On her birthday, Peach sent Toad Messangers that gave out invitations to everyone in Mushroom Kingdom. She even sent some to Rosalina and her Lumas because she was in the zone. Wario didn't get invited, but he had heard it from someone and decided to follow them to her party. When Bowser found out, that there was a party and he wasn't invited, he sent some minions to Peach's Castle and kidnapped everyone. Some escaped. Mario, the Lumas, and some Toads escaped from Bowser's wrath. Mario then set out ot find all of his friends.

World 1


World 1 is in the Mushroom Kingdom where Peach's Castle is. There are six quests that you can do. Four are optional and two are mandatory. There is one special quest that you must complete to get to World Bowser and another special quest to get all potentials to level 7 if they were at level 6.

Quest 1 - Access Key to Castle

When you get to the castle level, Bowser Jr will come and lock the castle. To unlock the castle you must get the key that is hidden in World 1-5. The key will be hidden in a block and will make jingling sounds.

Quest 2 - Unlocking Luigi

Finding Luigi is the main task of this world. To find him you will cross all the way to World 1-9. There a Toad will tell you that you went to the incorrect path. He will tell you that the bridge across is broken and you could cross. There is only one risk. The level will be very hard. Then he tells you that you can go through three easy levels. When you get to the castle, you must fight King Goomba and free Luigi. After this, you can play as Luigi.

Optional Quest 1 - Hidden Pipe to World 2

This pipe is hidden on top of the last Koopa-Troopa before finishing the underground in World 1-2. You will need a Cat Bell to climb all the way to the pipe.

Optional Quest 2 - Upgrade Wario's potential to Level 2

After you complete rescue Wario and get his potential, you can come back to find a Toad telling you if you can get his backpack in World 4-7. If you do and you give it to the Toad, he will upgrade your Wario potential to level 2.

Optional Quest 3 - Path to Mario's Pad

To get into Mario's Pad, you must find a hidden pipe in World 1-Castle. After that you can decorate your Pad however you want. In various worlds, Toads will be selling furniture. Be sure to buy some of that furniture!

Special Quest 1 - Key 1 for entering World Bowser

When you complete World 12 and Bowser kidnapps everyone, Captain Toad will need 12 keys to let him cross. A new boss level will appear magically. When you defeat the boss (Wingo) you can get the first key.

Special Quest 2 - Upgrader Toad

When you get all potentials to level 6, come back to World 1 to find a Toad saying that his brother got lost in World 5-5. If you rescue him, he will tell you that he left his special book in World 2-Toad House. When you go to the Toad House, the Toad will sell you the book for 1000 coins. If you give him those coins he will sell it to you. When you give it back to the Toad, he will say that the key to his Toad House wasn't in there anymore and that it might be in World 8. It will appear as a temperary level to complete. There are no Stars or Flag Pole. You just need to get to the key. If you give him the key, he will tell you to come with him. He will tell you that he upgrades Potentials to their max level if they are in level 6. They will cost:

Mario: 11000 coins

Luigi: 11000 coins

Blue Toad: 3 Starmen, 7 Mushrooms, 1 Mysterious Starbit (Found once a day in Starbit Moat)

Peach: 20 Mushrooms, 5000 coins`

Rosalina: 250 stars to unlock (You just need the stars)

Wario: 20 gems (Gems are found in different places)

World 2


World 2 is in the desert where The Great Pyrimid of Peach is. The pyrimid is in the center of the world while the levels go around. Once you complete World 2, a path will appear to World 3. There are five quests that you can complete. Two are mandatory, one is special, and two are optional.

Quest 1 - Activate Sand Whirlpool

In order to find the pyrimid, you must activate the Sand Whirlpool. Kamek had used his magic to make it disappear. You will need to enter the Mummy Tombs to find the Magic Switch. This will be the second level of the world. Once that is activated, the world will appear in its natural state, except for the Piranha Plants around the world.

Quest 2 - Saving Toadsworth

Toadsworth was hidden in The Pyrimid of Peach in World 2. To save him, you must clear any levels leading towards the pyrimid. Once you get to Petey Piranha's Pyrimid of Piranha Plants, you must climb the entire pyrimid from bottom to top. Onece you save him, Toadsworth will tell you that Bowser had gotten hold of a staff that Rosalina used in the Comet Observatory. Toadsworth will give you an item inventory and a map of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Optional Quest 1 - Finding the Ancient Mummy Scrolls

After you complete World Bowser and come back to World 2, you will find a Miner Toad that he had found an ancient tomb under The Pyrimid of Peach. Another level will appear called Entrance to the Ancient Tomb. If you complete it, you will find an entire tomb with a boss at the end. The boss is Mummy Mario, which is a very big copy of a mummy and Mario that holds the Ancient Scrolls. Once you have that you can go to World 7, where you see a cave sealed with ancient letters. (Learn more about the cave in Optional Quest 1 - Finding the Ancient Seal of World 7) If you insert the correct code, you can pass to do an extremely hard. If you complete it, you can activate the Golden Mushroom and collect amazing treasures.

Optional Quest 2 - New Toad House and rare Furniture

After you complete World 7 and collect 80 Stars, a Toad will appear and says that he found an old Toad House. If you follow him he will also say that it doesn't open because it needs a key. Go to World 1, where you find Upgrader Toad. (You need to have his Toad House open and running) He will say that he found a key while he was lost. He will sell it to you for 5 gems. Open the Toad House that was closed, and you will see a Toad come out saying Thank You for opening his House. Come back after you beat World 12 and he will say that he rebuilt his Toad House and he sells rare furniture. The furniture will be available for some days while other is available for other days. Here is the furniture:








Every 15 days since you played:

Golden Mushroom Replica: 50 gems

Mario and the gang defeating Bowser picture: 67000 coins

Special Quest 1 - Key 2 for entering World Bowser

When you complete World 12 and Bowser kidnapps everyone, Captain Toad will need 12 keys to let him cross. A new boss level will appear magically. When you defeat the boss (Draggadon) you can get the second key.

World 3

World 3 is in a beach. There is an abandoned boat at the end of this world. Here you will rescue False Blue Toad.

He found the real Toad in World 4 and then got lost in a magical forest. There he found Wario and he led them right out of the forest and into a jungle. There he found a Toad claiming he had seen Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong with Peach. When they defeat DK they see Bowser Jr take Peach into a airship level. The gang saves Peach and she says that she had overheard Bowser talking to something about "guarding a labatory in the ice." They all suspected Icy Hills and went to Icy Hills. They found out the plan by listening to Bowser Jr talk but he sees them and yells for backup. King Bob-Omb appears and a battle starts. When they defeated King Bob-Omb they tried to go to Bowser Landia, which was ahead, but failed because Bowser appeared and made a magical wall. They had to go above, right in the clouds. Kamek is guarding the exit of Candy Clouds and the gang defeat him. Then they advance, just to see Bowser Jr's airship come out of the sky, blocking the entrance to Bowser Landia. The gang defeats him and go to Bowser's world. They need to find Rosalina and of course save the world. They go to Bowser's castle and cannot defeat him. Bowser states that the only one who could defeat him was Rosalina, so the gang frees her. The player changes to Rosalina and she get her Universal Staff back. She fights and blasts Bowser upward. The player changes back to whoever you were playing and you can go to the flagpole. But when you get close to the flagpole, Bowser comes down and steals the staff. He then goes into space and the player gets an automatic golden flag. Rosalina thinks Bowser went into space but there isn't any spaceships. The gang, disappointed, goes back to World 1. When they get there, they discover a broken rocket. Rosalina fixes it and they all fly into space. When they get there, they find out that World 10 doesn't have a boss. They continue to World 11 and they find out that Bowser Jr and Kamek were revived by Cosmic Mario. He states that another evil is rising and that Mario and the gang surrender. They don't and continue to the Cosmic Fortress. There they fight Cosmic Mario. When they defeat him, they go to World 12, the final world. There they have a boss fight with Bowser Jr and Kamek in World 12 - A,The return of Bowser's Minions. When they get to Bowser's Activation Castle they fight Bowser untill Bowser gets defeated. He gets mad and summons all the games items, and all players. All the worlds shake and back in World 1, Captain Toad thinks that the gang is in trouble and hurries over there. When he gets there a new world starts. He goes and frees everyone and the gang goes with Ultra Bowser to stop him. they defeat him and cheer, making the credits start. Back in World 1, a pipe appears to go somewhere. The gang goes inside and a new generation of worlds start.

The gang gets to the special worlds and finds a returning enemy. Dimentio is back! He goes to the first castle and takes some shadows away. He tells Dry Bowser to guard Special 1. The gang goes and defeats him, but a shadow comes out of him when you defeat him. He forms Dry Bowser Jr who flys away in his clown car.

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