Super Mario 22: Cracked Time

  Super Mario 22 (or SM22: Cracked Time) is a platformer for the Nintendo Wii. It was previosly cancelled but now revived because of the new plot (see below)

Super Mario 22
Genre: Platformer
For: Nintendo Wii
Rating: E 10+
Release: Winter 2010


Prologue: Mario is in the castle, looking for the last bit of mushroom cake left over from the other day's party. When he finds Luigi eating it, Mario picks up his sneaky brother and throws him against the Sacred Clock. Unaware to Mario was that the clock's name wasn't titular. Soon, time slowed to a halt, and only Mario was left unharmed. Mario dusts off his overalls and runs out into the field, for Clock Temple. 

Chapter 1: After you complete the tutorial (Clock Temple), Mario stands in front of the Mushroom Timepiece, a mythical clock with the power to stop and change time. Mario pleads with the clock to make time move, but alas, Bowser has been here and stole the clock's Seven Gears a long time ago. Mario is given a map with the locations of the gears (which can be easily accessed with the minus button) and sets off to recover time itself.

Chapter 2: After finding the Movement Gear, Mario is greeted by a shadowy cast of figures on his way to the second gear. Revealed, they are the Koopa Gang, A.K.A. the 7 Koopalings! They run to the second gear's location, hoping Mario won't beat them to it.

Chapter 3: After kicking all 7 Koopaling's butts and getting the second gear, Bowser Jr. appears and abducts all of Mario's gears! Mario gives chase!

Chapter 4: After recovering your gears and getting the 3rd one in Jr.'s Lava Land, the ground gives way and throws Mario into Hazy Maze Cave, an underground mine!

Chapter 5: 4th gear in hand, Mario is greeted violently by an assassin named Koopor. Koopor takes your gears (ugh, not again!) and heads towards his base.

Chapter 6: After regaining all 4 of the gears plus one in Koopor's base, Mario is 2 gears away from time! Wait......Oh, no! Where are the gears?! Is that an airship overhead?

Chapter 7: After the 3rd time getting back your gears, you now have only one left! There's one place to go, and it looks like that is Bowser's Land!

Chapter 8: All the gears! Mario puts them in to the Mushroom Timepiece, and time begins to flow! But Bowser has been watching you and he knows that map is no good. There are actually EIGHT gears, seven for the machine, and one to lock the speed! And Bowser holds the eighth gear, the Gear of Time!

Epilogue: Mario returns to the castle, and takes Luigi's head out of the Sacred Clock. As a reward, Mario gets the rest of the cake. Luigi also says it has ony been a few minutes that he was stuck in the wall. HUH?!


W1: Clock Temple (Tick Tock Map)

W2: Moving Plains (Gear of Movement)

W3: Koopalings' Castle (Gear of Power)

W4: Jr.'s Lava Land (Gear of Sound)

W5: Hazy Maze Cave (Gear of Hand 1)

W6: Koopor's Base (Gear of Hand 2)

W7: Jr.'s Airship (Gear of Hand 3)

W8: Bowser's Land (Gear of Color)

W9: Clock Temple, Final Fight (Gear of Time)


W1: None (Tutorial)

W2: Hal & Jeff, Koopa and Goomba

W3: The 7 Koopalings, Bowser's Kids

W4: Bowser Jr., Prince of Bowser's Land

W5: Karate Duo #1, Wielders of the Lucky Candy

W6: Koopor, Deadly Assassin

W7: Bowser Jr., Now in Clown Car

W8: Hal, Jeff, KD #1, and Koopor, The Terrible Four

W9: Bowser, Bowser w/ Clown Car, and Demonic Koopor, The Final Bouts