Super Mario 3DS Advanced: Third Dimension Sector Adventure is an upcoming Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS Advanced.


Princess Peach and Princess Daisy have been kidnapped by Bowser and Tatanga.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
215px-MarioMP8a Mario Mario is once again saving Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from both Bowser and Tatanga. He is an all around character and the default character.
Luigi Luigi Luigi is saving Peach again and this time is now saving his Daisy too canon wise. He is a speedy character but is more hard to defeat enemies
WarioGoodQual Wario Wario is saving Peach once again from Bowser. Now it is his first time saving Daisy canon wise. He is a slow character but is more easier to defeat enemies.
Waluigi SMW Waluigi Waluigi, for the first time in the Super Mario canon series, decides to save Peach and Daisy. He is like Mario in some ways but can jump the highest out of all.
YoshiMario64 Yoshi Yoshi is there to help Mario and his friends again. He can eat everything and turn them into firey projectiles exept for bosses. He is only playable through being ridden on.

Supporting Characters

These characters go along with you on your adventure, but they are not playable.

  • Toad - He gives you free hints every five minutes.
  • Toadette - Introduced in her first Super Mario game (canon wise), she gives out three nessasery power up items every one level.


World 0: Tutorial World

  • World 0-1
  • World 0-2
  • World 0-3
  • World 0-Secret
  • World 0-House
  • World 0-Ghost House
  • World 0-Ship
  • World 0-Tower
  • World 0-Castle
  • World 0-Big Castle

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

  • World 1-1
  • World 1-2
  • World 1-3
  • World 1-4
  • World 1-Castle

World 2: Sandy Dunes

  • World 2-1
  • World 2-2
  • World 2-3
  • World 2-4
  • World 2-Castle

World 3: Chilly Snowcaps

  • World 3-1
  • World 3-2
  • World 3-Tower
  • World 3-3
  • World 3-4
  • World 3-Castle
  • World 3-House

World 4: Sunshine Beach

  • World 4-1
  • World 4-2
  • World 4-Ship
  • World 4-3
  • World 4-4
  • World 4-Castle
  • World 4-House
  • World 4-Secret

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