Super Mario 2013 cover art

North American box art.


Super Mario 2013 is a 2D Platformer game for the Wii U. It greatly resembles the 2D parts of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and includes some aspects from it.


Oh, what a royal occasion! All of the kings and queens of the Mushroom World have gathered together in the Mushroom Kingdom for a royal feast!

But Bowser, the Koopa King, is not invited, and this is not very pleasing to him (although he wasn't going to go even if he was invited). As such, he decides to crash the party by kidnapping Princess Peach!

Now Mario and Luigi must find all the Power Stars and combine their power to break into Bowser's castle and rescue Peach! It is easier said then done, though, as there are perils at every turn and the two heros must search every nook and cranny in the Mushroom World to find the Power Stars.


The game is very similiar to Super Mario Galaxy 2's 2D levels. The characters keep their jump, spin, and ground pound but lose their backflip.

Worlds, Power Stars, and Bosses

World 1. Peach's Castle, Power Star: Yellow Power Star, defeat Bowser Jr.

World 2: Dry, Dry Desert, Power Star: Green Power Star, defeat Mummipokey.

World 3: Seashore Valley, Power Star: Aqua Power Star, defeat Mega Cheep Cheep.

World 4: Dark Mountains, Power Star: Black Power Star, defeat Koopalings in Clown Car.

World 5: Sunshine Forest, Power Star: Green Power Star, defeat Bowser Jr. (again)

World 6: Bowser's Castle, Power Star: Use all Power Stars to defeat Bowser, defeat Bowser

World BW: Bonus World, Power Star: Rainbow Power Star, defeat Dry Bowser.

Playable Characters


Luigi (after defeating Mummipokey).

Blue Toad (after defeating Mega Cheep Cheep).

Yellow Toad (after defeating Koopalings).

Wario and Waluigi (after defeating Bowser Jr).

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