These are the levels for Super Mario 3D Kingdom 2.

Mushroom Kingdom

World 1-1:

World 1-2: Piranha

World 1-3:

World 1-4:

World 1-5:

World 1-6:

World 1-7: Mushroom Bounce

World 1-Castle: King Goomba's Epic Showdown

World 1-Island: Boom-Boom's Jumping Sensation

Sandy Desert

World 2-1:

World 2-2:

World 2-3: Sandstorm Troubles

World 2-4: Mummies Beware

World 2-5: Underground Button

World 2-6: Whirlpool Bridge

World 2-7:

World 2-8:

World 2-9: Piranha Plant Cave

World-Castle: Battle over The Pyrimid of Peach


Ancient Tomb (World 2 Secret Mission)

World -1: Underground Steps

World -2:

World -3:

World -4:

World -5:

World -6: Mummy Troubles

World -7: Golden Guardians

World - Ancient Room: The Mummy's Final Stand

Candy Clouds

World 8-1: 

World 8-2: 

World 8-3: Magikoopa Chase

World 8-4: 

World 8-5: 

World 8-6:  

World 8-7:  

World 8-8: Wingo's Final Fortress  

World 8-9: Windy Road

World 8-10: Magical Cloudes Gate Keep

World 8-Fortress: Kamek's Magical Fortress

World 8-Airship: Bowser Jr's Time to Shine

World 8-13: Starbit Slide

World 8-Express: Magical Express to Bowser Landia

World 8-15: Starbit-Volcano Crossing

World 8-16: Starbit Storm

Bowser Landia

World 9-1: Starbit Moat

World 9-2: Lava Gate Keep

World 9-3:

World 9-4: 

World 9-5:  

World 9-6: Big Boo's Shifting Mansion

World 9-7: Staff's Anger

World 9-8: Time Tower

World 9-9: Bowser's Castle 2's Return

World 9-10: The Great Tower of Bowser Land's Return

This level will start at the bottom of the tower. Any path that powser broke during the fight in Super Mario 3D World will be gone. There will be numbers of Clone Marios, Magikoopas, Bullit Bills, and Dry Bone in the first section. In the second section, you will hear th staff shooting at you. There will also be numbers of spiders, Cat Goombas, Parabones, and Spikes. There will also be spikes on the floor. On the stair section (Before you get to the part where you defeat Meowser) there will be a clear pipe that has a bunch of traps and power ups. Finally on the final platform, you will go versus a Bowser Imposter. Then a Clear Pipe will appear to the Flag pole.

World 9-Bowser: The Staff's Power

Galexy's End

World 12-1: 

World 12-2: 

World 12-3: 

World 12-4: 

World 12-5:  

World 12-6:

World 12-7: Castle Entrance 

World 12-8:  

World 12-9: Lava Risin' Elevator 

World 12-10: Motley Bossblob, Boom- Boom, and Pom-Pom's Return 

World 12-11: The Return of Bowser's Minions

World 12-Bowser: The Great Kidnap

You will start before the moat of the castle. There are Lava Bubbles and lava everywhere. Dry Bones, Dry Goombas, Dry Pirhana Plants, and Magikoopas litter the surroundings. You will have to find five keys hidden around the forest/opening. When you get all of them, the moat bridge will come down with a midway point. After that you will continue to the patio and see a Star Coin and the Dark Staff. When you get the Dark Staff, it will disappear. Then, Bowser appears and makes himself grow in size. He grows go big that he can smash you in one step. Your objective would be to run inside the castle. There will be enemies, lava, fireballs from Bowser, and Darkness from the Dark Staff in the way. You will find some clear pipes at the end of the patio. You go in them just before Bowser stops and laughs just as the clear pipe allows you to see where it was going. It was going to cages where all the players will be in. If you are playing single player, you will see the others in a cage. He laughs and laughs and shrinks back to his size. He takes you inside the castle and wills everything to close.

Bowser's Activation Fortress

After a kidnap that Bowser finally did, there's no one else that knows what to do. In World 1, the worlds shudder and Captain Toad has to rescue the heroes from returning bosses. Bowser meanwhile, is in his activation fortress ready to use the Dark Staff to turn everything into Bowser World. Are you ready for the ultimate world?

World Bowser-1: Captain Toad Away! ;Captain Toad

World Bowser-2: Lava Moat ;Captain Toad

World Bowser-3: Tanks Away! (Blue Toad Rescue) ;Captain Toad

This will be on the patio where Bowser was chasing you. A bunch of stuff will be broken but the lava and enemies are still there. The battle will be similar to the one in World 4.

World Bowser-4: Evil Luma's Final Stand (Peach Rescue) ;Blue Toad

World Bowser-5: King Boo's Captive (Luigi Rescue) ;Peach, Blue Toad

World Bowser-6: Magikoopa Gathering ;Captain Toad

World Bowser-7: The Royal Water Palace (Wario Rescue) ;Blue Toad, Luigi, or Peach

World Bowser-8: Rescue Operation 5 (Rosalina Rescue) ;Luigi, Wario, Peach, Blue Toad

World Bowser-9: Wingo's Return ;Captain Toad

World Bowser-10: Kamek's Magical Fortress ;Luigi, Wario, Peach, Blue Toad, Rosalina

World Bowser-11: Bowser Jr's Airship of Mario (Mario Rescue) ;Luigi, Wario, Peach, Blue Toad, Rosalina

This level starts at the bottom of the airship and concentrates on getting to the deck of the airship. You will pass on platforms which have enemies of any kind. You will need to find five keys to unlock the pipe to the inside. When you enter, you will be inside the airship's work room. You will find a midway point. Here there will be an underwater theme to find one of the five keys. When you get to the deck, you will find a midway point and you will find Bowser Jr and the Kooplings. Bowser Jr has Mario in a cage and is taunting you by holding the cage with his clown car. You will need to defeat the Kooplings first and then Bowser Jr will appear and fight you. After this a pipe will appear to the Flag pole.

World Bowser-Bowser: Bowser's Dark Staff Part 1;Any 

This is the longest level in the world of Mario. The level is split in two parts. You start below the airship, on a Dry Bones platform. You enter a maze that has keys or defeting enemies. First, you have to get through a fireball frenzy. You are still on the platform and you have to dodge the fireballs, similar to Super Mario 3D Land. Then, the platform stops and you get off. There will be Boos, Spiders, and Magikoopas. You have to find five keys to cross the platform. Next, there will be a maze with enemies at every corner. Magikoopas, Dry Bones, Dry Goombas, Dry Pirhana Plants, Bats, Bullies, Dry Goomba Towser with a Fire Bros on top, and Hammer Bros will litter the paths while a Clone Mario is chasing you. There will be a midway point after the maze. Yow will find a platform where the Hammer Bro Captain, Hammer Bros, Fire Bros, Ice bros, and Boomerang Bros all on the platform. You will have to defeat all enemies to make the platform stop. Next you get to a room that is empty. There you just walk foward. Then, Bowser will fall and laugh. This time you run away while he chases you. You will have to find the button to make him fall. First he will just throw fireballs and do ground pounds while you are jumping on blocks to the top. Next he will summon Shy Guys, Magikoopas, and Dry ones to attack you. Next, you will pass an obstacle course similar to Super Mario 3D Land. After that you will find the button. A midway point appears and a 500+ clock. Then, you walk into the throne room where every kind and species is. There are five of each of them. They will laugh and charge led by Bowser Jr. You will defeat all of them in waves, The waves are: 

Wave 1: Goomba Towers, Goombas, Para Goomba, Dry Goombas, Koopas, Para Koopa,  

Wave 2: Boom-Boom 

Wave 3: Pom-Pom 

Wave 4: Kamek, Boos, Magikoopas, Dry Bones, Big Boos,  

Wave 5: Magikoopas, Bowser Jr 

Every wave you complete will prize you with: one +200 clock, three random items, and five 1-up Mushrooms. After you defeat the third wave, a midway point will appear. After you defeat the fifth wave, Bowser will come down with every item in the game. He puts everything on. After the transformation, he will have a Boomerang Bros' Shell, fireballs are elemental, racoon ears and tail, tremendous size, cat claws and whiskers, penguin belly, and wings that he only uses for emergencies. He will be so heavy that the floor will give through and everyone falls. 

World Bowser - Bowser: Bowser's Dark Staff Part 2; Any    

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