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These are the levels of Super Mario 3D Challenge. The first 8 worlds were parts of the Egg Island, destroyed by Bowser, Kamek and Motley Bossblob. The Bowser World is an dark world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg. The Star World and the Crown World are special worlds located in the space. The first is unlocked by defeating the final boss. The other is unloked after every Green Star and Stamp are collected as well as getting the Golden Flag by reaching the top of the Goal Pole for every level.

World Theme Character Captured Boss(es)

World 1 - Yoshi's Grassland

Grass Princess Peach
  • Bowser
World 2 - Sarasa Desert Desert Princess Daisy
  • Leader Conkdocrat
  • Boom Boom
World 3 - Tropical Island Forest/Beach/Water Toad
  • Waddleking
  • Archduke Bulber
World 4Frozen Snowcap Snow Toadette
  • Emperor Morsikice
  • Pom Pom
World 5 - Rock Crumble Canyon Mountain Wario
  • Baron Rexock
  • Motley Bossblob
World 6 - Old Factory Land Factory Waluigi
  • King Fizzliater
  • King Boo
World 7 - Dark Thunder Skies Sky None
  • Czar Ty-Foon
  • Army Hammer Bro.
World 8 - Koopa's Volcano Lava None
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
World Bowser Bowser's Giant Egg Bowser None
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom
  • Motley Bossblob
  • Army Hammer Bro.
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Atomic Bowser
World ★ - Rainbow Area Rainbow Rosalina
  • Dry Bowser
World Crown Gold None
  • All previous Bosses (excluding Atomic Bowser)

World 1 - Yoshi's Grassland

Level Number Level Name
1-1 Yoshi Hill
1-2 Armadillo Cave
1-A Rex's Blockade
1-3 Wollballer Autumn
1-4 Frogy Lake
1-5 Mushroom Trampoline Land
1-Castle Bowser's Lava Stronghold
1-MH Mystery House Yoshi Run

World 2 - Sarasa Desert

Level Number Level Name
2-1 Spike Desert
2-2 Pokey's Cavern
2-A Cluckboom Blockade
2-3 Magnetic Peaks
2-Pyramid Conkdor's Pyramid Fortress
2-4 Acorn Oasis
2-5 Plessie's Dune Run
2-Tank Bowser's Cannon Brigade
2-MH Mystery House Feline Run

World 3 - Tropical Island

Tropical Island Forest

Level Number Level Name
3-1 Bramball's Rainforest
3-2 Gargantuan Land
3-A Wiggler Blockade
3-3 Illusionist Boo Mansion
3-Tree Waddlewing's Tree Fortress

Tropical Island Ocean

3-4 Madpole's Beach
3-5 Rammerhead's Beach
3-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #1
3-6 Piranha Creeper's Poison Archipelago
3-Submarine Torpedo Ted Shocking Battleship
3-MH Mystery House Amphibious Run 

World 4 - Frozen Snowcap

Level Number Level Name
4-1 Frozen Lake Fun 
4-2 Ghost Shipwreck

Luminous Flip-Swap Galaxy

4-A Mr. Blizzard's Blockade
4-Glacier Snowball's Iced Fortress
4-4 Skipsqueak's Rolling Panic
4-5 Crazy Trapeze Circus
4-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #2
4-6 Yoshi's Ice Cream Desert 
4-Train The Missile Bill Express
4-MH Mystery House Raccoon Run

World 5 - Rock Crumble Canyon

Level Number Level Name
5-1 Boulder Mountain
5-2 Large Savana Sunset
5-3 Potted Piranha Mine
5-4 Trampoline Undergrounds
5-A Spike's Blockade
5-5 Swooper Swamp
5-6 Searchlight Tower
5-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #3
5-7 Ninji's Temple
5-Castle Lava-Rock Crushing Castle
5-Circus Motley Bossblob's Mirror Circus
5-MH Mystery House Armadillo Run

World 6 - Old Factory Land

Level Number Level Name
6-1 Clockwork's Room
6-2 Yoshi's Crazy Run
6-3 Dark Bulber Lagoon
6-4 Playcard Maze
6-A Monty Mole's Blokcade
6-5 Cannon Battlefield
6-6 Oil Refinery Factory
6-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #4
6-7 Electron Tower
6-Tank Magnetic Brigade
6-Mansion Ghostly Horror Mansion
6-MH Mystery House Magnetic Run

World 7 - Dark Thunder Skies

Level Number Level Name
7-1 Cloudtop Park
7-2 Prongo Station
7-A Flopter Blockade
7-3 Tornado Desert
7-4 Fly Guy Mountain
7-5 Invisible Cloud Falls
7-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
7-6 Floating Jungle Panic
7-7 Aerial Garden
7-Castle Spiral Castle
7-Airship Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade 
7-MH Mystery House Squirrel Run

World 8 - Koopa's Volcano

A lava-themed world. The first boss is Kamek, the second boss is Bowser Jr. and the third boss is the second encounter with Bowser.

Level Number Level Name
8-1 Smashing Volcano
8-2 Infernal Dunes
8-3 Blue-Lava Lagoon
8-A Fire Snake Blockade
8-4 Dark Smog Tower
8-5 Hard Rock Cavern
8-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
8-6 Spying on the Koopa Bridge
8-Fortress 1 Kamek's Illusion Labyrinth
8-Fortress 2 Bowser Jr.'s Grafitti Tower
8-Castle Bowser's Blazing Castle
8-MH Mystery House Support Run

World Bowser - Bowser's Giant Egg

An world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg in his posses, that transforms into a dark Borser-like Egg.

Level Number Level Name
Bowser-1 Koopa's Dark Bridge
Bowser-2 Sphinx Inferno
Bowser-3 Frightening Crystal Dungeon
Bowser-4 Toxic Pipeyard
Bowser-5 Chain Chomps Lair
Bowser-6 Dark Atomic Skies
Bowser-Fortress 1 Boom Boom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 2 Pom Pom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 3 Motley Bossblob's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 4 Army Hammer Bro.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 5 Kamek's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 6 Bowser Jr.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Bowser Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg
Bowser-MH Mystery House Koopa Run

World ★ - Rainbow Area

Level Number Level Name
★-1 Yoshi Plains
★-2 Smashing Dunes
★-3 Poison Woods
★-4 Pipeline Seaside
★-5 Glacier Iceburrow
★-6 Haunted Ghost Mansion
★-7 Hard Rock Cliffs
★-8 Mecha-Electric Factory
★-9 Cloudy Skyway
★-10 Rising Magma Volcano
★-11 Cosmic Cannon Nebula
★-12 Dark Tower Run
★-13 Rainbow Land
★-Castle Special Bone Castle
★-MH Mystery House Rainbow Run

World Crown

Level Number Level Name Icon Description
Crown-Crown Champion's Level Crown The final standard course of the game, containing difficult sections and a congratulations message at the end.
Crown-Bowser Boss Blitz Challenge Bowser's Head The stage consists of boss battle rematches with all the bosses of the game (only Atomic Bowser don't apperar in this level). The player starts in a room with eight Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Morsikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater, King Boo and Czar Ty-Foon. After defeating all of them, an Green Pipe appear at the center of the room. Entering in this pipe will leave the player to a room similar to the first room of the level, now with more five Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley Bossblob, Army Hammer Bro. and Kamek. After defeating all of them, an Bowser-like Pipe will appear at the center of the room. Entering in this Pipe will leave the player to an Bowser-like room with three Warp Boxes. These warp boxes leaves the player to battle against Bowser Jr., Bowser (2nd Battle) and Dry Bowser. After defeating them, the player can go to a Warp Box and go to the Goal Flagpole
Crown-MH Mystery House Masterful Challenge Mystery House The final Mystery House of the game. It has all the Mystery Box challenges from the game (with both Mystery Boxes along the normal courses and Mystery Boxes from Mystery Houses). It is the longest course in the game, with 135 Green Stars to collect. Every 15 Green Stars you collect there is an Checkpoint Flag/Midway Point.


  • The levels Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg and Boss Blitz Challenge are the only levels of the game that don't have any Green Star or Stamp, due to be Boss Levels.
  • Boss Blitz Challenge is the only level in the game that don't have a time limit. Mystery House Masterful Challenge and the other Mystery Houses also don't have a time limit, however, in these courses, the player, when enters in a Mystery Box, is under a ten-second time limit to complete an objective.

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