differently, and they're even more different in other game styles! You can also have Reznors. The spit fire at Mario. Remember, all of the Koopalings have their own Koopa Clown Car! You can place these anywhere in your level, and you can put a lot of things in them, including enemies! Try this level out! (play session, a castle level involving all 7 Koopalings and Bowser in SMB style) Awesome! Like a lot of other things, you can even shake these bosses! Well, that's all for today! See you soon!
Lakitu Bros.

Completing this tutorial unlocks Bowser, Reznor, the Koopalings, and the Koopa Clown Car.
Advanced Objects & Enemies
Hey! We're going to be talking about some more advanced objects and enemies today! For instance, let's take a look at a Wiggler. Wigglers will get angry if you jump on them, so you can use them for platforming, but you can also defeat them with a ground-pound. You can't do that in Super Mario Bros. style, though! Here's a Thwomp. Thwomps are invincible, and they crash down to the ground to smash Mario! These are Hammer Bros., Fire Bros., and Boomerang Bros. They can throw... Well, hammers, fire, and boomerangs at Mario! This is a Chargin' Chuck. They can run at Mario. Of course, we can't leave out Lakitus! We through Spines most of the time, but you can make us throw other objects, too! You can do the same with a basic Hammer Bro. We also have Bill Blasters. They shoot Bullet Bills- or other objects- at Mario. Here's the Chain Chomp. It will try to rush up to Mario, but it has a chain that stops it. Oh, we almost forgot! You can stack enemies, too! Hmm... Ooh, this is a Mushroom Platform! If you touch them, they'll bounce you up high! And here's a Hidden Pathway block! It looks like a normal ground block, but you can actually go through it to find secrets or bonuses! Okay, let's try something. You don't have the Airship theme yet, do you? Well, we can unlock it for you! It's like a ship, and you can actually end it with a special boss room! Let's try it out with one of the Koopalings at the end!
Lakitu Bros.

Completing this tutorial unlocks Wigglers, Thwomps, Hammer Bros., Fire Bros., Boomerang Bros., Chargin' Chucks, Lakitus and Spinies, Bill Blasters, Chain Chomps, Mushroom Platforms, Hidden Pathways, Cannons, and the Airship theme.


  • If Mario clicks the wrong box three times in a row when the Lakitu Bros. ask him to click a certain box, he will "lose a life." If this happens three times in a row, Mario will get a "game over," making him get sent back to the title screen.