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Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge is a platformer game for the Nintendo 3DS, and the sequel to the original Nintendo game: Super Mario 3D Land. It has the same futures (and more), based on the 2D platformers, such as flagpoles and Mario's health system. It also has the same controls. The game is created by T0M.V.12 and set to appear in 2012.


Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yellow and Blue Toad are celebrating the Mario bros. birthday at Peach's Castle. However, Wario is also. Peach gives Mario a present, but when Mario opens it, Boom Boom suddenly pops out the present. He slams with his fists, and everyone knocks on the floor, except Wario. Wario gets a cake in his face. Kamek appears, he picks up Peach and takes her with him. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are waiting outside with their giant airship. Boom Boom and Kamek jump on board. Bowser Jr. laughs and the airship flies away. Mario, Luigi, Yellow and Blue Toad jump out of the castle, when they meet Yoshi. They chase the airship, and set out on a new adventure!

After being lead though various worlds, a letter appears at World 1-1. The Mii Brigade was caught by Bowser!

Later, Mario enters Bowser's Castle in the Center of the Universe. After being lead through his castle, with Bonecoasters and Bosses, Mario finally announce Bowser. Bowser appears to be really angry. He roars and the final battle begins. Bowser chases Mario and he has various attacks.

After Mario pushed the !-switch, Bowser falls into the lava. Mario sets out to save Peach, but to his surprise, Bowser appears. He has various power-ups in his hands: A Boomerang Flower, a Brush Flower, a Fire Flower, a Super Leaf and a Superstar. Bowser would transform into Ultra Bowser if he took all of the power-ups, and Mario would be chanceless against him. Suddenly, the Mii Brigade appears, they were escaped! Quickly they stole the power-ups from Bowser. All of them got one. They mislead Bowser, so Mario could kick him of the tower for once and for all. At their way to Peach, Mario and the Brigade announced the Crew. All of them run to the final Flagpole, where Peach is sticked to. They save Peach and escape, just before the castle explodes.



  1. Mario
  2. Luigi (unlockable)
  3. Wario (unlockable)
  4. Yellow Toad (unlockable)
  5. Blue Toad (unlockable)
  6. Waluigi (unlockable)


Mario's Crew:


  1. Bowser (Final Boss)
  2. Bowser Jr. (Fortress Boss)
  3. Boom Boom (Airship Boss #1)
  4. Pom Pom (Airship Boss #2)
  5. Kamek (Airship Boss #3)
  6. Larry Koopa (Castle Boss World 1)
  7. Morton Koopa Jr. (Castle Boss World 2)
  8. Wendy O. Koopa (Castle Boss World 3)
  9. Iggy Koopa (Castle Boss World 4)
  10. Roy Koopa (Castle Boss World 5)
  11. Lemmy Koopa (Castle Boss World 6)
  12. Ludwig von Koopa (Castle Boss World 7)
  13. False Bowser (Castle Boss World 8)
  14. Goomboss (Secret Boss #1)
  15. Tatanga (Secret Boss #2)
  16. King Boo (Secret Boss #3)
  17. Shadow Mario (Secret Boss #4)
  18. Petey Piranha (Secret Boss #5)
  19. Biddybud Queen (Secret Boss #6)
  20. Cleumboss (Secret Boss #7)
  21. Boshi (Secret Boss #8)
  22. Dino Piranha (Secret Boss #?)
  23. Cosmic Mario (Secret Boss #?2)


  1. Goomba
  2. Paragoomba
  3. Tail Goomba
  4. Koopa Troopa
  5. Koopa Paratroopa
  6. Hammer Bros.
  7. Boomerang Bros.
  8. Piranha Plant
  9. Ink Piranha Plant
  10. Blooper
  11. Cheep-Cheep
  12. Stingby
  13. Biddybud
  14. Wallop
  15. Mecha Koopa
  16. Stone Pillar
  17. Bob-Omb
  18. Coinbag
  19. False Coins (New)
  20. Cleum (New)
  21. Crowk (New)
  22. Poison Wiggler (New)


  1. Soarn the Chicken

more coming soon...


  1. Super Mushroom (Super Mario)
  2. Fire Flower (Fire Mario)
  3. Super Leaf (Raccoon Mario)
  4. Frog Suit (Frog Mario)
  5. Hammer Suit (Hammer Mario)
  6. Bee Mushroom (Bee Mario)
  7. 1-up Mushroom (extra life)
  8. Star (Invincible Mario)
  9. Propeller Suit (Propeller Mario)
  10. Boomerang Flower (Boomerang Mario)
  11. Brush Flower (Paint Mario)
  12. Assist Block (contains a special item)
  13. Coins (when collect 100, you earn an extra life)
  14. Purple Berry (Tongue Yoshi)

more coming soon...

Worlds & Levels

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

In this world, Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom. A green and grassy world, with standard enemies like Goomba's and Koopa's. There are also a few underground levels, with Spiny's and Buzzy Beetles. Many Toads will help Mario to rescue Toadsworth from the claws of Larry Koopa and Goomboss!

Theme: Grassy

Main enemies: Goomba's and Koopa's

Main Supporting Characters: Toads, Toadsworth

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Goomboss and Larry Koopa

World 2: Sarasaland

Mario travels through the deserts of Sarasaland and will announce new enemies, as well as enemies from his first adventure in this world. Princess Daisy is kidnapped by Morton Koopa Jr and Tatanga, and it's Mario's job to rescue her.

Theme: Desert

Main enemies: Goombo's and Bombshell Koopa's

Main Supporting Characters: Shy Guys, Princess Daisy

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Tatanga, Boom Boom and Morton Koopa Jr.

World 3: Forest of Illusion

Mario has to watch out in this magically forest. Flying objects and other weird stuff will try to make it hard to pass through this world. Luigi is ready to help you, but there is only óne little problem: He is captured by Wendy O Koopa and King Boo!

Theme: Magically Forest

Main enemies: Boo's and Magikoopa's

Main Supporting Charactes: Friendly Boo's, Luigi

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Shadow Mario and Wendy O Koopa

World 4: Tropical Island

In this world Mario can finally relax for a while. But watch out! It's currently ruled by Bowser and F.L.U.D.D. is kidnapped by Shadow Mario and Iggy Koopa!

Theme: Beach

Main enemies: Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps

Main Supporting Characters: Pianta's, Penguins, F.L.U.D.D.

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Shadow Mario, Pom Pom and Iggy Koopa

World 5: The Jungle

In this wild world with many Piranha Plants, Biddybuds, Tiki Goons and other enemies, Mario has to rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. They were kidnapped by Petey Piranha and Roy Koopa!

Theme: Jungle

Main enemies: Tiki Goons, Piranha Plants and Biddybuds

Main Supporting Characters: Ukiki's, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Petey Piranha and Roy Koopa

World 6: The Mountains

Oh no! Wario is captured by Lemmy Koopa and Biddybud Queen, the newest member of the Koopa Troop. Mario has to rescue Wario, then he will join the group. But this world isn't easy at all. Bullet Bills and Spikes are all over the place, so it's gonna be a hard job for the Mario Bros.

Theme: Mountain

Main enemies: Bullet Bills and Spikes

Main Supporting Characters: Monty Moles, Wario

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Biddybud Queen, Kamek and Lemmy Koopa

World 7: The Clouds

Mario and gang have to rescue Paratroopa from Ludwig von Koopa and Cleumboss. Many good Lakitu's will help you solve various puzzles. This cloudy world, with many trampolines and bouncy stuff, will be a really fun world to go through. The Propeller Suit will really com in handy.

Theme: Clouds

Main enemies: Lakitu's and Para-Biddybuds

Main Supporting Characters: Lakitu's, Paratroopa

Bosses: Bowser Jr, Cleumboss and Ludwig von Koopa

World 8: Yoshi's Island

In this world, Mario meets Yoshi again. They travel through Yoshi's home island, to rescue Birdo. She is captured by Bowser Jr and Kamek. Will Mario, Yoshi and their friends rescue Birdo succesfully in this grassy and cloudy world?

Theme: Yoshi's Island

Main enemies: Fly Guys and Lakitu's

Main Supporting Characters: Yoshi's, Birdo

Bosses: Boshi, Bowser Jr and Kamek

World 9: Bowser's Lava Land

With Bowser Jr and Kamek defeated, the Mario crew set out to save Yellow Toad. He was captured with Princess Peach by Boom Boom, Pom Pom and Bowser. But it is really hard to travel through this world. There are lots of enemies and the hot lava won't help Mario either. But the final battle is ahead! It is, right?

Theme: Lava

Main enemies: Hammer Bros, Magikoopa's

Main Supporting Characters: Koopa Troopa's, Yellow Toad

Bosses: Boom Boom and Pom Pom, False Bowser

World S: The Special World

This world contains 9 levels. These levels are really hard and the themes are the nine from the previous worlds. World S doesn't have bosses. But all of Mario's Crew is captured, and Mario has to find the Real Bowser to rescue them!

Theme: Rainbow (World Map)

Main enemies: All enemies return

Main Supporting Characters: Mii Brigade, Mario's Crew

Bosses: None

World ?: The Universe

This is the final world. Mario has to travel through various galaxy's using Launch Stars, and defeat Bowser for once and for all. This world is like the Galaxy games, and has all of the features. Mario is also able to peform the Spin Jump again. It has an exciting Final Boss, which isn't in Galaxy style.

Theme: Galaxy

Main enemies: Octoomba's and Magikoopa's

Main Supporting Characters: Luma's, Mario's Crew

Bosses: Dino Piranha, Cosmic Mario, Bowser