who are you running from?

If you groundpound 174 times on the first level, you will go through the ground to fall in a dark room that has this error screen from Game Boy Camera set as a texture for all of the room's walls. The only way to exit this room is by restarting the level.

Super Mario 64 Galaxy

When you grab your 64th Technocolor Mushroom, the Wing Cap theme from Super Mario 64 will play instead of the usual Technocolor Mushroom theme.

8 Fest

There are at least two easter eggs related to the number 8.

The first one is that if you do the Konami Code in the title screen, a deep voice will say "Eight". The voice is a slightly lower-pitched version of the Stanley Parable voice that says eight .

The second one is that, during the cutscene when you're floating in space at the beginning of the game, you can see our solar system (the real life one) in the distance. There are eight planets in our solar system, and you can see all of them.

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