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Super Mario 32 is a prequal to Super Mario 64. Strangely, Mario looks more like he did in artwork of the original game than he did in Super Mario Galaxy. It will be released for the Wii U in 2013.


The story begins at the end of the final battle with Bowser in Super Mario World. Now when Mario beats Bowser Kamek comes and transports Mario to a weird 3D version of Yoshi's Island. 

Mario eventually reaches 3D Bowser's castle where after a quick battle Mario is transported back to the 2D dimension. where Bowser is waiting now Mario must face a giant Bowser who is way more powerful than usual. Bowser roars and rock like platforms start falling, Mario must climb the platforms and when Bowser punches he must ground pound on his fist after that is done 5 times Mario can save the princess again.


1. Candy Cane Vally

2. Waffle Plains

3. Sherbert Waters

4. Sparkling Sands

5. Redvine Jungle

6. Pirahna's Mountain

7. Icicle Sea

8. Marshmallow Clouds

9. Boo's Lair

10. Bowser's Fiery Fortress

11. Shooting Star Land, Special world 

Playable Characters



Princess Peach

Other Characters



1. Morton Koopa Jr.

2. Wendy

3 .Larry

4. Roy

5. Iggy

6. Ludwig


8. Jackson

9. Harley

10. Bowser

11. Giant Bowser 

12. Dry Bowser

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