Super Mario 3D Adventure is an upcoming game in the Mario mainstream series. It is developed by Lunar EAD, and published by Nintendo. It will be exlusive to the Lunar Comet handheld. It will be released in 2012 or 2013.


  • Mario- Playable (Confirmed in Interveiw)
  • Luigi- Playable (Confirmed in Interveiw)
  • Peach- Supporting (Confirmed in Interveiw)
  • Bowser- Main Villain (Confimed in Interview)
  • Boom Boom- Major Villain (Confirmed in Interveiw)
  • Punpun- Major Villain (Confirmed in Interview)


  • (Super) Mario- Confirmed in Interview
  • Fire Mario- Confirmed in Interview
  • Cape Mario- Confirmed in Interview
  • Boomerang Mario- Confirmed in Interview


  • Goomba- Confirmed in Interview
  • Koopa Troopa- Confirmed in Interview
  • Chain Chomp- Confirmed in Interview
  • Unamed homing Goomba- Confirmed in Interview
  • Unamed legged Chain Chomp- Confirmed in Interview
  • Fake Boomerang Flowers- Hinted in Interview (We are currently trying to make an evil Boomerang Flower)
  • Whomp- Confirmed in Interview

? Rooms

  • A room containing a gaint ? Block (? Block contains 30 coins)
  • A room with an anti-gravity switch (A Cape Feather on the "floor")
  • A small planet covered with coins


  • This game is much more adventourus, with no basic worlds or levels.
  • Many elements from the Galaxy series and Super Mario 3D Land will be used.

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