Super Mario 128
Super Mario 128
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date(s)
JP January 3, 2002

NA June 22, 2002

PAL March 15, 2003

1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)


PEGI: 3+

Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Gamecube Disc


Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach are going on a vacation to Mushroom Islands. Bowser, who is already there, is think of a great plan to take Princess Peach to a restaurant there and make fall in love with him. Since she hates him, he decided to dress up and brush his teeth, but instead of using toothpaste, he accidently brushed his teeth with Poison Mushroom Potion, which has different effects on people. When he catches up with them, Mario and Luigi think he is going to kidnap her, so they fight him. Bowser threw the potion at Mario. Luigi carelessly threw a fire ball at it and the bottle exploded! and ounce of the potion landed in Mario's Mouth. Suddenly Bowser transformed in a ferocious giga version of himself and almost destroyed the Mushroom Island Town Square! Then tons of of duplicates began sponning from Mario! Giga Bowser then grabbed Peach, roared, and ran away. Then the entire Koopa Troop came and invaded town! Mario, His duplicates, and Luigi must find Giga Bowser and save Princess Peach.

Power Ups:

Wing Cap

Metal Cap

Duplicate Cap

Fire Flower


Intro Cutscene

Ice Flower

Star Flower


Super Mushroom

Poison Mushroom



1. Mushroom Island Town

2. Koopa Grasslands

3. Bob-omb Village

4. Flower Garden

5. Aquafall Island


Aquafall Land

6. Hot-Cold Isle

7. Goomba Fields

8. Buzzy Beetle Underground Paradise

9. Boo Buddy Manor

10. Piranha Woods

11. Mount Magma

12. Dark Land


Kamek Koopa Prize: Bronze Star

Hookbill Koopa Prize: Pearl Star

Lord Bob-omb Prize: Sapphire Star

King Lakio Prize: Gold Star

Bloopa Blooper Prize: Zircon Star

Fryguy Prize: Emerald Star

Frostguy Prize: Garnet Star

SM64Beta Lethal Lava Land

Hot-Cold Isle

King Goomba Prize: Crystal Star

Mr. Mole Prize: Ebony Star

Big Boo Prize: Platinum Star

Tropic Piranha Prize: Diamond Star

Blanep-enutarg Prize: Titanium Star

Giga Bowser Prize: Princess Peach



Super Mario 128 was originally going to be released on the Nintendo 64DD as Super Mario 64 2. Because the Nintendo 64DD failed, it was moved to the Gamecube and renamed.

On the level select screen for Koopa Grasslands, the boss star says "A Brawl With Hookbil". This was corrected in the PAL version.

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