Super Mario 2000 is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it's a game by YoshiEgg please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the sequel to the upcoming game, Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.


One day, Mario and Luigi were walking in the forest until they came across Bowser's Castle. They hadn't walked too far away from Princess Peach's Castle, so they were very confused. After going around Bowser's Castle, they spotted another castle! Now, Mario and Luigi were extremely confused. So, they decided to go inside the second castle. As they went inside, they saw Bowser waiting for them. Then, 1,999 other Bowsers appeared, along with Bowser Jr. and a kidnapped Princess Peach. The original Bowser then said "Mario and Luigi... Prepare to meet your doom...". Then, 1,999 of the Bowsers, Bowser Jr., and Peach disappeared. As the last Bowser disappeared, he said "You can't defeat us all...". Confused, Mario and Luigi left the castle to go give up. There was no way that they could defeat 2000 Bowsers! Or was there... Mario and Luigi then ran back to Bowser's castle, opened a mysterious door, and found a cloning machine. Unfortunatley, the machine was programmed to perfectly copy Bowser's DNA only, so the other copies of Mario and Luigi weren't exactly perfect. They were smaller and the Mario clones were brown and called themselves "Brownario" and the Luigi clones were also smaller, they were blue, and they called themselves "Bluigi". So, Mario, Luigi, and the 999 Brownarios and Bluigis set off to go defeat the 2000 Bowsers.

Playable Characters:

Mario (with Brownario army)

Luigi (with Bluigi army)

Yoshi (ridable)

Birdo (ridable)

Boshi (ridable)

Ihsoy (Yoshi's clone) (ridable)

Mario and Luigi's Clone's Stats:

Brownario: (Each one has the same stats)

HP: 10

Atk: 15

Def: 10

Special Move: Mini Inferno (Mario's Final Smash in Brawl, only with 999 of them and mini)

Bluigi: (Each one has the same stats)

HP: 12

Atk: 15

Def: 15

Special Move: Health Rain (All 999 Bluigis heal all of your party, while inflicting major damage on the foe)


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