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The Logo

Super Mario 3D Dimension is the sequel to both Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. It will feature 11 world's and 9 playable characters and 12 supporting characters.


Mario, Luigi and Toad were walking through the mushroom kingdom when a letter made out of Magic appeared, Mario picked up the letter and he read it "You and all your friends have been invited to the awesome Mushroom Island!!" Mario, Luigi and Toad went to the Mushroom Island, bringing along a few friends of course, and went to the Mushroom Island!!

After the group arrived at the Mushroom Island, Toadsworth ran up to them from their hotel, because the Mushroom Island is now Toadsworth's home, he told to group that he hear's strange noices coming from up ahead, the group went up to check what they were when a dark shadow of Bowser appeared and stole princess peach, daisy, rosalina and toadette and flew away with them, then dark shadows of the koppaling's appeared and stole everybody else except Mario! Then Ludwig appeared and created a plasma force and struck Mario right into the other dimension!

Levels and Worlds

There are 11 worlds and 123 levels in total

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