Super Mario 3DS World is a game for the 3DS.


Bowser invades the Mushrom Kingdom on Peach's birthday. Bowser then uses a giant space ship to take away Peach's Castle to Bowser's Castle. It's up to Mario to save Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom.

At World 8, Mario confronts Bowser, and figures out that Bowser was brainwashed by the betraying Aurum Troops. The Aurum Troops plan to absorb the universe to make it themselves with a giant Tribyte laser. Now Mario has to save the universe from the Aurum. Meanwhile, on a distant planet, a second moon can be seen turning into a giant laser cannon.

When Mario thwarts the Aurum's plans, the giant laser that fused with the Lunar Sanctum gets one more shot before exploding. The shot is fired at a magic bucket that transports the beam to the remains of Lavos. Lavos teleports to Mario, but is thwarted by him. Now the universe is safe, but what was that Lunar Sanctum doing there even though it exploded 2 years ago? The End.


  • Mario: The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Average stats.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother who is scared of Boos. Flutters in air, but is really weak.
  • Wario:The counterpart of Mario. Is really strong but slow and heavy.
  • Maria: Mario's female cousin who is really brave. Really fast but has low jumps.
  • Luise: Luigi's female cousin who is scared of Booettes. Can attack from a distance and has high traction but has weak melee attacks like Luigi and has low jumps like Maria. She is unlocked by beating Sandmaw Desert.
  • Waria: Wario's female cousin who is even more greedy than Wario. She can use a magnet to move metal blocks and a propeller built into her hat but she can't use power-ups. Unlocked by beating Pansear Woods.
  • Blockins: A magic Question Block that can flip long blocks to go up and down and use it to return it to its original form. Unlocked by beating World 6.
  • Bowser: Bowser has to beat back the Aurum before they take the universe to themselves. He can breathe fire and protect himself with a shell, but he can't fit into pipes and can't use the Boulder Mushroom. Unlocked by beating Bowser for the final time.
  • Peach: Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser at the beginning of the game. Once you beat it, you get to play as her. She has the combined abilities of Maria and Luise, but has only one flaw. Her flaw is that she can't use melee Power-Ups such as the Boulder Mushroom and Mole Costume.


There are 9 Worlds in all. Each world has different environments. There is a secret world available by going through every Blue Ring and beating the final boss.

  1. Goomba Plains: A plains-like planet which has small planetoids surrounding it
  2. Sandmaw Desert: A giant desert planet that used to have a tribe of Arabian Ninjis before Sandmaws attacked.
  3. Cheep-Cheep Sea: A ocean planet which has small islands on it.
  4. Pansear Woods: A jungle planet with vines to swing on.
  5. Whomp Mountain: A mountainous planet that has a mountain that goes into space. Whomps inhabit the mountain.
  6. Bullet Bill Factory: A factory on a asteroid that produces Bullet Bill Blasters.
  7. Aurum Skies: A cloudy planet that is being invaded by Aurum Troops. If you fall, you will fall to Cheep-Cheep Seas.
  8. Bowser's Castle/Aurum UFO: Bowser's ultimate volcano castle in space. There is a lot of lava, so be careful. There's a second area in this world that has only Aurum Troops and Ninjis. The second area features every environment.
  9. Rainbow Train: A world taking place on a cosmic train. Only available by going through every Blue Ring as Phoenix Mario and defeating the final boss.


  • Goomba: The underlings of underlings. Usually comes in groups of 3 or 5.
  • Koopa: A turtle that if stomped on, will turn into a Koopa Shell. Green ones walk of cliffs while red ones turn around.
  • Baby Beetle: A baby version of a enemy in Bullet Bill Factory. It hasn't grown its wings, so it's back is always exposed to a jump.
  • Foxin Noxin: A enemy that hangs from various objects. It is a non-Castle variant of a later enemy. When destroyed with a jump, the tail it hangs on disappears too.
  • Octoomba: A alien Goomba that spits rocks.
  • Pansear: A flower that shoots fire. Dark red ones spit fire surrounding them while light red ones shoot homing fireballs.
  • Podoboo: A living fireball that jumps around in varying sizes. Defeated with a iceball.
  • Pansand: A variation of Pansear that shoots sand that blurs your 3DS screen. Dark brown ones spit sand surrounding them while regular brown ones shoot homing sand.
  • Ninji: A ninja that creates clones that are white. The original is black and if you defeat the original the clones are defeated automaticly. It's robes are fireproof.
  • Orbiteki: A mouth stuck on a orbiting planet. It is unbeatable, but you can walk on the planet the mouth is on. Falling into the mouth is instant death.
  • Sandmaw: These creatures try to swallow you into the sand. Try to shoot fire into its mouth.
  • Pokey: Cacti that topples itself into 5 directions before pulling itself together. If you could reach his head, you could defeat it with a jump.
  • Biota: Aurum troops that shoot green orbs. If you can jump on the orbs, you can throw them back at the Biotas.
  • Piranha Plant: A plant enemy that tries to attack Mario. Defeated by fire, ice, or wind.
  • Oozer: A tiny creature that can temporarily melt into a poisonous puddle.
  • Pillarhead: These invincible Whomps are found early in the game. They reside in deserts to protect areas. Perhaps if there's a huge gathering near, there might be a Blue Coin above or below it.
  • Cheep-Cheep: A fish that swims around in underwater levels.
  • Pansea: A subspecies of Panser that shoots water that pushes Mario away. Blue ones walk carelessly, Purple ones patrol their area while shooting water, and Dark Blue ones shoot a wave of water above them pushing Mario onto the ceiling or out of the water.
  • Diving Beetle: A beetle that is underwater and acts like a Big Bertha from other games.  Unlike the Big Berths from other games, it can be beaten by shooting a projectile at his always exposed back.
  • Hookshot Goomba: A Goomba that hangs on the ceiling with a Hookshot. It swings around like a chandelier. If destroyed, The chain stays.
  • Tribyte: A invincible Aurum troop that floats around in a set pattern.
  • Pansolar: A giant Pansear. If It's light red it spits homing fire. If It's dark red, it tries to shoot homing fire while surrounding itself with fire.
  • Red Ninji: A elite Ninji that shoots shurikens and multiplies. Blue ones are fake and red ones are real.
  • Magmoo: A Boo made of lava. Try shooting ice at it.
  • Huckit Crab: These enemies throw lobbed rocks while moving side to side.
  • Blooper: A squid that floats around. It can be spitten from Piperkol. When spitted from Piperkol, they spin in a maneuver that can break boulders.
  • Seaweed Piranha: A underwater Piranha Plant that blows bubbles that send Mario to the surface of the water. Defeated by freezing it.
  • Piperkol: A Aurum Troop that works with Bloopers. It grabs Bloopers, puts them inside their mouths, and they spit the Bloopers at high speeds.
  • Hammer Bro.: These elite Koopas lob hammers. He has many variations.
  • Ice Bro.: A icy Hammer Bro. that lobs iceballs instead of hammers.
  • Scuba Bro.: A aquatic Hammer Bro. that still lobs hammers.
  • Pansic: A variation of Pansear that spits ice. White ones spit ice in 6 directions. Periwinkle ones patrol areas and spit homing iceballs. Black ones surround themselves with a layer of ice that can only be melted by fire.
  • Sea Ninji: A Ninji that lurks underwater. It doesn't shoot shurikens, but it does multiply. Red ones are fakes while Blue ones are real.
  • Para Bro.: A flying Hammer Bro. that throws hammers from the sky.
  • Poison Bro.: A Hammer Bro. that launches poison instead of hammers.
  • Koopaleon: A chamelionlike Koopa that can turn invisible, swing around and try to land on you, and spit acid.
  • Scutterbug: A spider that walks on webs.
  • Wiggler: A caterpillar that has a really low anger point. Don't make it angry. You will regret it.
  • Goo Piranha: A Piranha Plant that spits goop while surrounding its head and body with electric goo. Defeat it by pulling its head off with your Orbit Form.
  • Dohz: A Aurum UFO that tries to abduct you. Try shooting a projectile at the abducting radius to defeat it.
  • Loozer: A Oozer that melts into lava. When it's lava it will try to shoot meteors at you.
  • Vino: A plant that tries to topple over Mario. It is really slow, but it's a instant death if he topples on you. It has a weak spot on his back, but you have to use fire to destroy the moss to reveal his weak spot.
  • Giant Wiggler: A invincible Wiggler. Instead of trying hopelessly to defeating it, you can use it to cross the Big gaps in the jungle.
  • Lampoomba: A Goomba that lights a area leading Mario to a goal. Try to keep it alive or you will have to do the entire level dark.
  • Fortoomba: A giant metal Goomba that is invincible unless you move it into the lava. It doesnt move, so beat Pansear Woods to get Waria so you can move it into the lava with her magnet.
  • Whomp: A enemy that is simalar to the Vino in Pansear Woods, but Whomps don't have moss on its back. It has a weak spot on his back.
  • Climbing Ninji: A white Ninji that while maneuvering walls, also drops Bomb-Ombs and making black clones.
  • Bandinero: A mining pirate that used to work for the Shake King before he died from Wario. Now they use pickaxes to attack. The time to attack is when they get their pickaxes stuck in the ground.
  • Minolta: A Biota which uses pickaxes instead of green orbs. If you freeze the pickaxes, you can throw it back at it.
  • Octoboom Boomer: A giant Octogoomba that shoots exploding rocks. It sometimes shoots coconuts that you can use to deflect and defeat it with.
  • Pansunder: A subspecies of Pansear that spits thunder in 6 directions if Yellow, and spits 3 homing thunder if Orange.
  • Bullet Bill: A bullet that comes from a Bullet Bill Blaster or Land Piperkol. It breaks everything untill it hits a wall or jumped on by Mario.
  • Land Piperkol: A land version of the Piperkol from the Aurum Troops. It walks and shoots Bullet Bills from its mouth. He can be beaten by being rolled over by a boulder.
  • Pansandstorm: A giant Pansand. Brown ones spit 3 homing sand while Dark Brown ones cover themselves with sand.
  • Minecart Bandinero: A Bandinero that rides a Minecart. The Minecart is on a set path to the goal so follow the one with the Bandinero in it to the goal.
  • Swooper: A bat that hangs on ceilings to fall down and fly towards Mario to attack him.
  • Flaming Swooper: A Swooper that is on fire. Ice puts out the flames for a few seconds. When its not on fire jump on it to defeat it.
  • Scutterpion: A Scutterbug with a spiky tail. It uses the tail to cut web areas below Mario. He is invincible, but you can hang on his tail with Chameleon Mario's tounge.
  • Homing Bullet Bill: These Bullet Bills are homing at you. They can also be defeated by a jump.
  • Bomb-Omb: A enemy that explodes a short time after it spots Mario. You can grab them and throw them at walls to destroy them.
  • Robot Ninji: A Ninji that can't multiply, but can teleport, shoot shurikens, and use a shield that deflects projectiles.
  • Roboblow: A robotic wind turbine that blows Mario In the other direction.
  • Plonkiki: A robotic spring which is invincible, but can make Mario Jump high when he jumps on it.
  • Plasmaw: A Sandmaw made of plasma. First freeze it, then when it's frozen, ground pound on it to defeat it.
  • Sword Beetle: A beetle that has swords for pincers. When it's tired from attacking, jump on its exposed back to defeat it.
  • Blockhopper: A block creature that jumps and does a ground pound that creates shockwaves. Break segments by jumping or using Boulder Mario.
  • Monty Mole: A mole that digs from below to attack from below. Use your Mole Form to dig and attack it from any direction when below, and jump on it if it's above ground.
  • Blocksweeper: A sideways Blockhopper that pushes pepole off. Use Boulder Mario or use Blockins to flip it into a Blockhopper.
  • X-Naut: A alien species that uses various potions. Red potions make you smaller, green potions make enemies bigger, blue potions make small explosions, and yellow potions turn enemies into Bomb-Ombs. Defeated with 2 jumps.
  • Drill Bill: A Bullet Bill that drills through soft grounds. Use Mole Mario's claws to defeat it from below.
  • Pooka: In a secret stage, only this enemy appears. It has the copied stats of a Goomba and can be beaten with a jump. Maybe it came from another dimension?
  • Hookshot Bill: A Bullet Bill that swings in a circle with a rope. Defeat it with a jump.
  • Wooden Tribyte: A Tribyte that can be defeated by a fireball from Fire Mario.
  • Cyblooper: A Blooper made by Aurum Troops to fly and shoot ink. Shot from Elite Piperkol. Defeated by a jump.
  • Elite Piperkol: A Piperkol designed to produce and shoot Cybloopers from it's mouth. Defeated by your Boulder Form
  • Balloon Goomba: A Goomba with 2 balloons strapped to it's back. If defeated, the balloons burst into Coins.
  • Mirri: A creature that hides in a mirror and attacks of you get too close. Defeated by your Boulder Form.
  • Cloud Bandinero: A Bandinero that rides a cloud. It tries to swoop down on you while trying to throw pickaxes. Defeated by a fireball.
  • Wind Beetle: A Beetle that spits gusts and swoops down to attack. Jump on its back when it's back is exposed.
  • Angry Sun: A Sun that is angry. It swoops down and shoots fire. It is invincible.
  • Terminoomba: A Aurum Goomba with laser eyes. It has a spiked helmet, so use projectiles or your Boulder Form.
  • Blazz: A Podoboo with a mouth to breath fire with. Shoot ice when it is not breathing fire.
  • Magmotor: A Biota that is in lava and shooting big fireballs. Use Blazing Mario to jump and attack it from the lava.
  • Glow Beetle: A Sword Beetle which glows in the dark. It tries to attack you, but if you avoid his attacks, he will guide you to the goal.
  • Panslava: A Panser living in lava. It uses the lava as a invincible barrier and shoots homing fireballs. He is invincible, but you can run over his barrier as Blazing Mario.
  • Volo: A volcano that can spur lava from its head. Use your Boulder Form to defeat it or use your Freezing/Blazing forms to use it as a platform.
  • Koopatrol: Bowser's strongest minion. First you have to melt his armor. Then you have to freeze him since his shell is spiked and fireproof. And you finally have to destroy the ice with a boulder. Takes 3 Power-Ups to defeat.
  • Gatekeeper Goomba: Guards gates. Defeated with a jump.
  • Inferno Ninji: A ninja assassin skilled with fire. He can breathe fire and multiply. Green ones are a fake. Orange ones are real.
  • Cloak Ninji: The highest ranked Ninji. He can use his cloak to deflect projectiles, create clones, toss bombs, and make a mist that makes it hard to see. Orange ones are fake, while Green ones are real.
  • Koopawhirl: A Koopa that spins like Boom-Boom to create whirlwinds. When it makes whirlwinds, it is invincible unless you use your Boulder Form. When it isn't invincible, you can just jump on it and turn it into a Koopa Shell.
  • Zoku: A stealth based Aurum Troop that shoots homing fireballs while hiding behind walls. Defeated by using its fireballs homing abilities to make it home on itself.
  • Doh-Doh: A Aurum version of Mario that acts like Shadow Mario from previous Mario Games.
  • UFD: A smaller, but extremely fast Dohz. It has 5 even smaller versions of it orbiting it shooting Biotas. Defeated by shooting fireballs into its abduction radius.
  • Biotoomba: A Goomba/Biota hybrid. It still shoots green orbs, but can be beaten by a jump.
  • Xlak: A Aurum Troop that is cloaked in invisibility capes and shoots fireballs. If you can find it, you can defeat it by blowing off its invisibility cloaks with a whirlwind and then jumping on it.
  • Ninji Gunner: A Ninji piloting a Elite Piperkol. The Piperkol shoots Cloak Ninjis instead of Bullet Bills. Defeat both of them by using your Boulder Form.
  • Ultima Ninji: A Golden Ninji. It can't make clones, but it has a magic wand and a reflect cloak. The magic balls made by the wand can turn Mario to a regular or small form, but it can't kill him. The magic instead drains energy to make a random kind of Ninji. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Goombaflouge: A Goomba that turns invisible to sneak torwards Mario. He only appears in the bonus world, so you are lucky he doesn't appear earlier. Defeated by a jump.


There are many bosses in this game.

  • Boom-Boom: A loyal minion to Bowser. Jump on its head 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Goomba Plains-Fortress.
  • Goomboss: The King of the Goombas. Jump on one of his Goombas to reach his crown to hurt him. Do this 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Goomba Plains-Castle.
  • Magmaw: A Sandmaw made of lava. Defeat it by shooting ice into his mouth 5 times. Boss of Sandmaw Desert-Fortress.
  • Bowser(1): Defeat Bowser by grabbing his tail and swinging him into a bomb 1 time. The battle is just like the 1st battle with Bowser in Super Mario 64. Boss of Sandmaw Desert-Bowser.
  • Pom-Pom: Boom-Boom's sister. She uses bomerangs and tries to crush you with her shell. It takes 3 hits to defeat her. Boss of Cheep-Cheep Sea-Fortress.
  • Angler Cheep: A Cheep-Cheep that hides in the dark. There is a lever that turns on the light temporarily. Turn the light and attack his weak spot 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Cheep-Cheep Sea-Castle.
  • Panswomp: A Pansic that pilots a Vino that has a volcano instead of moss on its back. Freeze the volcano and attack it to destroy the Vino. Once the Vino is defeated, it becomes a normal White Pansic. Boss of Pansear Woods-Fortress.
  • Bowser(2): Bowser is fought on a stadium that is floating on lava. Lava plumes sometimes appear on the stadium to attack Mario. Bowser can be defeated the same way, but with 3 hits instead of 1. Boss of Pansear Woods-Bowser.
  • Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom(1): Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom fight together. They both take 3 hits to defeat, one for each of the 2 bosses. Bosses of Whomp Mountain-Fortress.
  • Large Fry: The only boss that doesn't have to do with the name of the world. You have to throw Bomb-Ombs into his mouth 4 times to defeat him. Each time he gets damaged, he becomes a little bigger. Boss of Whomp Mountain-Castle.
  • Homing Bill(10 of them): Ten Homing Bills working together. Each Bill can be beaten by a jump or a jump attack from Frog Wario. Bosses of Bullet Bill Factory-Fortress.
  • Bowser(3): Bowser is fought on a tank with Homing Bill Blasters firing at you. Same as other Bowser battles but with 5 hits instead of 1. Boss of Bullet Bill Factory-Bowser.
  • Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom(2): They are fighting on a airship shooting Homing Bullet Bills. Same as last battle. Bosses of Aurum Skies-Airship.
  • Aurochum: A lot of Tribyte Aurum fused together to become a robotic hydra. Melt its 5 heads to defeat it. Boss of Aurum Skies-UFO.
  • Goomba Guardian: Bowser's last line of defense before the castles entrance. It spits boulders made of lava while summoning Terminoomba backup. Jump on its head 3 times to defeat him. Each time you hit him, he roars you back to the beginning of the bridge. Boss of Bowser's Castle-Fortress 1
  • Bowser(Final): The final Bowser battle takes place in a boxing arena. He uses new boxing gloves to try to attack Mario. There are no bombs to hurt Bowser, so wait untill he does his 3-hit combo attempt, when he does this use the elastic rope to swing at Bowser's shell, exposing his skin to make him vulnerable to a jump. Jump on him 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Bowser's Castle-Castle.
  • Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom(Final): They fight on the Aurum UFO surrounding Bowser's Castle. They both have wings so they fly and do different attacks. Boom-Boom creates a tornado from the air while Pom-Pom throws swooping bomerangs. They both are defeated by 5 attacks each. Bosses of Aurum UFO-Fortress Final.
  • Lunar Aurochum: A advanced version of the Aurochum combined with the mysterious Lunar Sanctum. Use your Boulder Form to clog its giant cannon to damage it. Do this 4 times to defeat it. He is the first of 2 Bosses of Aurum UFO-Lunar Sanctum.
  • Aurum Lavos: A resurrected beast resurrected from the Aurum when the Aurum laser hit a bucket. It is protected by a sheild that can only be attacked by a Power-Up. The barrier changes after each hit. It takes a whopping 28 hits to defeat it. The final boss of Aurum UFO-Lunar Sanctum and final boss of the game.
  • Koopolosus: A bonus boss that is a giant Koopa. It has a weak shell, unlike other Koopas, so hit her shell untill it breaks in 5 hits. After the 5 hits, her shell breaks and she only takes 3 more hits to defeat. Appears in Rainbow Train-Boss Rush.  

Boss Rush

In this mode you face all the fortress and castle bosses along with a bonus boss. There is no clock here so you have unlimited time to fight the bosses.


​Regular Items

  • Coins: A currency of the Mushroom Kingdom. Can be used at Toad Shops to buy Power-Ups
  • Blue Rings: In every level, there's a Blue Ring. There are many ways to get Blue Rings. Going through every Blue Ring unlocks a new world. The most common way to get to Blue Rings is by using your Phoenix form.
  • Red Rings: Going through these creates 8 Red Coins.
  • Red Coins: These appear after you go through Red Rings. Collecting all 8 Red Coins makes a item appear.

Power-Up Items

  • Fire Flower: Shoots fire to burn enemies. Only way to defeat Sandmaws.
  • Frog Suit: Allows Mario to jump really high and swim faster. Use this to reach high areas. It also does a attack when you jump in Frog Form as Wario.
  • Double Cherry: Allows Mario to create a CPU controlled clones that follow you and help you. They will also take hits for you.
  • Ice Flower: Allows Mario to shoot ice at enemies. Only way to defeat enemies that surround themselves/are made of fire.
  • Cloud Flower: Allows Mario to create cloud platforms. It can have 3 clouds at once and can regenerate clouds by shaking the 3DS.
  • Orbit Flower: Allows Mario to make a small planet immediately, and a large planet by charging it. Small planets are meant to ground pound to move it and large planets can't move, but can cause small enemies to get caught in the orbit.
  • Freezing Mushroom: Allows Mario to freeze water and lava while still being able to shoot ice.
  • Chameleon Suit: This item allows Mario to swing from the ceiling using a long tounge and allows you to become invisible to enemies.
  • Boulder Mushroom: Allows Mario to become a living boulder, becoming invincible while rolling over lava and enemies. When Mario In Boulder form hits a wall, he becomes the starting form of Boulder Mario.
  • Potted Piranha Plant: When Mario picks this up, he can use this to eat enemies. Does not count as a Power-Up but can help as a helpful item. Not available in Aurum UFO.
  • Tuba Mushroom: Allows Mario to become a tuba that can launch sound that is sensitive to enemies with large ears. It can also bounce really high.
  • Mole Costume: Allows Mario to become a mole that can drill through soft grounds. Some Blue Coins are underground so you have to use the Mole Costume to find them.
  • Phoenix Suit: Allows Mario to fly and shoot fireballs. You can fly through Blue Rings using Phoenix Form to get to a secret area.
  • Whirlwind Flower: Allows Mario to blow away clouds. Bring it to previous worlds to uncover secrets. It also spins propellers to make doors open and blow away enemies.
  • Blazing Mushroom: Allows Mario to dash on lava and shoot homing fireballs. As long as Mario moves, he can stay on lava without deaths happening.


In case you are wondering, The pic from Pikmin is the closest thing I have to a Baby Beetle.