Super Mario 3D Adventure is an upcoming game for the Nintendo NX . It is a follow up to Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. It will be released in 2017.


The story starts off with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad at the Legendary Star Festival in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Legendary Star powers up the Mushroom Kingdom every year. But then, Bowser and his army come in their airship and attack the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser then blows up the Legendary Star, scattering it into 7 pieces far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his friends pursue Bowser in a Clear Pipe to World 1.

Playable Characters


Other Power-Ups:


  • Turnip
  • Propeller Box
  • Cannon Box
  • Coin Box
  • Drill Box (NEW)

Worlds and Levels

World 1: Lush Fields (a grassy plain)

  • 1-1: Super Crumb Hill
  • 1-2: Piranha Plant Cave
  • 1-A: Shy Guy Blockade
  • 1-3: Mount Pluck-Out
  • 1-4: Plessie's Splash River
  • 1-5: Big Block Planet
  • 1-Castle: Bowser's Cannon Castle
  • 1-Challenge Room: Tricky Trap Challenge
  • Star Obtained: Nature Star
  • Boss: Bowser

World 2: Bone-Dry Desert (a desert with pyramids)

  • 2-1: Cobrat Canyon
  • 2-2: Pluck-Out Plains
  • 2-3: Lights-Out Tunnel
  • 2-4: Spin-Dig Peaks
  • 2-A: Galoomba Blockade
  • 2-5: Bouncy Bypass
  • 2-Fort: Bowser's Bullet Bill Battlefield
  • 2-Mystery World: Mystery World Mayhem
  • Star Obtained: Sand Star
  • Boss: Boom-Boom

World 3: Icy Pass (a snowy area)

  • 3-1: Snowball Peaks
  • 3-2: Pretty Garden Peril 
  • 3-3: Shuffling Boo Mansion
  • 3-A: Bully Blockade
  • 3-4: Flip-Swap Scuttle 
  • 3-5: Deep-Dive Lagoon
  • 3-6: Pipeline Cave
  • 3-Fort: Bowser's Bob-omb Battlefield
  • 3-Challenge Room: Deep-Dive Doom
  • Star Obtained: Ice Star
  • Boss: Pom-Pom

World 4: Tropic Isles (a tropical island)

  • 4-1: Splashing Shores
  • 4-2: Pipeline Peaks
  • 4-3: Giant Turnip Jungle
  • 4-A: Cheep-Cheep Blockade
  • 4-4: Haunted Island Shipwreck
  • 4-5: Beep Block Sky Land
  • 4-6: Mushy Monument
  • 4-7: Hammer Bro. Cave
  • 4-Castle: Flooded Fortress
  • 4-B: King of the Volcano
  • 4-Mystery World: Mystery World Mad Dash
  • Star Obtained: Water Star
  • Boss: a squid-like creature/a dragon creature with a crown and cape

World 5: Rock-Crumble Cliffs (a canyon world)

World 6: Starry Land (a nighttime sky world)

World 7: Lava Peaks (a lava world with Bowser)

World Bowser: Bowser's Kingdom (a world in space created by Bowser)

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