Super Mario 3D Adventure is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch . It is a follow up to both Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U and Super Mario Odyssey. It will be released in 2020.


After a dark storm, a rainbow appears in the Mushroom Kingdom. Surprised by the sight, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach run outside to see it. The gang then stumbles upon the Super Slope, a magical rainbow that people ride/skate on. Toad steps on the Slope and ends up going on a fun ride. Mario and the gang follow him, going on a fun ride, until the four end up in a magical place called the Rainbow Kingdom. The kingdom is in ruins after a attack, but a mysterious king arises from a ruined castle. The man introduces himself as King Colorus, the ruler of the Rainbow Kingdom. He explains to the gang how the Kingdom was destroyed by a monster who came, invaded the kingdoms stole the power-ups, and held the rulers of each world hostage. All of a sudden, they hear a cry from Princess Greeny, the ruler of Windy Wildlands, who is being harassed by Bowser. King Colorus runs of to stop him, and Mario follows behind him to World 1.



  • Mario - All-around character
  • Luigi - Jumps higher
  • Princess Peach - Hovers in mid-air
  • Toad - Runs faster
  • Toadette - Unlockable, can bounce around
  • Yoshi - exclusive to The Adventures of Yoshi, can flutter jump


  • King Colorus - King of the Rainbow Kingdom
  • Princess Greeny - ruler of Windy Wilderness
  • Prince Tangerine - ruler of Western Wasteland
  • Princess Azure - ruler of Sunken Seas
  • Prince Flaxen - ruler of Sunny Savanna
  • Princess Violet - ruler of Relic Ruins
  • Prince Indigo - ruler of Shadow City
  • Princess Scarlet - ruler of Volcano Valley
  • Kushie - a sea dino similar to Plessie and Dorrie
  • Bowser - the main antagonist of the game


Other Power-Ups:


  • Turnip
  • Propeller Box
  • Cannon Box
  • Coin Box
  • Shy Guy Mask (NEW)
  • Fist Box (NEW)

Worlds and Levels

World 1: Windy Wildlands (a nature/outdoorsy world)

  • 1-1: Super Dragon Plains
  • 1-2: Piranha Plant Cave
  • 1-3: Mount Pluck Out
  • 1-4: Kushie's Splish-Splash Lake
  • 1-A: Hammer Bro. Battle
  • 1-5: Colossal City Labyrinth
  • 1-Castle: Bowser's Boxing Competition
  • 1-Yoshi: Yoshi Sets Off
  • Ruler: Princess Flora
  • Boss: Bowser w/Boxing gloves

World 2: Wayward West (a wild west desert world)

  • 2-1: Fire Bro. Frontier
  • 2-2: Mine Cart Chamber
  • 2-3: Shy Guy's Lost City
  • 2-4: 
  • 2-5: