Super Mario 3D Friends
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Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Adventure, Online Multiplayer.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Series Super Mario 3D
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Successor None
Media Included Wii U disk
 Super Mario 3D Friends is a new 3D Mario game. Its special trait is lots of characters that you can play with.


Story worlds

Lush Plains

Your typical Mario starting world. Nothing really hard here.

Sweet Desert

A mixture of a Sweet Land and a Desert. Depending on your first stage, you will explore only one of the sides.

Sunken Seas

The game's water world. Some swimming and some island hopping.

Chalk Snowland

The game's Ice World. Not much ice physics here.

Steep-Rock Cliffs

The cliff world. It is quite platform heavy.

Foilage Forest

Shaded areas and lots of secrets. Quite a fun world.

Cloudy Clouds

Another platform heavy world. Lots of bottomless pits as well.

Bowser's Domain

The final world. Depending who you are, you can unlock a different character.

Extra worlds

Forted Fortress

World A. Lots of Bullet Bills and other stuff trying to make you lose a life.

Maze Labyrinth

World B. The puzzle world of the game.

Frozen Iceberg

World C. The second Ice World, but more Ice Physics, also the only world (Apart from World 9) that has the penguin suit.

DK Jungle

World D: Donkey Kong's island is now a 3D world.

Yoshi's Island

World E: Yoshi's home world is also a old area turned 3D.

Far Cosmos

World F. The second hardest world in the game. Small platforms and teamwork is needed here.

Star Comet

The Star Coin world. It contains the hardest levels in the game!


Picture Character Special Trait How to Unlock
Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Mario is the all-around character. No weakness but no strength. Already unlocked
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Luigi has half higher jump height, but his traction is like he is on ice all the time. Already unlocked
YellowToad2 Yellow Toad

Yellow Toad has the best traction but his speed and jump height aren't good.

Already Unlocked
BlueToad Blue Toad Blue Toad is the fastest but his traction isn't good and his jump height is dismal. Already Unlocked
Princess Peach Peach Peach is all-around like Mario, except she can hover for a short while. Beat Bowser's Domain
Daisy Daisy Daisy has a double jump, making platforming easier for her, but her traction is like Luigi's traction. Get all the Star Coins in Bowser's Domain
Warioooo Wario Wario is slow, bad at jump height, but he can break wind, by shaking the Wii remote or pressing both bumpers on the game pad, to get up to higher platforms. He is also very strong.  Get 3 hidden Gold bags in Bowser's Domain
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Waluigi has the highest jump but the worst traction. In Illusion Forest, after getting Wario, there is a secret hidden pipe that is purple. Go down it and you will find a giant, purple coin. Get this to unlock Waluigi
Yoshi FS Yoshi Yoshi has a flutter jump that allows him to go higher. His traction isn't good, but its better than Luigi's. Find 3 hidden Yoshi eggs in Lush Plains
KoopatheQuick Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick is the fastest character in the game, though he has the lowest jump. Beat all the A levels in each world
DK Strong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is the strongest character. He is the slowest character though. Beat DK Jungle
Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Diddy Kong Diddy Kong can use his Rocketbarrells to hover for easy platforming. But his traction is like Yoshi's. Get all the Star coins in DK Jungle
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina By pressing down in mid-air, Rosalina can teleport. She is slow though, but she's faster than Yellow Toad. Beat Far Cosmos
Blushi Blushi Being a Yoshi, he can flutter jump, but his is shorter than Yoshi's, but he is faster than Yoshi. Either defeat Bowser as Yoshi, or beat Yoshi's Island