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These are the Bosses that appear in Super Mario 3D Challenge

Image Boss Location Description
GIANT BOWSER Bowser (1st time)
  • W1-Castle
Bowser uses a tank similar to the one from MP10 to attack the players. Bowser mainly attacks by firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, but he can also launch jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle (at this point, he will usually rotate fastly) and he also launch Missile Bullet Bills. He also uses a charge attack and spitting fireballs that leave lava residue. The player must use Yoshi, whose Egg can be found on the battle arena. If Yoshi eats a Missile Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. The player, using this method, must attack Bowser with Explosive Eggs 9 times to destroy the tank and ejecting Bowser from his own castle.
Leader Conkdocrat Leader Conkdocrat
  • W2-Pyramid
  • WCrown-Bowser
Leader Conkdocrat is the king of all the Conkdors. Like a normal Conkdor, he slams its beak on the ground, which can cause damage to the player. But, unlike a Conkdor, he can walk, he spits rock boulders and sand balls and can create a powerful shockwave when he slams it's break into the ground. Using the Armadillo Suit, the player can dig underground (but can't dig in metalic surfaces) and attack the boss underside. When hit, Leader Conkdocrat can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then spinning fast in random directions, but he don't retreat his head and spiked neck, witch difficults the battle.
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo ArtBoom Boom SMB3 Boom Boom
  • W2-Tank
  • WBowser-Fortress 1
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Boom Boom appears, but, before starting the battle, he changes his appearence, creating spikes on his shell, increasing his size and having a darker shell and skin. Now he can: jump, do a spin jump, spin and turn invisible. When hit, Boom Boom can also attack by retreating into his large spiked shell and then spinning fast in random directions. After the first hit, Boom Boom creates a clone of himself, but only the real Boom Boom can turn invisible. After the second hit, Boom Boom creates wings, starting to fly. But he can also turn invisible. After the final hit, Boom Boom returns to his normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
Waddleking Waddleking
  • W3-Tree
  • WCrown-Bowser
Waddleking, like any Waddlewing, will glide from slide to slide. But, he's faster than any other one from your species. Also, he can split explosive Poisoned Acorns, that jumps and, after a time, explodes (like Lemmy Koopa's bombs from NSMBU) which leave temporary poison puddles that the player must avoid. In his battle, he also can summon Waddlewings. To defeat him, Mario needs use the Super Acorn and need jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.
Archduke Bulber Archduke Bulber
  • W3-Submarine
  • WCrown-Bowser
An giant anglerfish that is the ruler of Bulbers and lives inside one dark submarine. The boss iluminates the area of battle, although he can shut down the light on his rod to disturb the player. He also lunge at the player and launch electric balls from his rod. The player needs to use the Frog Suit to attack Archdule Bulber's stomach 3 times. After the second attack, the boss starts to be more faster, sometimes electrifying his own body to do faster lunges at the player.
Emperor Morsikice Emperor Morsikice
  • W4-Glacier
  • WCrown-Bowser
Emperor Morsikice is the leader of the Fliprus species. Like any other Fliprus, he launch jumping snowballs that can hurt the player, but he can also roll in a giant snowball and can make shockwaves while jumping on his snowball shield. Using the Fire Flower, Mario needs throw 7 Fireball at Morsikice's snowball shield to make him dizzy and, then, ground pound on him. Mario need do this 3 times to defeat him. Before the final attack, he sumon Flipruses to aid him.
PunpunSoloMaster Pom Pom Pom Pom
  • W4-Train
  • Bowser-Fortress 2
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Pom Pom appears, but, before starting the battle, she changes her appearence, increasing her size and having a darker shell and skin. Now she can: jump, launch faster shurikens and faster boomerangs. When hit, Pom Pom can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then try to land on the player. After the first hit, Pom Pom creates clones of herself that launch shurikens and/or boomerangs, but only the real Pom Pom can now turn invisible. After the second hit, Pom Pom creates cloens that can land on Mario with their shell. After the final hit, Pom Pom returns to her normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
Baron Rexock Baron Rexock
  • W5-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
The baron of all Rexes appears. He can fly, can shoot boulders and can ground pound, creating a energy wave that the player can dodge by jumping. He also summons Rexes in the fight to assist him. When he slams into the ground, he stops to fly for a few seconds, starting to charge into the player. Baron Rexock is so fast when he is charging into the player, so the player can get his boulders and launch on the boss to make him dizzy. Then, the player needs to ground pound on him twice to damage him. After being jumped on once, the boss will simply become flattened. The player needs do this 4 times. After hit the second time, he only launch flaming boulders, which leave temporary fiery puddles the player must avoid. In this way, the player can get an Ice Flower and freeze the boulders to attack him.
Motley Bossblob Motley Bossblob
  • W5-Circus
  • WBowser-Fortress 3
  • WCrown-Bowser
Motley Bossblob is a jester who uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a large clown-like monster transforms as a big ally of Kamek. He will try to jump on the player, creating shockwaves. On the last jump, Motley will split into many smaller blobs along with his jester form, where he will be vulnerable to attack. The player must defeat him by attacking the fleeing jester when he is defenseless, while avoiding the blobs that hurt the player. Every time the boss splits, a set of Double Cherries will appear. But now, Motley Bossblob can create blob like spikes on the ground and can launch inkballs to make the player slip.
King Fizzliater King Fizzliater
  • W6-Tank
  • WCrown-Bowser
The leader of the Fizzlit species wants you to battle against him. He can climb on magnetic walls, can create an electric puddle, and can fastly move side to side in this form. Also, he can launch electric balls by his antennas. The player needs to use the Magnetic Mushroom, use giant metal balls that are on the arena, attract them and launch them on Fizzliater when he's not in his electric puddle form to make him dizzy. Then climb the walls of the arena and jump of Fizzliater while he's dizzy. After the first attack, he creates 2 clones of himself and summon 3 Fizzlits to aid him. Attack him two more time and then he'll disappear!
KingBooSME King Boo
  • W6-Mansion
  • WCrown-Bowser
King Boo appears in his mansion to block the way to World 7. King Boo can launch spiked balls; slam into the platform, creating powerful waves that the player can dodge by jumping; launch lightning into the ground to hurt the player; and create spiked patches. He can also sumon Boos, Bomb Boos and Peepas (like in Bowser's Block Battle from MP9). To defeat him, you need get a Light Box and shone the beam of light on the boss for a short period of time to hurt him. Do it 3 times to defeat him.
Czar Ty-Foon Czar Ty-Foon
  • W7-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Yes, the leader of Foos and Ty-Foos appear as the boss of Dark Thunder Sky's castle. He produces smogs (dark fog) that can obscure the player's view and can blow a strong gust of wind that pushes the player in the opposite direction. He also can throw thunderballs and he can do a slap attack (like Bouldergeist) that will crate a electrical shockwave. Also, watch out with his most powerful attack, when he creates an electrical tornado that can launch electrical rocks to the air. To defeat him, use the Cannon Box and fire 5 cannonballs to leave him confused and then ground-pound him. Do this 4 times to destroy him.
Army Hammer Bro.SMWWii Army Hammer Bro.
  • W7-Airship
  • WBowser-Fortress 4
  • WCrown-Bowser
Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. In the battle, Kamek uses his magic to make Army Hammer Bro. bigger and powerful. He can launch giant hammers (even biggers than Sledge Bros hammers), he can teleport and can cause earthquakes that can paralyse and hurt the player. Mario neds punch him and do a ground pound on his stomach 3 times. After the first attack, he'll summon Hammer Bros., Sledge Bros., Boomerang Bros and Curve Bros. and after the secons attack, he'll summon Thunder Bros., Storm Bros, Bomb. Bros. and Explosive Bros. and after the third attack, he'll be defeated.
Kamek Suprised Kamek
  • W8-Fortress 1
  • WBowser-Fortress 5
  • WCrown-Bowser
Kamek wants to help his master and this means stop everyone that wants to defeat him! He can fly, launch magic balls and teleport. He can, also summon Magikoopas to help him and he can summon various enemies to help him. When he goes launch his magic balls you need to be fast and ground-pound on his head 3 times. The player needs to be carerful when he uses is magic hammer to shake the ground, it can paralyse the player and he can use it to smash the player.
BowserJrSSB4Render Bowser Jr.
  • W8-Fortress 2
  • WBowser-Fortress 6
  • WCrown-Bowser

Bowser Jr. appears as one of the most important bosses from the game. He attack by using the boxing gloves from his Clown Car to attack the players, lauch bob-ombs, mechakoopas and spiked balls. The player must get the Mechakoopas and lauch them back at Bowser Jr. After the first attack, the boss will create electric fences arround the arena and use an spin attack to bump the player into the electric fences. Lauch more 4 mechakoopas to destroy the Clown Car. After that, the boss will still be alive, but using other methods of attack: use his magic paintbrush to lauch graffiti at the arena to disturb the players (sometimes lava or ice graffiti that can hurt the players) and spliting fireballs. In that case, the player must jump on his head 3 timRemeber that he also retreives into his shell when attacked.

GIANT BOWSER Bowser (2nd time)
  • W8-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Bowser returns using an upgraded tank. The strategy is similar to before: firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, launching jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle, launching Missile Bullet Bills, using a charge attack, spitting fireballs that leave lava residue and now he can throw sledge hammers (like in NSMB2) and his tank can also lauch electricity from his cannon (the electric balls follows the player); however, a variety of terrain hazards have been added to the road, such as retractable spikes, jets of fire, Blarggs, Amps and the occasional hole to the lava that lies underneath the road. He also launch less Missile Bills. After the same amount of hits as the previous, using Yoshi and Explosive Eggs, the boss is defeated.
Zzzzr2 Atomic Bowser
  • WBowser-Bowser
  • W★-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Dry Bowser returns as a special, secret boss in the game. Dry Bowser will appear in a bigger size compared to Bowser in his tank battle. The boss will throw bones at the player, will make shock waves after jumping, will split blue fireballs that leave blue lava residue. He can also jump into the background (out of the range of the players) and bombard the stage with fireballs; players should watch for the blue spots and move to another part of the stage. The player must use Yoshi, eat the bones that he launchs and, then, throw back at Dry Bowser. He must do it 10 times to destroy the Boss. After the fifth time, the boss will be angry and will throw dark bones that can hurt the player (even if Yoshi eat them) and also will summon 5 Parabones to help him distract the players. Also, a Mattermouth will appear, eating away part of the ground, which regenerates after a few seconds.
  • I would like to thank all the original developers that created images and ideas used in this page.

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