Super Mario 360

is a game for Nintendo 360. This launch title bundled with the system expands on Super Mario 64's content with a turn of region. Instead of Central Mushroom Kingdom where Peach's castle is the game is set in 4 different hub worlds each belonging to a certain character. It features new characters like Toad to play as. This game had a great storyline and was praised for its graphics and multiplayer. This game was awaited very long and when the N360 came out it sold amazingly like it's predecessor. This game has you rescue 4 kidnaped people hidden in castles by Bowser and his father.


It is Daisy's 10th anniversary of first being rescued by Mario and she and Peach make a party for Mario and Daisy. When the party guests including Mario, Luigi, Roselina, and Toad who brought Yoshi along arrive they begin the festivities by unveiling a huge statue of Mario with the words "10 years ago Mario did a great thing." with the cover of SML on the plaque. Before they eat the cake Bowser in his airship with his father breaks in and kidnap the princesses and a scared Luigi. He accidentally throws Mario, Toad, and Yoshi outside but dismisses the mistake and locks all the doors putting the princesses and Luigi in different castles all over the kingdom. The title screen rolls and you get a choice of Mario, Toad, or Yoshi to play as. The character wakes up in Western Mushroom Kingdom in front of Luigi's Mansion (not from the GameCube game). He decides to head in and already finds it infested with Boo paintings. He collects the 6 of the 14 Bronze Power Stars before being whisked into a Luigi painting. He runs through a dark ghost infested maze and find King Boo has the Luigi key. They defeat him easily but his wife Queen Boo yells at him and in anger attacks the character. Defeating the vile queen the player is rewarded with a Luigi key which unlocks Luigi's door somewhere in the mansion. Finding all the Bronze Power Stars you jump into the final mansion painting named Queen Boo In The Fiery Mansion. You go through a fiery maze before battling a stronger Queen Boo. You beat all the obstacles and exit Luigi's Mansion. They see a cannon that blasts them off to Eastern Mushroom Kingdom in front of Daisy's Palace. When you enter the palace you start to collect the Silver Power Stars. When you collect 15 of the 27 stars you start the first maze. At the end of the course you vs Goombass the wife of Goomboss. You rescue Daisy. After gathering all Silver Power Stars you go to the last painting in the palace Bowser Jr In The Grassy Forest Mountain. You go through a forest mountain. At the end you battle B Jr in his Koopa Clown Car. When you beat him you are cannoned to Roselina's Space Museum in the Northern Mushroom Kingdom. Gathering 20 of the 32 Diamond Power Stars you go to a course with less gravity making your jumps higher. At the end you battle King Bob-Omb who fights with his wife Queen Bob-Omb. When you defeat them you rescue Roselina. In the last painting Bowser In The Scorching Desert Pyramid. After beating Bowser you are cannoned to the Southern Mushroom Kingdom where Bowser's Fortress is. You get 29 of the 38 Golden Power Stars you go to a battle with King Whomp. After whomping King Whomp, Whompie Jr comes and battles the character. After getting all Golden Power Stars you go to Dry Bowser In The Flaming Volcano. After beating Dry Bowser the characters are blasted off to Central Mushroom Kingdom at Peach's Castle. Getting to 30 Rainbow Power Stars you get to Morton Koopa Sr In The Electric Plant. You beat Morton Koopa Sr and move to get all the Power Stars and get to Dry Morton Koopa Sr In The Snow and battle Dry Morton Koopa Sr and rescue Peach. You finish the game.


The gameplay is very simallar to SM64 collect Power Stars and beat Bowser. Although there are now more characters and you can use power ups.


Super Mushroom- Makes You Grow Gigantic

Fire Flower- Let's You Shoot Fireballs

Ice Flower- Let's You Freeze Enemies

Propeller Mushroom- Lets You Spin Into The Air

Mini Mushroom- Makes You Grow Tiny

Metal Mushroom- Turns You Metal

Poison Mushroom- Depletes Your Health Meter Halfway

Cape- Lets You Fly

Caps- Same As SM64

Cloud Flower- Let's You Create Clouds To Jump On To Reach Platforms

Star- Makes You Invincible

1-Up- Gives You An Extra Live

Disappear Flower- Let's You Turn Invisible


The game did very well and got a perfect 1000000 on Mario Gradeo and a 10 on IGN. It will get a sequel Super Mario 720.