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This is a list of stamps in Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy.

There is a stamp in every level of the game except for mini-boss levels.


Grassy Hills Stamps
Level Stamp
Flower Fields (World 1-1) Fire Flower Stamp
Piranha Pipefields (World 1-2) Piranha Plant (Inside Pipe) Stamp
Mushroom Heights (World 1-3) Propeller Mario Stamp
Crystal Caverns (World 1-4) Ice Flower Stamp
Cheep-Cheep River (World 1-5) Cheep-Cheep Stamp
Boom Boom's Snake Stronghold (World 1-FortressMBR) Boom Boom Stamp
Passage of the Plains (World 1-6) Bullet Bill Blaster Stamp
Yoshi's Woods (World 1-7) Baby Yoshi Stamp
Iggy's Charred Citadel (World 1-CastleMBR) Iggy Koopa Stamp
The Goomba's Shoe (World 1-A) Goomba's Shoe Stamp
Blimp Forest (World 1-B) Blimp Yoshi Stamp
Mayhem Mansion (World 1-GhostHouseMBR) Boo Stamp

Crystalline Mine Stamps
Level Stamp
Diamond Grotto (World 2-1) Power Diamond Stamp
Kitten's Cavern (World 2-2) Super Bell Stamp
Potted Piranhas (World 2-3) Potted Piranha Plant Stamp
Diamondo's Underground Trap (World 2-FortressMBR) Diamondo Stamp
Underground Grove (World 2-4) Golden Koopa Shell Stamp
Koopa Troopa Arena (World 2-5) Shell Mario Stamp
Skull Bone Chamber (World 2-6) Skull Bone Rollercoaster Stamp


  • Some Stamps resemble artwork from previous Mario Games, Such as the Boo Stamp using the Super Mario Bros. 3 artwork or the Koopalings' using their Super Mario World artwork, but updated.

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